Date: 20th December 2009 at 12:50am
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Another goalless performance has the press singing the rumours. This time, we are linked with a 10 million pound bid, a club record transfer, for Spanish Striker, Roberto Soldado.

The 24 year old is currently plying his trade for Getafe, and is reportedly set to sign a deal worth 45k a week (News of the world).

First of all, this player is class, but where on Earth would we pull 10 Million pounds from. That would mean selling McCarthy, Gamst, Diouf, Khizanishvilli, Righters and Mikey Delap, as well as clearing Salgado of the wage bill.

Great story there guys…. Lets keep it realistic and link us with Beattie, Heskey and another cheapie…


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  • Benni = £3 million. Gamst = £1 million. Zurab = £1 million. Treacy = £1 million. Roberts = £2 million. Bunn £1 million. Judge = £1 million.

    See it could be done. But we’d still need to bring in a LM and another striker (4 strikers needed according to Sam). Who knows!

    I severly doubt we’d sign someone for £10 million though!

  • he is a quality finisher, sam must of been reading my posts about us needing one. but 10 million?! where we getting that from? i know pie sales where good but..

  • “lolllllll and that leaves us with nobody on the bench!”
    How do you work that out?
    Benni – Likely leaving anyway if the right offer comes in? Gamst – Contract expiring. Zurab – Out on loan anyway. Phil Jones is better! Treacy – Always out on loan… Contract expiring. Roberts – As i said above, we’d need another striker but Roberts is rubbish anyway. Bunn – Brown ahead of him and he’s been loaned. Judge – Always out on loan and Doran is better.

    We will have the ability to sign a second player on loan (other then Di Santo) either the winger, creative midfielder or striker, which would leave us just needing 2 more players who could be got on a free or minimal fee ala Nzonzi!

  • 10 mil? not happening. selling everyone for 1 strikers would be putting all our eggs in one basket and no one’s going to go for it.

  • Isnt this illegal?! Announcing my sale in public!!! lol… your suppose to go through the club and not tap me up!!!! I feel I am worth £3 million or so…. seriously though, where the hell are we gonna be able to pull £10 million from?!

  • tombo lets be honest.. you need to get realistic.. wer not going to sell all those players.. and it would be too disruptive… jus realise that its total crap and move on..

  • Ultimately, football is a business. Sorry to see Mikey go, but if it’s for some wunderkind natural finisher, I say we have to make the sacrifices. I wonder what we can get for Sas….

  • Apparently Sas, speaking with News of the world has said the following……..My future is out of my hands. Ultimately, I would love to stay at Vital Blackburn, were are deep into discussions over my future contract. However, its about the Delap Transfer. The kid wants to leave, once the club finalises his future, we will move onto mine. For the time being, and hopefully for the future, i will remain a VBER……….

  • Delap statement – “I have been misquoted, I have always been happy at Vital Blackburn and will remain a VBER until my dying day” (please note, this statement was not made in Paraguay)

  • lol good stuff sas and mike, made me laugh… but i fear the minimum fee release claus Ince put on your contracts may be our downfall.

  • What are we worth? Surely I am worth double what Sas is worth? Even taking into account the Australian dollar exchange rate?! lol…We better stop this at some point otherwise the boss will start to think we are unhappy on here!!!! (we still love this place boss!)

  • Where do they get stuff from?? It must be a case of drawing lots on a particular fantasy article and whatever it is they “write” (if you can call it that) about it!!

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