Date: 28th November 2010 at 12:43am
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In what can only be described as the most inept Rovers performance in recent history, Manchester managed to end Blackburns good form, clinically destroying the blue and white outfit, 7-1

Rovers were forced into a change, with Goulon starting for Gamst Pedersen whilst Roberts took the front man role


Realastically, Blackburn had nothing, Manchester were too classy, too clinical and too determined. Blackburn were sloppy, unorganized, lethargic and pretty much useless.

And this was pretty much summed up in the first 2 minutes of the game. Anderson charged a stray ball, drawing Robinson out to make a sliding clearance. However the ball didnt go far, with Nani crossing into Berbatov, managing to stick a leg out past Chimbonda and open the scoring in the 70th second….1-0 Manchester

The second goal followed 20 minutes in. Jung Si Park became a world superstar, jinking inside past his man, touching off to Rooney who sliced a pass back past Chris Samba and into the path of Park, taking a touch and chipping over the oncoming Robinson…2-0 Manchester

Blackburns only foray into the Manchester half came upon, with Phil Jones trying his luck from distance, Ryan Nelsen spraying a volley and Chris Samba causing havoc on a free kick. But that was it, with the Rovers defence soon providing a goal for Manchester…

Chimbonda picked up the ball down the left flank, and decided to follow up with a back pass to Robinson from 40 yards. Berbatov couldnt believe his luck, running onto the spray pass and blasting into the far corner of the net….3-0

And so half time came and so did 3am local Aussie time, just how much longer could yours truly handle this punishment….

It only took minutes, but the 4th goal came, with Berbatov starting and finishing proceedings. Picking the ball up from defence, Berbatov played Evra, who in turn returned the ball to Berbatov. The Bulgarian then released Nani down the flank, who then cut a cross to Berba, sealing his hattrick with a well taken strike. 4-0 Manchester

60 seconds later it was 5. Anderson split the defence with a through ball, Nani cutting past Chimbonda and finishing….5-0

That was it for yours truly, enough was enough, and bed came calling in disgust…..

Apparently 2 more goals were scored, Berbatov poaching 2 more and racking up 5 goals for the afternoon, whilst Chris Samba managed to nick a late consolation goal.

7-1 it finished, a rather disgusting performance from Blackburn

Player Ratings

Defence 2
Must have been the worst display of defending since the Paul Ince days. Nelsen and Samba looked like drunken sailors, Chimbonda was in his own world, whilst Salgado was hit and miss. Robinson made a few saves, but 7 goals against him wont go down too well…..

Midfield 4
We had a midfield today? It was atrocious. Brett Emerton thought he was Lionel Messi, trying to get past every player in his way, and managing to lose possesion every time. Goulon wasn’t too bad, Jones lost the ball too many times, Dunn tried, to no avail and Diouf, well he was probably our only one constantly trying….

One of these games were Jason Roberts might as well have sat on the bench. The ball didnt even make the half way line let alone the front line….we could of played 5-5-0, and probably still walked away with the same result

Josh Morris
Looked really enthusiastic of the bench, might be another one coming through the ranks


20 Replies to “Rovers Destroyed at Old Trafford”

  • Awful just awful! Am ashamed to be a Rovers supporter. Okay we were never going to win, statistics showed that but we didn’t come out of the dressing room!

  • I am sure there will be a time next week when we will all be a bit more philosophical but right now it hurts and it hurts bad. I cannot put into words quite how unacceptable that “performance” was…

  • I think we’ve got 5 games coming up where we should be looking to pick up at least 10 pts. We need to pick ourselves up and battle on. It concerns me how Sam seems to be happy to let the harder games slip, especially against his “pal” fergie… instead of having a real go at em and just maybe getting something out of it.

  • This thrashing has been coming for months, last week at home to villa we couldn’t even be positive with 60 seconds to go and being 2-0 nil up!!! at spurs we were pathetic, against wigan we were out played but luckily scored from set plays (thanks MGP for something to smile about) at present it’s tough to watch even when we win the entertainment is zero. I once thought well a wins a win and we’re in the premiership but I’m now starting to change my mind as watching rovers is starting to become a waste of my time, I’m not after miracles but it would be great to be excited at watching rovers again which I’m definitely not at the moment

  • well at least the owners have seen both sides of blackburn in the past week or so……maybe we may get more than 5 million in January. ….probably just being optimistic but still

  • Our record at OT has been pretty shabby so I didn’t expect a great deal yesterday, particularly as I haven’t been overly impressed this season, with the exception of the Chelsea game, however I din’t expect full scale capitulation, from a team that alledgedly competes.

    Hopefully yesterday’s farce will fire them up for the next half dozen games, all of which are winnable, if not it’s gonna be rougher than a badger’s arse for the rest of the season

  • i agree with itsallrover that it is disturbing to see how content Big Sam seems with the loss. but the right quality of a big time manager.

  • TBF though, we played well against Villa, if we had been hugely positive then they would have caught us on the counter time and time again!!!

  • My only positive is many teams have been on the back of silly results this season, like Villa and Sunderland at Newcastle, so these type of games are common occurance in the prem these days, Although it still hurts

  • Spineless performance, big sam likes to talk a lot and blame everyone else but that’s two gutless performance in a row

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