Date: 29th July 2007 at 5:21pm
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Blackburn Rovers are a VERY ambitious club, the players that Mark Hughes has attracted to Ewood Park (and been able to keep!) proves just that, and Hughes believes it is this ambition that is attracting them.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool in any walk of life, and Hughes feel this is no different in football, especially where Rovers are concerned. He is adamant that the likes of Benni McCarthy, and most recent world-class acquisition Roque Santa Cruz were attracted to Ewood (as others will be in the future) due to the ambition the club are showing, which is spreading throughout the footballing community.

Sparky told Sky Sports (these quotes were from an article on Sky Sports anyway):

We should not underestimate the football grapevine.

“People are beginning to understand what we are trying to do here. Word gets around and that gives you a foot in the door.

“Obviously the deal has to be right for the individual and the club. I am sure Roque will enjoy the day-to-day working here


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15 Replies to “Rovers’ Ambition Attracting Players”

  • Sparky is BANG ON with what he has said, word of mouth is a VERY powerful tool, and Rovers are ambitious. Combine the two and you get what we are getting!
    If Rovers maintain this ambition (as they will) word will obviously spread even more, and more like Santa Cruz etc. will arrvive (and indeed STAY!!!)

  • Yeah finally gettin the reputation we deserve, we are one of the most promising clubs out their a lot of potential. Look at our wingers probably best two in the league up and coming. With a very good defence now which we lacked this time last season, and all these top quality strikers why not. All done on a tiny budget, just think if we actaully get money again wow!!!

  • It has been LONG overdue, but it is better late than never!!!
    Even with money, the same principles will apply, but yeah it would be something wouldn’t it.

  • Uh, please be realistic for a moment. Santa Cruz left Germany because he didn’t have enough quality to maintain a regular place in the side. World class signing, you say? Yeah, right.

  • It is a testament to the players we bring in that we are an ambitious club. Some people may say that we are punching above our weight but its better to punch above than below.

  • RussianHammer – Santa Cruz has been their and done that, and is still only 25, Bellamy may have to a degree but show me what these other world-class players the Hammered have brought in this summer have done?!?!
    I’m assuming the username makes you a Hammered fan?!?! Dude, Santa Cruz is as world-class (more so!!!) than the talent the Hammered are bringing in for this season!!! Teams (and players!) are seeing egg head and his money coming and fleecing you for all they can.

  • Blackburn are and will continue to be a good club – family orientated, with a very good fan base to boot!! We have one of the most promising young managers in Europe, add this to his reputation as a player, which lets face it everyone connected with football has heard of Sparky Hughes. He has the team playing attractive football with some really good young players added to by very good experience! The club is on the up and this can be seen by players throughout Europe. We will continue to grow and grow and I cant wait!

  • So RussianHammer we buy players that dont have the quality to stay in the team they were bought from – lets see Bellemy, oh yeah he was a certain starter for Liverpool and Freddie was always in the Arsenal team in recent seasons as well lol!! Catch urself on mate ur wee team has all this money to through about and ur getting players that will play for noughts instead of the shirt! The one and only world class player u have wants to leave, says it all

  • The main difference as I see it between us and WHU is that for all that money that they have, they are not signing star players. OK you got 7 mill for Nigel Mediocre and 5 for Harewood (thats a fantastic bit of business that was) but you are selling players like Benayoun, which ok you may not have had a choice with but are not replacing them. Bellers will do well for you but for gods sake dont drop him, he has still got that 5 iron you know!

    For all that money, the signings we have made, well, Ryan babel was in the same squad as Rigters and granted Babel has been known for longer than rigters but Rigters sets the u21 alight an wins top scorer, Babel?? yet babel goes for 11 million, Rigters….350k! Cruz is an experienced international and European campaigner that may have had a drop off in performances last going off at Bayern, sounds kinda like some bloke called McCarthy at Porto eh? Value for money and not just Money is the main thing and its something that Mark Hughes is not just keen on, he’s rather adept at it too. GL for the season mate, with all that money, i personally hope you bomb but gl anyhow

  • Aarrgh the old Hammers contingent… come in with the insult, then we retaliate and you make a childish comment…. same old same old I see. Santa Cruz is a very good signing, certainly value for money.

  • As much as i love to see them squirm i think you’re beeing a little harsh on the resident spammer. Although you can’t deny rovers are starting to put themselves on the footballing map, the man’s got bags of ability and top level experience but to call Santa Claus ‘world class’ is a bit of a stretch imho. I mean i said the same about Mido when he signed, now i just sigh 🙁

  • Excuse me please, MikeyGamst, did I insult you? Did I insult Blackburn fans in any way? The only thing I said is that Santa Cruz is NOT world-class signing, that’s all. And it’s true, none of the top clubs were after him. Correct me if I’m wrong. All you people did was making it look like I’m saying “omg santacruz is teh crap and bellamy rulz and we totally pwn joo at teh transfer markets”. I wish your team luck next season, I hope Santa Cruz proves me wrong and does well at Ewood Park. I’m just being fair, and if I were a Blackburn fan, I’m sure there would be no such hostility. And regarding West Ham, I’m not too happy about Eggy splashing cash myself. So chill down, I’m not implying anything or insulting anyone. Just speaking my mind, that’s all.

  • Speak away dude, although a lot of what you just said has not quite made sense to me (I’m not down with all the abbreviation lingo LOL!)
    The thing that gets me with talk on “World-Class” players though, is the thought that they are not that simply because they play for teams like Rovers! They don’t NEED or HAVE to be at clubs like Chelsea, Manure, Arsenal etc. to be World-Class do they???
    Prime example is Benni McCarthy, he was regarded as World-Class before he came to Ewood Park, but suddenly he becomes less of this because he players for Rovers, same applied to Roque Santa Cruz in my opinion, who HAS been classed as World-Class with Bayern Munich.

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