Date: 21st April 2009 at 8:43am
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Roque Santa Cruz may have made his last appearance in a Blackburn Rovers shirt as he has told the club he wants out before the end of the summer transfer window.

The Paraguay striker is currently injured but has taken time out to hobble into the head office at Ewood Park to tell John Williams and Sam Allardyce he wants to leave.

‘I have already told them (Blackburn) and they know that before the transfer window closes I would like to continue my career at a bigger, more ambitious team,’ he told Radio Nanduti in Paraguay.

‘Even though I haven’t heard anything, I haven’t changed my mind.

‘I think it will be very difficult for me to play again this season because of the recovery. Our last league match is on May 24 and I also need a couple of days for my knee to physically recover.

‘The recovery time is between four and six weeks and I will not hurry. The most important thing is to play without any problems.

‘I will wait for my knee to be perfect, no matter how long it takes.’

Expect a story stating that he was misquoted any time soon.


26 Replies to “Roque Tells Rovers He Wants Out (Again)”

  • Like all players that leave Blackburn (save Shearer and Given) he will not prosper. If he goes to Liverpool (papers say they are interested), he’ll be behind Torres. I suppose the only place he will go and play (if fit) is Man City, as Hughes knows his strengths, etc…However, I echo Mikey’s views. Why say this when he is injured. He won’t/can’t help us stay up, as he can’t/won’t play. The only thing comments like this does is dent morale. Where’s the team spirit, Santa!?!

  • Should’ve sold him in January, been nothing but a passenger and an unhappy one since then. one good season and hes all chocolate again, He forgets that we rescued him from anonymity at Bayern and gave him a platform to be “reborn” if you like. Total Selfish Tw@.

    Get rid of as soon as possible, oh and lads, stop giving him exposure on here, he doesn’t deserve it period!

  • Lets face it boys, however you dress this up the guy is an ass hole!!! He has played all of the supporters with his “nice guy” talk about “love” for the club etc…He’s kept himself unavailable for selection to spite Sams decision not to sell him and jeopordised our safety (Thats Love)……….My call is to all fans…scream to keep us up this season and then booo, hiss and jeer Santa wherever he plays next season!!!!!!! Lets hope he does as well as Bentley has prospered since his “dream” move!!!!! Pr**k!!!

  • PS…this guy could have written himself in to Rovers legendary status had he fired the goals to keep us up…..all he’s done is reduced his reputation and stock….I say, if we do go down, (and we wont) but if we do let the git rott in the reserves for the duration of his four year contract!!!!….Hate him!!!….as u can see im not really bothered!!! ha ha

  • players have little to no respect to the clubs playing their wages these days, we’ve just got to try to get used to this being a part of the modern game maybe. Not going to be easy is it!?

  • yes it does seem to have not affected you mani lol… I agree with Mani and Bom – he is a selfish git and deserves to go onto nothing. But I am not trying to give him exposure – merely highlight the poor timing of his comments.

  • I agree with all that has been said above. The last bit is where he really puts his boot in. Even if he is fit, don’t expect to see him rushing back to try and keep his team mates up. I’m fed up of the Santa Cruz show, and frankly, I agree with the rest of you. We should have got rid of him in January.

  • Sorry lads but this is the type of thing that can put people off football altogether. Mani is spot on too about the nice guy he likes to portray himself as but he is no better than Bentley or any other “superstars” that have come and gone from Rovers.

  • quite true Durks. I feel very, very let down by the way Santa Cruz has treated us this season. His lack of form/injuries has no doubt added to where we are in the league at the moment – and the timing of his comments throughout the season have been entirely inappropriate. I hope he goes and rots on the bench at one of the “Big 4” like he deserves.

  • No need to apolgis Durks! let it out man! many of the players who thought they were leaving for bigger and better things have not found that the case – Duff, Bellamy, Bentley to name a few…

  • The thing that annoys me with RSC is the sly, underhanded way that he has gone about this….i’m a realist and i realise that we are little old Blackburn Rovers and we cant begrudge people who wanna better themselves at bigger clubs in prestigous competitions….For god sake we of all fans know what its like to lose top players, most of whom RSC is not fit to polish their boots….Shearer, Sutton, Duff, Given….BENTLEY!!!! Yes even Bentley the spoilt little **** had the decency to admit what he was….he didnt lie and cheat his way in to the fans hearts and then stab us in our back in what is surely our biggest ever hour of need!!!…..As far as i’m concerned this guy has burnt his bridges and can never get anythin other than abuse….i hate him more than fat kevin Davies!!!!!!

  • a good example is Duff. We reluctantly let him leave for a whopper of a price yet we, or at least i believe we still love him, why? he was never in the papers whining and moaning that he wanted to leave. Brad is another good example, he will always be a hero at Rovers. Roque will go the same path as Bentley and to a lesser extent Hughes who had a little whine and moan to the media (a little less in Hughes case but we all knew the writing was on the wall after the Newcastle job) and youve only got to look at their performances this season to see that they havent exactly excelled away from rovers. Score 30 goals a season and moan you want to leave, we’d probably begrudgingly accept it. do feck all except get injured a lot and moan while the team struggles to secure top flight football for another season and you can kiss my ass and go collect splinters on the bench, irrespective of how talented you may be or may think you are! God i hate these 2 faced prima donna types! this club is too good for the likes of Bentley an Roque!

  • However, if we do go down (Which we wont) then i will pay to watch RSC every week at whatever club just to abuse him!!! ha ha

  • Rovers basically saved Cruz from the scrap heap at Bayern, people had forgotton all about him after he hit the scene big time a few years b4 – it was obvious that he would move on, everyone knew this, I would have thought that after sitting on the bench at Bayern for so long he wouldnt be the type of player that would be swayed by money…but u get surprised everyday …. The best thing for the club, especailly a club like Rovers who need the money to rebuild a team that he leave in the summer amid a clamour of clubs trying to sign him for a over inflated price – maybe Spurs will give us their Russian stiker in exchange -i tried desperatley to spell his name there lol – but i think Rivers will have to hold out for all the miney and all the money up front… to build a stonger squad – not team – for next yr…

  • And this is WHY I personally kept saying we SHOULD have sold him in January, add this latest “contstructive talk” to the fact that he is injured the price we will now get for him will also be lower. The sooner we get rid of him the better now though.

  • Brad was a classic example of a classy bloke when he wanted to go – he wanted to go, went to the club and let them make the announcement when it suited them, Brad Friedel is a legend and a great bloke. Roque appears to be the complete opposite? Am I sensing a gang attack from Clint, Bom and Mani?!?

  • Yeah thats the lad Mikey lol i think he would be good signing for us, but i would rather have the money… did hear that we mite be in with the chance to sign Kameni on a free… could this be Big Sam working his mgic already – prob means the end of Robbo though, but has he really justified his place, or more likely has he regained his confidence after Spurs?? I would say gang attack… though i do feel aggrieved that Roque is treating the club that saved his career in such a way… u have to ask urself – was his surgery rreally required now?? We should have sold him in Jan, then City could have wasted the money on his wages since Jan…..

  • true clint but hindisght is a beautiul thing, I would of taken beattie and sold Cruz. As for robbo, I think he has done well and its a close run thing, but he has definitely improved since the Spurs spell.

  • Oh yeah i would agree mate, he hasnt done badly but i think it always reflects badly on the keeper when the team is doing badly – He is a good keeper and would do well if Sam decides to keep him, although I have heard really good rumours about Kameni, so if this is the pipe line, i dont think we are going to lose out really!!!

  • I think Sam will def get on the case and make the team his own as it is clear he doesnt really like some of the players he has it his disposal (mainly from the Ince reign).

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