Date: 12th June 2007 at 7:48pm
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Vital Blackburn’s most recent poll, suggested by Clint asked for opinions on the “Most overrated European based player??” The winner Jose Antonio Reyes.

With a MASSIVE amount of the vote, 48% in fact Jose Antonio Reyes (currently on a season long loan at Real Madrid from Arsenal) has been voted as the most overrated European footballer. Clearly the Spaniard (who seems to have fallen from grace) likes as though he grabs too much praise for too little output?!?!

Next up saw Benfica’s Simao with 12%. This guy seems to be linked with teams from the “big four” repeatedly year after year but nothing is happening.

The other option gained 11%, so I would be VERY interested to see who people feel this other could, and should be?

Clint also gave a brief reasoning why players were suggested that were (when he submitted the poll) here they are.

1 – Clarence Seedorf – is he that good to have won so much??
2 – Filipo Inzaghi – 10 chances to score a goal, always offside but look what he’s won
3 – Fernando Torres – What’s all the fuss about, never scores that many goals
4 – Simao – Liverpool have been after him for ages, why??
5 – David Villa – Where did he come from and why is he worth £50m
6 – Adriano – Was all the fuss about nothing with him??
7 – Jose Reyes – Showed promise but did he deliver?? Maybe not!

So in summary
Clarence Seedorf – 8%
Filipo Inzaghi – 2%
Fernando Torres – 7%
Simao – 12%
David Villa – 2%
Adriano – 10%
Jose Reyes – 48%
Other – 11%

As the search for the Greatest Ever Rovers Starting XI continues, we select one from two to take up the right-back spot, so the current poll is asking, “Greatest Ever Rovers XI – Right-Back?” Make your votes count, but vote WISELY!

As for what you think, cast your vote and why not have your say on the latest polls findings?

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16 Replies to “Reyes Europe’s Most Overrated”

  • I have always quite liked Reyes myself but he does seem to have maybe gone up his own one somewhat recently! 48% can’t be wrong can they?!?!

  • I did think Reyes would be in the running but I did think that Torres and Adraino would get more votes than they did! Especailly the Boy from Brazil – he has promised so much over the yrs and has kinda just disappeared in Italy, maybe Rovers could get him in on loan lol. Anyway some of the others went in cos they are being linked with some of the big clubs in Britain, so I was kinda wondering why some of them are worth sooooo much money

  • MikeyGamst – £20 million, ouch was it that much! He has NEVER lived up to this price tag, but I bet WHEN he leaves Arsenal (unless a deal has already been agreed?!?!) it won’t be for too much of a loss, if £5-10 million could be concidered not too much of a loss?!?!

  • Well a quid per letter, depending on who actually spells it (lol!) we are looking at a mighty heft transfer fee but I’ll settle for a tenner!

  • Reyes was more like £8-10m, rising to £18m-ish depending on achievements etc. Still a lot of money for a player who never really delivered his potential. However I’m sure that wenger will manage to sell him at a profit to some unsuspecting mug. Surprised to see Seedorf in that list, hes class and has proved that at many clubs. You only needed to watch him in Milans Champs league campaign this year to see his qulaity.

  • I think Reyes was something like £12.5m rising on add-ons dunno why i think that though, Seedorf ( as well as Inzaghi ) was on the list due to a Liverpool fan I work with who couldnt understand why he’d ( they’d ) won so much compared to say other Worldclass players when he didnt see much in him ( them ), I just wanted others opinions on this. As HDM has said alot of these players have gained reputations for, well I dunno, hence the poll. I would be intersested in knowing the others?? See who I forgot?

  • He did feck all against anybody till we turned up and then he decided he was going to play the bas#*rd!!!!!! Still the worst for me saying that if Sheva doesn’t come good this year he might take that title.

  • Sheva has done too much to be here, in Italy he was untouchable and undropable, maybe this added to the more phyiscal side of the English game is wot has folk baying for his blood! U just get players that cannot adapt to another style of play, maybe he spent too long at AC? But I grant that to be a truley worldclass player next season he would need to deliver and for £30m u do expect a hell of a lot more

  • My fingers are crossed for him, if he does come good and I have full confidence in him then Drogs and Himself along with our backup strikers could be formidable this year!!!!!!!!

  • Shevchenko WILL come good, class is perminent isn’t it. Next season will see a far better Shevchenko, so for the sake of the Premiership I hope he stays.

  • Well done to Jose the overraated Reyes for his two goals to clinch the title for Real lol. I’m sure those couple of goals were worth a few million each 😀

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