Date: 6th May 2009 at 12:20pm
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Blackburn number 1 Paul Robinson is happy with Blackburn, Bobby Mimms and Sam Allardyce as life at Blackburn gets better and his performances have gone from strength to strength.

Robbo has been playing a lot better than under Ince and a lot of the credit must go to the current Rovers set up for that.

Robinson, speaking to Sky Sports said – “I`m working with a very good coach in Bobby Mimms, who is bringing my game on a lot. He`s put a lot into it and we`re starting to see the rewards.

“I`ve been working hard on my all-round game. We`ve got two very good sports scientists here and it`s just about making full use of the facilities that are available to you. And the manager is fantastic with his man-management skills, the way he treats players and the fact he`s tactically very clever.

“I`ve worked with a lot of managers to be honest. I had a lot of managers at Leeds, at Tottenham and obviously at international level.

“But I think he is the most approachable manager I`ve ever worked with. He`s very knowledgeable and I think he`s one of the most honest I`ve worked with. He will tell you why he wants you to do things, why you are doing things and why you`re not.

“Confidence is a massive thing for any footballer and for any team as well. The manager and the coach give me great confidence and it`s just a nice place for me to be at the moment.

“I`m in a happy place.”


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  • Go to your happy place, Paul, go to your happy place…

    Robinson has definitely been much improved over the last few weeks. I wasn’t a fan at the beginning of the season, but he’s beginning to win me round.

  • he is probably the worst keeper in the prem. Trust me guys, seen him for 4 years. He appears to have these good spells where he seems to have got over his mistakes but time and time again it proves to be a false dawn. He is a average keeper that makes good saves look fantastic. If you want to beat Robbo, you simply have to shoot from over 20 yards. He is really that bad when it come to saving long range shots and he flaps at close range shots. He is not a good keeper . Be wise guys,sell him quickly and buy a new keeper.

  • The fact that he got about 30 caps for England is an absolute insult to the other english keepers.Hence why, england want Almunia between the posts.

  • ok yid from india… we get your point but we are intelligent football fans who can make our own mind up. He has been playing well recently so we’ll see how he goes – we dont need telling from bitter Spurs fans!

  • Yid, talk sense mate, Robinson is not anywhere near as bad as James, who seems to get into the England team!! Carson, Kirkland have proven not to be good enough, Foster has yet to be given a decent run in any team to we see if he is any use, or is he hyped up cos he plays for Utd?? and Green is constantly overlooked – out of all these keepers I would Robinson top or level with Green, on the English side of things, When he is fit and confident he has proven to be one of the better keepers in the Premier League, granted his career took a nose dive at Spurs ( many have though, ie: Bently ) and yeah this season hasnt worked cos the whole Rovers team have struggled, but i think we will see the best of him next season, given the chance, its very easy to only blame the goalie when a team is shipping goals, but I think without Robinson, this season we would have been tanked in a few games. As for struggling with long shots, Aluminim really hasnt got him there after last nite lol In the league at the min, i would only really rate Cech, Jussi, Van Da Sar and Reina as constantly better…..

  • clint, i agree with the fact that James is no better than Robinson but i really rate Kirkland and do no why he does not get into the England team. The thing with robbo his, he makes some good saves but makes them look incredible because of his slow reactins. You will learn soon enough that he is always vulnerable.

  • Those two saves against Wigan mate – top draw stuff from a now on form goalie with confidence. Watch em… then you will realise what you say is more or less pap from someone who doesnt rate robbo based on his last 2 years at Spurs.

  • Kirkland may have been a good keeper if he has blessed with another body… thats why i dont rate him, its not his fault…. i think Robinson has his faults as does every player but look at Gomes at the start of the season, he was shocking…he then plays a couple of good games and everyone is singing his praises again, the things is that Robinson now plays for a unfashionable club and i really do not believe he is any worse than about 90% of the keepers in the league…. Ramos destroyed the lads confidence, add that to Rovers **** season and it will take time to get that back…..but he will…..

  • and lucky for us, i think he has. of course he was crap at spurs- he was simply reflecting the club under Ramos. Now hes playing for a side who when fit, have a very good back four, robbo can finally reach his potential. for his price a very very good buy

  • this yid from india is talking nonsense! first of all, hes a yid, so whatever player he gets to see, he sees the worst of them, and then hes viewing it from india? hardly the most knowledgable or gifted nations on earth when it comes to football is it!? Robbo is a top class goal keeper, probably the best kicker in the prem, something that is very key! Anyways, lets look to the future, its sunny, almost summer and i graduate in about 6 weeks! OOOOoooh Happy Days! all i need now is 3 points at the weekend! LOVELY Jubbly!

  • Blue n white, what difference does it make what coutry i am viewing from? How does that affect my football knowledge.Clint, Gomes has not just had 2 good performances. Infact he had only 2or 3 bad games early in the season and the media jumped on him. He can make some saves that Robbo can only dream about. Mikey D, robbo was at tottenham for 4 years and even before Ramos came along and when we had two 5th place finishes(the time when robbo was picked for england)even then Robbo was probably the weak link of the side. He was supposedly in the beest form of his life but was still vulnerable.

  • If a keeper is vulunerable it’s due to the defence – Spurs defence last season were awful. Our defence this season has changed quite a few times and have made some silly mistakes. I think Robbo has made some silly mistakes too – but not as many as I was expecting – plus he’s got a great kick on him.

  • Gomes cost you two points against rovers about a month back and flapped at every cross!!! Thats shocking from a £££ milion keeper!!! And Robbo was left exposed by some bad defending from rovers under Ince. He hasnt looked the weak link at all for us. thanks for your concern yidfromindia but its not needed.

  • I haven’t made my mind up about Robbo yet, but I shall support him as long as the club does. He’s had a good couple of games and if he’s happy, then that’s a good thing. At Spuds, goal keepers probably spend too much time picking the ball out of their net to build up too much confidence. Spurs have always been about scoring more than the opposition, rather than keeping clean sheets (although when King is fit, you do manage a slightly better job)…. Playing for Spuds might be so traumatic that it’ll take a season for Robbo to forget the horror and prove his worth. I hope so anyway.

  • Money4midfield, are you aware that Tottenham have the best defensive record at home this season.We have only let in 9 goals at home. 11 is the club record and if we dont concede 2 goals next game, we will break a club recoed and we also have the most clean sheets at home. Gomes was a legend at PSV and he is a brilliant keeper and he is Brazl’s no1 ahaed of julio cesar.

  • Gomes was a legend at PSV and is a very good goalie – 9 goals at home is indeed an impressive record that any club would kill for but that means the same keeper ( remembering he was dropped for being crap ) has conceded 32 on the road – being Brazil’s No:1 is nothing to sing about as well – DIDA anyone?? Wot im saying is that Robinson is a good keeper as well, he had a horrible time at Spurs, when Spurs were awful under Ramos, but when he was signed in the 1st place @ Spurs, he was obviously good enough then…..

  • you can’t possibly be defending Gomes. he is the joke of the competition. sure he can parry with the best of them, but decision making and pressure situations? its absolute comedy. Gomes or Robbo? picks itself really

  • the country ur based in can affect the views that you can structure due to the amount of time you are able to observe and take in… e.g in england more football, access everywhere, in india, not so much in my experience!! and then the next point in my argument was that spurs fans jump on top of their players waaaaaaaaaaay too quickly and then should be held partly responsible for their own players down turn of form! IMO……..

  • true that bluenwhitey! How much of Rovers have you seen yidfromindia or are you just basing this one his Spurs form which is a lot worse than his Rovers form – (see Bentley, David)

  • Blue n whitey, all games telecast in Sky and setanta is also telecast here by ESPN. Even the Carling and the UEFA cup are telecast here and there are also a lot of football shows like Football focus,football forcast, football crazy,First edition, and all official shows like Premier league world, premier league preview etc and some matches involve 2 hour build ups. So i have as much access as you do. The premier league is a global product being telecasted in more than 200 countries. Teams like Arsenal, Man utd, Liverpool, tottenham , Man city have a lot more fans outside England than in England.So get your facts right.

  • I think its fair to ay that both keepers have had their problems and if any of us were honest should our teams sign any of Cech, Reina, Van Der Saar, Jaaskelinan or Bog Brad we would cast aside our present ones without a second thought….They aren’t brilliant keepers on form…but we gotta back em….boys gotta side with Yid on the coverage theory…iv done a bit of travellin and i gotta say that the british coverage of football is among the poorest…u can watch EVERY single prem, cup, euro match in most foreign countries these days!!!!

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