Date: 28th November 2006 at 9:46pm
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Boddingtonblue’s views on Lucas Neill’s “injury” and the state of the Blackburn Rovers defence in general… at least when all are fit.

With the departure of Lucas Neil seeming to be looming, who believes the hamstring strain?

Michael Gray has been outstanding in his last two games. He obviously wants to stay so let’s run with that.

With a pairing of Andre Ooijer and the Admiral Ryan Nelsen, and Brett Emerton being better at full back (when he gets his line right) we are not doing to bad.

This article was produced using a comment posted by boddingtonblue recently.

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14 Replies to “Rovers Defence Not Looking Too Bad”

  • I couldn’t disagree with boddingtonblue here, Mickey Gray, Andre Ooijer, the Admiral Ryan Nelsen and Brett Emerton would be my favoured back four…even if Neill stayed beyond January.

  • I cant agree more with 3 of the choices but dont know why Gray would be picked, I personnelly dont rate him, as I may haver said b4, he is an honest player and gives his best but I feel he is keeping younger players out of the team that would do the same job and maybe better, if a little faith is shown in them!

  • I have always been a big fan of Mikey Gray’s, I know he is occaisonally rpone to make mistakes but who isn’t. I still prefer him for left back over Lucas Neill and who else is there to consider? Still difference of opinion is what makes the world go round, either that or the gravitational effects of the Sun! LOL

  • Mickey Gray has been superb the last few games hasn’t he, almost like he knows he’s playing for his FINAL chance with the club. If Gray didn’t play I’d not mind Andy Taylor getting a go, he’s had first team football with Crewe and done well. Not sure McEveley will be given a chance, so think he could well move on soon. Martin Olsson is a VERY highly rated youngster so if all else failed use him? Chances are it will be Stephen Warnock come January as he’ll almost certainly come in as part of the Neill deal to Liverpool.

  • I can see Mickey seeing us through this season, and then it’ll be a foot race between Olsson (or however you spell it), Taylor and McEverley – To be honest, i can’t think of another team that has that much potential in the left back position – Theoretically every one of those three could go on to be a great left back (If only it ever turned out that way)

  • HRH – Gresko came to use with much acclaim and “potential” and for awhile he looked handy enough to get in the first team and then he got freaked out when he went in on a tough challenge and seemed to bottle after then. So remember that not all youngsters ever “make it”.

  • Oh totally agree – Gresko was a prime example of “not living up to expectation”. All i’m suggesting is that with those three (Taylor – Bright young England prospect, McEverley – Scottish international, and Olssen (Any ideas on how you’re meant to spell that?) supposedly one of the best Swedish prospects there is) we surely are in with a decent chance of turning out one good left back in the coming years. I know it’s impossible to tell, but surely one out of three must be good odds?

  • You’d expect at least one out of the three (at least!) to fulfil their potential wouldn’t you. I’m sure its OLSSON like this HRH!

  • When Lucas moves to Liverpool, these three international young left backs would expect to move up one place in the pecking order. If Hughes brings in a replacement for Lucas, are we holding back the talent you are all talking about? they will be disappointed, may be even disolusioned to the point of wanting away? As has been pointed out, many clubs are desperate for a good left back. We could loose a future star.

  • Olsson is only what 17, 18-years-old so he won’t be in yet. Taylor and Mceveley will be disappointed not to step up when Neill leaves though so if one doesn’t at least move up the pecking order (to the bench) behind Gray, who will likely fill in one or more may think its time to move on, in particular McEveley.

  • it dosnt matter about age, there are lots of younger players doing great jobs at other clubs cos they were given the chance – Richards @ City, Cesc @ Arsenal etc. its an old one but if there good enuff they’re good enuff.

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