Date: 3rd June 2010 at 6:02am
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The all but confirmed story, is now confirmed!!!!

Blackburn Rovers, along with Rangers FC and AEK Athens ( who replaced Boca Juniors), will be competing against Sydney FC in 3 double header encounters at the Sydney Football Stadium

The games will be held on Sunday, July the 25th, Wednesday July 28th and Saturday July 31st (all Sydney dates). The draw will be provided tomorrow, with Sunday possibly being 2 day games, Wednesday being an evening double header and Saturday up for grabs!

So there you have it, Sas promised to deliver, and here it is!

Looking forward to see the boys for the first time ever!!


Cheers to Garth Friel from Sportinglife for putting this up on the Live transfer link section

0927: Although it’s not a transfer line, I’m going to let Tony Sassine’s email in due to the fact it mentions Rangers.

He says: “The mighty Blackburn Rovers will be travelling to Sydney, with the 4 team tournament booked in for July 25 through to July 31, with AEK Athens joining Blackburn, Rangers and Sydney FC after Boca Juniors pulled out of the Sydney tour – Good Times!”



27 Replies to “Rovers Aussie Tour CONFIRMED!!!!”

    Awesome absolutely awesome!!!!
    This is almost unbelievable!!
    So thrilled. I will be at all the games mate. No doubt!!!

  • Will be the first time for me too! But the wife will can the O/S trip with my brother next year for sure. 🙁
    But oh well, Rovers are coming to Sydney!! Rovers are coming to Sydney!!

  • kinda hope they dont charge over the top though!!! like i couldnt care less bout the other game, i just wanna see my ROvers!!!

  • I’m the same no real interest in the other games! But I think they will be quite resonable with price. Not that it really matters though! cause ( sing it ) “Rovers are coming to Sydney”

  • mate for those 7 days…wow…im going to email rovers now, wanna see if they will be holding in open training sessions and so on….gotta feeling i might be “sick” for a couple of days 😀

  • This is just awesome news, but can we have them back please guys? I am not gonna be pleased if you start kidnapping players!!!

  • i might keep emo……and maybe givet…bennipoo wont be too happy with that :D…..or how about, Keith Andrews and Jason Roberts mysteriouslly dissapear?

  • Nice congrats to the Aussie Rovers 😀 Also SAS I have not forgotten, my world cup team info will be with you tonight :D. When I say tonight I mean UK time so that will be god knows what time in the morning for you haha.

  • Smashing news!! much better than a few pointless friendlies. Hopefully get on the TV over here in the UK as well so we can see Rovers win something.

  • Sas any chance of you getting a spot in the Sydney FC side and crunching Andrews in a “mistimed tackle”?

  • ozi! mate i know your new here, and my aussie buddy, but we cant post links to streams, will get us into trouble!, il try to edit it but i dont think i can, power goes to you delap!!!! Ah delap, i think i probably have a better chance making the Rangers outfit lol…. why would they go to perth lolll

  • all good mate, the fine is in the mail on the way to your house….dont ask how i know your address, i just do heheehe….all good, i cant actually edit the comment, im sure delap will when he gets the chance. also, send me an email, i have a few questions to ask you for one of our segements on the site,

  • good work guys, ozi consider your comment removed… you’ll get us into ttrouble if we leave that on there 😉

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