Date: 9th March 2009 at 1:46pm
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Rovers striker Jason Roberts is not going to let jibes about his goals scoring record and his finishing get to him.

There have been some calls from Rovers fans for J-Rob to be dropped on the basis of his recent misses.

Thw two that come to mind are the recent miss against Everton where he was one on one with Tim Howard and the horror open net miss against Sunderland in January.

Roberts, speaking to Sky Sports said, ‘My goals per start is not too bad, I’ll keep plugging away. To score goals, you have to miss chances,’

‘I’ll keep my head up, keep positive and try to do the right things – and I know the goals will come.

‘You have to keep being brave and getting in there. No striker in the world doesn’t miss chances.’

Fair point…


13 Replies to “Roberts Wont Let Criticism Get Him Down”

  • Personally I back jason as I think he adds more to the team than some people suggest. Thats my opinion anyway!

  • works hard but has missed far too many important chances this season for my liking, which leaves us in the bottom 3

  • He has cost us points but he has arguably gained us some as well. His effort outside of the goal scored column has been better than any other striker at the club.

  • He does add something, but really needs to work on his finishing. I remember seeing the “Jason Roberts school of finishing” on the BBC website some years ago (pre-Blackburn) and I had a sly chuckle then. I’m happy to have a Heskey-esque player starting week in, but you’ve got to think that most strikers would have managed a better effort than his surrender against Everton last week.

  • He does add a lot to the side but he MUST start to take more of his chances as these missed opportunities could be opportunities that send us down!!!

  • He has never been a good finisher – however if he was he would be playing for a bigger side than Rovers that we can be sure of as his all round game is very good.

  • effort does not win games, and he shows lots of effort, but bolton, sunderland and everton are all games which i can remeber shocking misses, thats another 6 pointw we would of had on the board and things would look alot more rosey, i rstill really dont think he cut the mustard as a prewmiership footballer, he wouold be awesome in the championship as he has proved in the past but apart from one ok season at wigan, he has never convinced at the highest level, plays better when benni plays, but cruz is number one at the moment and whilst that remains i think he should not be in the starting eleven and benni should play instead

  • If he scored the open net chance against Sunderland his finishing wouldn’t be an issue… He holds up the ball, works hard and sets an example i wish our other strikers would follow. that being said, he really really needs to put them away. i say give him a run and watch the goals flow

  • It’s bizarre, our best partnership is Benni and JR for certain. For some reason Santa doesn’t seem to click with Benni (though they’ve not started many games together this season) and JR + Santa are both target men and seem to get in the way of one another. ….. Also, if you can finish well in the Championship, you can finish well in the Premiership. Strikers who don’t make it at the top level, usually struggle to make chances, not finish them off. Confidence certainly isn’t an issue for JR, but it’s just bizarre why he can’t just show a bit of finesse in the box.

  • I like JR but I’d like to see him stop arguing with the ref and get on with the game – he gaets many fouls called against him and arguing just makes it worse.

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