Date: 20th November 2006 at 10:53pm
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Mark Hughes has never been one for the introduction of video technology into football but with so much at stake the Blackburn Rovers boss thinks maybe it is time.

With so much on the line nowadays in football each wrong decision could be a decision that costs a club millions of pounds or even managers their jobs!

After seeing yet more controversial decisions go against Rovers on Sunday Hughes has added his weight to the growing number of managers, coaching staff and even players who think it is time video technology entered the game, Sparky said:

I have never been an advocate of technology. But when huge decisions at the top level have an impact on teams, management and players then something has to be done.

There are clear breaks in play whenever there is a penalty claim or a goal is scored.

In that short period of time it can be established very quickly whether it was a genuine penalty kick or a genuine goal.

Sooner rather than later they should bring it in, and I think it will happen.”

Until calls go against your team many people give it too much thought. As these calls have so often gone against Rovers this season, with us having dodgy penalties awarded against, but not for, red cards dished out needlessly, balls crossing the line but not given and goals not ruled out for offside when maybe they were or even not given when they should have as the case might have been you can see why Hughes is aggrieved.

So long as it doesn’t take too much away from the game I think it should happen, and probably will.

My main problem area, and one which will be the main stumbling block will be making sure that every club throughout every country has such technology, but with the costs involved is this genuinely possible for everyone? It surely can’t be a case of some using and some not it will have to be all or nothing!

What do you think? Can and will this happen? If so will it work?

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10 Replies to “Rovers Boss Calls For Video Replays”

  • Think I’ve made my views on Video Technology clear in the article. If it is a possbile option for EVERYONE then it has to happen.

  • The arguments are not clear. People use the Rugby example as a for and against. Video Ref’s are only used at the top of the Rugby game and not at lower levels. It is also suggested that it would be detrimental to the flow of a game. Arguments can be made for and against that being the case. The ultimate problem and one they do not have a problem with in Rugby, is that the rules are open to interpretation. The off side rule for example especially the “interfering with play” part of it. Remember the “Cisse” incident last season? In Rugby, the rules are clear, if detailed, for example the “knock-on” rule, even the slightest “nudge” forward is deemed to contravene the rules. My complaint has always been inconsistancy. Video evidence won’t change that.

  • Just to be ‘devils advocate’ here, why should every club have the technology? If one club wants to make the technology available for the ref. yet another one doesn’t, it’s not that different to the fact that the home team has other advantages, such as choosing the size of pitch. If everything had to be equal all games would be played on neutral uniform sized pitches. Of course I agree it would be better if all grounds had the technology but I dont see much problem with a gradual introduction. What weould be the problem with say, Rovers playing an away leg in Malta without the technology and the return being at Ewood with technology used? Technology should only be used during a natural break in play of goal, penalty or potential red card decisions.

  • I think football should be a bit more like rugby some times – IF the ref isnt shaw go for the big screen use a video ref

  • It is not that hard. Give the manager 1 challenge a half. If they think something wrong, a quick look at the screen. If the manager is right, decision is changed, if the manager is wrong, they lose a substititution. Pretty simple and efficient. The manager will not take a risk for small decisions, saving it for when it matters as they dont want to lose a substitution. What you guys think?

  • That’s an interesting one sasman, I’m sure that they do a similar thing in another sport where you can contest one type of thing. I’m also sure that John McEnroe has called for this isw tennis, he says that they should get one but then everyone thereafter if they are wrong they lose a point as some people will call for things to slow the game down etc.

  • Yea that sounds good, i just dont c why it cannot happen. It is so efficient that managers might not even take the option to prevent the risk of losing a substitition. An idea to ponder i guess, maybe this is something the FA can get right. But then again who knows with those clowns (in referencce to tugay) hehehe

  • Im so sorrryyyy, i feel bad for um the clowns lol. How could i dare insult them by putting them on the same level as the FA lolllllll

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