Date: 21st September 2011 at 4:35pm
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Rovers manager Steve Kean has given young star Ruben Rochina a word of warning.

Rochina has shown touches of pure genius since the start of the campaign, no more so than in his fine strike at Fulham two weeks ago but there has been a downside.

Time and time again the former Barca boy has been caught being a bit cocky and sloppy with his use of the ball.

Ruben often tries too much and loses the balls in bad areas which perhaps comes with young age and it perhaps comes with his footballing upbringing… but either way Kean knows this is something the coaching staff will need to reign in.

The Rovers boss is quoted in The Mirror as saying – ‘Ruben is still young. I think we have to ensure there is stability behind his tricks to make sure there is shape to the team’

‘He still must learn that because it does not matter where you are playing, if you lose the ball in the wrong areas then you are putting your team in danger.

‘That is something we will keep hammering into him and he will get it because that is the only part of the game he has to improve on.

‘He doesn’t look like a player who doesn’t have the ball under control at any time.

‘He always has his head up and if you had a freeze frame you would see he is always looking at what is going on.

‘If he can learn about when to bounce it off then I think he can go to a very high level.

‘He is a difference-maker but he has to adapt to how we want to play.

‘He can see a pass or score a goal but he still has to fit into the team and I don’t think we have to accept he could lose it.’

He doesn’t get everything right does Keano but I think he’s hit the nail on the head here.

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5 Replies to “Rochina could be something special but…”

  • Ruben is not the only one, a lot of our young attacking players seem to be guilty of being a bit greedy at times. The ability is there, hopefully the hard work Emerton and the last generation put in to create stability, will follow. The likes of Salgado, Givet and Dunn need to reign them in, or else we will be a Blackpool, leaking goals and always needing more than one or two to win a game.

  • I think he has bags of potential but he does try too much showboating, i think he will just have to learn when he can get away with it and when he can’t. I do agree with DommyWalker about having Olsson and Hoilett on the wings as well. Rochina and Formica are both better suited playing off the striker IMO.

  • Hes young.. he will learn… the main thing is we can see what a star he could be, give him time and we will have a great player on our hands

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