Date: 10th June 2011 at 10:39am
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Phil Jones’ move to Manchester United from Blackburn Rovers has still not been completed and it is becoming clear why – the full fee is being haggled over.

Rovers value Jones in excess of the £16 million that his release fee states and Man United are trying to keep the cost down.

The mains ticking point is that the release fee is apparently just the figure neded to start the negotiation with the player not the full sale figure. Something that Rovers are standing firm on.

Venky’s believe Jones is worth closer to £25 million and United are yet to comment on the deal officially.

So it appears we have a stand off. But it is good to see the club hold out for Jones’ true worth.

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26 Replies to “Rovers dig in against Man United”

  • I may sound thick here – but if they have triggered the release clause by offering the release clause amount, how can they ask for more? If they wanted MORE why didn’t they have a HIGHER release clause amount!!! I thought Venkys were good business people? If we get more it will obviously be better – but I’m still annoyed that he is being sold in the first place. Also if the move isn’t complete, it is a bit disrespectful to us for him to be signing Manure shirts, isn’t it?

  • It does seem to be dragging on a bit. Well at least we might end up with a few extra quid out of it for a few signings. Can’t see us getting past £18m though TBH unless it’s in bonuses over time. I just hope Kean does some serious business with the wonga… like maybe buy N’Zobia, Sturridge, Osvaldo, Warnock and Roger Johnson. Just Wishful thinking 🙂

  • i’m happy to see this- were going to lose Jones and theres huge competition for him, let united stew over this for a while and lets get a decent price for a great player

  • ITSALLROVER…If Henderson is £20m then Jones is £25m. Good on Rovers for trying to squeeze every penny out of them lot.

  • FN1 – Mikey states in his article the £16m is rumoured to be the starting price to allow otherclubs to talk to Jones…not the selling point.

  • It looks as if £16 million is the release clause that means Rovers can’t stop him talking to other clubs…

  • Fransavarese I agree he’s definitely worth more than Henderson IMO. The problem is even though the release clause is only for permission to speak to him it looks like he’s made his mind up to go to Man Utd already so there’s no longer a bidding war. The only solution would be a few extra quid and add ons for appearances or sell on fees etc.

  • I bet we just end up with £16m + M.B. Diouff thrown in on top to sweeten the deal after all the negotiating.

  • I think the words we are looking for “The club agree’s to listen to offers above £16 million pounds and will allow you to hold prelimary discussions”

    However this does not mean a) They have the right to get you to sign a contract b) Can send you for a medical without our permission c) That we have to release your registration becasue United say so, d) That we will sell you for less than we want which at this point will be a record deal,

    The club will allow you to decide where you would like to play and discuss a financial package which suits you, However WE decide what when and for how much you will go for!!!! Nice way to get publicity for our new owners, i think its guns in slings time and when they say Draw they mean it lol

  • That’s more like it maybe Venky’s are more switched on then I thought. Tell Man U £25m or F*** Off! That was very clever to have a minimum starting big instead of minimum release fee. If Jones wants to go then let him go BUT for the right price!

  • Let’s take them for every penny they’ve got! They’re getting a future captain of England here, so the least they can do is pay us some really silly money for him. And like Mikey says, if this is all right then yep, well done to the owners and to the club for getting the clause to look like it does.

  • They’ve played the right cards close to their chest here and should make United either pay cash or take em to the FA…

  • The fact is our board cannot reject a bid of £16 million or higher – so I don’t see how they can stop this – the only tapping up evidence is that his release clause was ‘somehow’ made public… the only thing utd might do is pay more to stop this coming out which if it did could be blamed on Jones’ agent anyway.

  • Good luck to you lads. Agree with Sajit. Nothing like making them pay. They still haven’t forgiven us for making them pay £31.5 for Berbatov on the last day of the transfer window.

  • Looks like Liverpool want him again and are bidding £22m according to todays tabloids. That would make Fergie even more red faced if they got him. Chelsea and Arsenal preparing bids also apparently… Looks like Venky’s could be sparking a bidding war.

  • umm rover u been on the forums ders talks abt man utd deal confirmed for 20.5 plus another 4 as future incentives and since he wants to sign for man utd and they have agreed personal terms hed say no to the other clubs

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