Date: 17th April 2007 at 11:40am
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Could Tugay’s Blackburn Rovers career be ending sooner than most of us thought?

The vast majority of us here on Vital Blackburn are of the opinion that despite being 36-years-old the Maestro still has a part to play for the club, and could do so for some years to come yet. But stories today are suggesting that his FA Cup Semi Final snub, where he was an unused substitute for our 2-1 defeat to Chelsea could add further cause for concern that he will not be earning (as had been MORE than expected) a new deal after all, with his current contract due to expire in the summer.

I think it is fair to say that Tugay hasn’t been as influential in recent weeks as he had been in the early stages of the season but he still has more than enough quality about him to play a part for at least one more season, although personally I feel that if used sparingly he could easily go on until he is 40-years-old as he has suggested he would like to. It is being mooted that any new deal would probably work on a pay as you play deal, this would be good for the club but maybe not as good for the player.

Will Tugay still be at Rovers next season? Share your thoughts?

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21 Replies to “Rover and Out For Tugay?!?!”

  • I said to BomBom a few weeks back that I feared a mass exodus, I hope that I am wrong but the clear out (albeit mere speculation and paper talk!) has already begun. As much as I would HATE to see the Maestro leave he was one of the players that I told him I feared leaving as nothing had happened as regards to a new deal. As much as Tugay loves the club and wants to stay (assuming he still does?!?!) if offered a pay as you play deal I’m not sure he would accept it, and nor should he! The guy is a legend and SHOULDN?T have to work to such a deal, personally I would view this as an insult. If he had injury problems you could understand it but he shouldn’t have to work to such a deal with us. Keeping the guy around, even if he won’t play much next season is vital to the club, the knowledge and quality that he posses that could be passed onto others would be worth his wages alone.

  • Not sure about Tugay. The talent is there no doubt, but the stamina? Did’nt see him playing for more than 40 minutes for us this season and doing well….
    Next year with Dunn Savage and Reid in our side I can’t see him playing too much, but then again that’s what most of us thought a year ago, did’nt we.

  • he looks after himself so he’ll be able to play, not much but will still play and in the right matches would make the difference. I can’t see him playing much next season whatever but is worth keeping around for nothing else than the simple fact what others WILL learn from him, he’ll be acting as a coach even if he isn’t be recognised as one as if the youngsters (and some senior players for that matter!) are clever enough they will learn from him even if he isn’t directly showing them.

  • Tugay should def stay on next for next yr and if it was me a lot longer, Hughes Da Man is rite in saying that his experience is vital, if not on the pitch through a game then in training with the younger players at least! He would still be a handy player to have around in terms of filling in for injuries as proven this yr with the squad, especially with Ried out all season and Savage out for the important games in the run in to the end of the season

  • Clint- u r right, however what are the chances of all 3 of them again being out for so long?
    I’d go with HDM as far as experience is concerened.

  • yeah i know but you wouldnt ahve thought that we would have lost Ried the whole season this yr and Savage for the basically the 2nd half of the season, its better to keep hold of the these important and influential players for the ‘ just in case ‘ reasons. I would like to see Tugay move into the coaching area, I do think he has a knowledge of the game that would prove invaluable to the younger players but I think he may return to Turkey for a bit, hes been away a long time after all

  • Ok, i’m going to aim for “most pointless post ever” but i thought i saw an article on news now, in the turkish star (or similar named paper) that said Tugay is in discussions over another contract extension – Typical though, can’t find the link now – Was sometime last week or week before. Anyone else see it?

  • Tugay has apparently been in disussions on a new contract for most of the season but it hasn’t happened yet. It isn’t an issue waiting until the summer to sort this, that would be fine but WHATEVER I just can’t stress how important ON and OFF the field it is for Rovers to keep the guy!

  • I think he will be a bit-part player next season when Reidy, Savage, Dunny and Moekoena are all available. He still has class far more than many in the Prem. I think his days of starting games has gone but he should be kept to play 2nd halfs when Rovers are struggling to be creative. Whether he is happy to do this, is another matter.

  • I don’t think anyone, not even Tugay himself will be expecting to start too many games, let alone play that many so think he will accept this. What he won’t accept (if offered?!?!) is a pay as you play I wouldn’t think?!?!

  • Well no, obviously he can’t be offered a contract just to train but can anyone HONESTLY say they don’t want Tugay around next season?!?! He’s NEVER been much of a runner, so he’s not lost that, can still tackle, find that pass to unlock even the best of defences and has the genuine world-class quality about him.

  • Age catches up with us all but I’d CERTAINLY want to keep him. He could teach players more than most others could, and would still have a role to play.

  • I think the time has come personally for him to go.

    I love him to bits and think he is a true legend but the stamina has gone and we need to look to the future.

  • I think Tugay still has a role to play, yes he has slowed down a bit but he was never the type of player to run mad around the pitch anyway. I read a thing about Gilberto learing Cesc about positional play, well no-one has this as much as Tugay. Players like Dunn, Reid even Savage etc can all learn from him still

  • Maybe it’s just my biased view of Tugay as he’s one of my top players (of his type) or ALL time that makes me so keen for us to keep him, but I genuinely feel we’ll lose something that we’ll not be able to replace for sometime if he goes.

  • That was always gonna be the case though HDM whenever he left.

    How about trying to get Steve Sidwell on a free or Koumas from WBA????

    Both Premiership class…. Sidwell would be free as well.

  • Both would be very good buys ur rite mate. Sidwell may have his head turned by Chelsea though, but where he would fit into their team is beyond me! Koumas has been touted about for a while, wot with Hughes his old international boss but with WBA in the play-offs at the min we would have to see if they get promoted, if they dont I think Rovers aould have a very good chance of getting him, he is just too good to play in the Championship another yr, no offense to that league

  • True, guess it would’ve been Mikey 🙁 Koumas is a player I REALLY like, had hoped we’d get him in January but didn’t, they’re after £5 million though apparently aren’t they. Sidwell, QUALITY player not for Chelsea though is he, Newcastle seem favourties (why? I don’t know!) so if we can sneak in why not.

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