Date: 25th October 2009 at 12:34am
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Let me start by speaking my mind. Chelsea, were, brilliant. Rovers were pathetic. 2 weeks ago, we played Arsenal, and were beaten 6-2. Arsenal were brilliant, we were good. Last night, we played Chelsea, and were outplayed, out hungered and just not in the game.

From the opening whistle, Chelsea almost scored. A delightful chip in from Frank Lampard found Joe Cole, who was making his first Premier League Start in 10 months. Cole’s glancing header flashed narrowly wide of Paul Robinson’s goal. Boy was this a sign of things to come.

Against Arsenal, the scoreline didnt reflect the game. Against Chelsea, the scoreline didnt reflect the game. Thats covering both extremes. Chelsea continued to press. Lampard picked the ball up in the midfield, darted 10 or so yards, and blasted away, his swerving shot just missing the top right hand corner of the net. However, Chelsea werent to be denied minutes later.

Michael Ballack intercepted a Blackburn attack, and the counter was on. A few steps then a switch to Anelka who was hugging the left flank. The journeyman striker then took on his man, hitting the goal line and whipping in a cross into no-mans land. With Drogba on his tail, Gael Givet was forced to slide in to intercept, putting the ball into the back of his own net. 1-0 Chelsea.

Rovers’ best chance of the half came minutes later. Route one clearance found Jason Roberts, who actually got past his man, but drifted out wide. He held the ball up then layed it of to Gamst Pedersen, whose right foot 20 yard shot blazed wide of the goal. That was about it for Rovers, with Brett Emerton and Diouf wasting several set piece opportunities.

Chelsea however, were enjoying a shooting practice session, but just couldnt convert. Essien and Lampard both tried there luck from distance, whilst Joe Cole was dazzling the Chelsea faithful with a performance that will surely delight English manager Capello.

Robinson did do his share in the first half, with 2 reflex saves preventing Chelsea adding before the interval. Robbo rushed out and parried a 1 on 1 with Anelka then followed it up with a reflex save from a Drogba attempt at goal.

1-0 at the break…could of been worse, but a sign of things to come.

If Rovers had any chance, then it would be early in the half. However, Chelsea sealed the points in the following 15 minutes, playing some delightful football, whilst our Rovers just set up camp, and still couldnt stop the goal fest. Lampard’s first goal from open play in 6 months in the EPL came on the stroke of 50 minutes, Drogba raced into the box, cut the ball back across the goals, Jacobsen slid in, but his clearance found Lampard who blasted into an empty net. 2-0

Essien followed up minutes later with the goal of the night. A 35th minute strike left Robinson stranded, with the ball swerving into the left corner of the net. 3-0. As Kalinic and Salgado warmed up on the bench, Nelsen brought down Drogba in the box. Lampard stepped up, 4-0 Chelsea.

If that wasnt enough, in the 67th minute, Drogba rose highest after some poor marking on a Chelsea corner, flicking the ball into the net. 5-0 Chelsea.

What was really worrying is that Chelsea then took the foot of the pedal, bringing on Sturridge and Bruma, yet they still dominated. Rovers just sat back, and watched, as Chelsea dazzled, with Joe Cole putting in a splendid performance.

Yes, we were missing Dunn, Samba, Grella and Chimbonda….But, we failed…enough said.

5-0 it ended, and fortunately for Rovers, it didnt blow out any further…..

Player Ratings

Paul Robinson 5
A few good saves, but sent too many free kicks 10m too long, and was out of position for a few of the goals. Not the big man’s best game

Ryan Nelsen 5.5
Sloppy tackle for the penalty, poor marking all night, we expect better from the Admiral

Gael Givet 6
Unlucky with the own goal, did a decent job on Drogba, but was outplayed

Lars Jacobsen 4
Poor game from Lars. Very sloppy out on the flank, not commiting to his man. Appeared indecisive at times, whilst at other times rushed too early.

Martin Olsson 6
Our best on field. The young Swede worked hard, trying to generate something in attack to no avail. Good to see he is definately improving as time goes by

Keith Andrews 5
Ineffective. Quiet. Arghhhh

Brett Emerton 5
Not his best. Wasted too many free kicks, sending them straight to Cech.

Steven Nzonzi 5.5
Broke up play as much as he could. But was on his own. Also guilty of giving the ball away too many times whilst in possession. A good learning expereince for the young man

Morten Gamst Pedersen 5
Floated in and out of the game….Story of his Ewood Park Career

Diouf 5
Sorry Dioufy, but you really need to shut up and get on with it.

Jason Roberts 6
The guy worked hard. Thats all I can say about JR. Its not easy in that loan striker role, and makes it harder when everybody else just sits back.

Nikola Kalinic
30 minutes, dont think he touched the ball more then 3 times

Michel Salgado
Actually looked pretty good when he came on. Took on his man from RB, got stuck into a few tackles
No time to impress


19 Replies to “Rovers Dissapoint at The Bridge”

  • How can you give Nelsen a higher rating then Robinson? Bonkers! If it wasn’t for Robinson we would have lost about 12 nil! Nelsen, Givet and Olsson were the main reasons behind us conceeding 5 goals, and yet you rate them all ahead of the keeper who pulled of several world class saves?!

  • Robinson pulled of 1 great reflex save and a good one on one. He should of not come out for drogbas assist to lampard. His positioning for the essien goal was atrocious. The ball is swerving to his right, yet he takes a step to the left, his dive ending up were he started! Penalty, cant do anything there, same as the own goal. Cant even remeber the 5th goal now lol. Oh wait corner at near post. Nelsen stuffed up with the marking, however, 6 yard box is goal keepers territory…and this was 3 yards out.

  • NZonzi was the best outfield player for my money and I cant believe I am going to say this but MARTIN OLSSON was our best outfield player. But this is clutching at straws – we were shocking. No fight like we are used to – just beaten by a better side and we bought it all on ourselves. I hope Sam tears them all a new belly button…

  • BSA said it “PATHETIC”. Sasman – you deserve a medal for seeing it through to the end – I watched on ESPN but by the end of the match the TV was on while I was doing other things! Did Rovers actually turn up??? Pity about Olssons chipped shot – a goal would at least have lightened the gloom. What price Man Utd? 5-0? 6-0? 10-0? Something is very wrong and we can’t lay all the blame on the defence – Chelsea were just having shooting practice last night! Let’s hope we don’t get hammered by Peterborough to boot!!!

  • Oh I do hope so Mikey – I have a ticket for Ewood on Tuesday – I would hate to think I’ve wasted good money on a performance like last night (I feel sorry for those who made the journey to Stamford Bridge) – even Peterborough could have put up more of a fight – perhaps that’s an idea – send Peterborough to Old Trafford? Come on lads – lets have a performance on Tuesday – Rovers 5 Peterbourogh 0.

  • Come on guys,,do us a favour next week by knocking off some points from ManU 🙂 You can get your on road form back on track as well!!

  • mind my language but we were ***** ive been watching rovers for a couple of yrs now and hands down that was our worst ******** performance.Where do i start.

    Jacobsen was and is and idiot he always seems to be able to play an opposition player onside when everyone else is holding their line and not just against chelsea but hes doing it nearly every match

    Ollson should go back to the reserves i dont know how we call him a defender and whenever he attacked he tried to send a long ball to gamst he managed to kick it out nearly everytime.

    Diouf what can i say he spent more tima arguing with ppl than actually playing football

    Pedersen never managed to seem to be able to beat the first man in his crosses.

    Now im a big fan of emo but he looked like a headless chicken out there id rather see him the RB position

    Roberts was isolated but u have to have to do something special to score when ur up by urself and i cant see him doing that to save his life

    Our midfield what midfield……. andrews is showing his class now yeah……as a league 2 player and nothing else nzonzi needs more time so ill stay of his back too much but i wasnt too impressed

    AND can someone pls explain to me y we concede so many goals from long range shots

  • good form Sas… and good effort to stay awake- you guys now being 3 hours ahead of us and all!… well it really was poor, but i thought we simply defended too deep, wasted set pieces and then fell to pieces

  • yeah mate midnight. worked well really- called it an early night, then settled in for the soccer… then spent the next 6 hours crying

  • 1st half we didnt do too bad, 2nd half we just didnt turn up, soon as that 2nd goal went in the heads went down and that was it, now i got told prior to the game about the ”Swine Flu” fiasco attackin rovers and was advised to put money down that chelsea will score 4/5 goals against us, wish i did now but even money would have to go a long way to cheer me up after saturday. On another note how awesome was Joe Cole, glad to see him back and cannot wait for his england call up once 100% fit again.

  • Not too sure that we did OK in the first half – we went in at the break just 1-0 down because Chelsea couldn’t hit the target – they had plenty of chances! Rovers looked scared – or with the Swine flue issue – dosed up to the eyeballs. Agree it was better than the second half though.

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