Date: 2nd December 2009 at 11:12pm
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After one of the most nail biting evenings of my entire life, underdogs Blackburn Rovers made it through to the semi finals of the Carling Cup after a nervous, torrid 4-3 penalty shoot out victory.

A full report from the Sas will follow at some point.

A few immediate points to make though –

– I never knew so many of the Rovers players could take penalties! well done the Aussies in particular!

– We deserved it on the whole after nearly winning in normal time but a mistake by Robbo left us at 3-3.

– We nearly paid the price for missing so many good chances as you normally do when good teams like Chelsea play you.

– Nikola Kalinic, Brett Emerton, Steven N’Zonzi and Benni McCarthy were all outstanding.

– Nights like this make you proud to be a Rover.

– Every dog has its day and Rovers wanted it more tonight.

– I am not normally one to antagonise or gloat but a certain member of the normally very friendly and articulate Chelsea site deserves this after his super arrogant comment earlier this morning so here we go…

the_blue_world – Everyone at Vital Blackburn says hello and wishes you a nice evening…

Get in Rovers!!! I am super pumped!


31 Replies to “Rovers earn Semi-Final spot in NAIL BITER”

  • What a night, it prob wont mean a great deal to a lot of people but that was the best Rovers performance of the season so far…

  • Absolutely brilliant. My nerves havn’t been like that since the world cup final (Italy fan in peace :P). I’m still shaking……but get in what a game!!! Also I know it will still be a super tough game against a very tough Villa side but out of the three left I’ll say we had an altogether brilliant night 😀

    Also I know its only a semi-final but the way in which the match was won and we havn’t had the best few seasons I totally made up after that! (Put that before someone comes along and says its only a carling cup semi final haha)

  • looking forward to the double-legger & FA cup & our place with you boys! were absolute class tonight and it seemed a shame for you not to have won it in extra time. still, robinson redeemed, and it was a justified victory. great performance, although my brother’s chelsea and the banter there would have been nice, this’ll be a slightly more achievable fixture for villa (no disrespect) UTV

  • fair comment that benji, I think we both agree that each other would have been the preference out of the remaining participants! Game on! What a night!

  • yeah, definitely! such a shame that our semi will be totally in the shadow of the manchester derby, but i’m very excited about it nonetheless. should be great stuff. all the best.

  • failing that I will do me one, I am off to bed now though, send me an email if Ads wont do one! Look at us – passing the buck!

  • Brilliant game….. gutted that we somehow got back on level terms and then lost it on penalties….. ah well, hope you guys or Villa go and hammer the mancs in the final. Good luck.

  • i really think you guys should keep playing kalinic who is your player for the next 4-5 or whatever instead of getting di santo ready for chelsea.congrats on the win.

  • what a great game i missed…it’s finally rovers’ turn to shine. it’s been a long time coming. night to be proud of as a rovers

  • So upset this game wasn’t on in the States. I followed the match blog and damn near *****ed myself three or four times. I can’t remember the last time Rovers fought as hard as that for a full game. Great performance all around!

  • Congrats guys. Sounds like you deserved. Look forward to seeing you in January… and again… and again! Obviously both fans feel the same about a kind draw but you watch the Manc Derby be a bore draw and this be a corker. Altough, I think we’ll edge it 🙂

  • 5 times in one season. It’s not likely we will beat you 4 times this season. I can’t pick which games I want to win most!

  • I have to give credit where it is due. First half, you outplayed us with ease. Second half I thought things were looking up, up till the point where Kalou went off. Extra time, again, we couldn’t get near the ball. And, though one goal came from a high ball into the box, it certainly wasn’t a case of just the long ball from you. You played some very good football. You deserved it in the end and good luck in the next round!

  • How about a draw in the Prem. They can have the first leg 1-0, we’ll take the second leg 2-0 and the FA Cup third round. That’s fair enough… two wins each and a draw?

  • I watched it by the way and for those asking how Hoillett performed – he looked full of energy and was a handful for the defence. His finishing on a couple of occasions could perhaps have used some polishing but it’s not unfair to say that the defence he was up against wasn’t giving him much in the way of time or space so it’s understandable.

  • cheers for that Mr Legend of Zola. Good to see some good sportsmanship. Cheers for leaving the League Cup for us….you can enjoy the Premier League and Champions League, we will leave that for you 😀

  • Spot on with the report – Rovers could have made it a decisive win – they had the chances and the Chelsea keeper looked shaky. Kallanic looks ready to me – and don’t forget JR who did well to hold the ball in the Chelsea defence leading upto the Kallanic goal. Hard to fault too many players last night – they clearly wanted the win and well done to NZonzi for battling on with his head bandaged after a clash of heads! Is BSA OK after last night???

  • I nearly had a heartattack several times – so God knows how Big Sam got on! Believe it or not, as soon as I heard the semi draw was with Villa, I knew that we’d win! Well done the lads, we played a good Chelsea team with some of our squad players and without our top scorer – great result!

  • Maybe Mr Blue will come back to say hello to us in his own article that he has lol!! Yes Mr Mikey I think it’s fair to say that you were “super pumped”, both here and in the e-mails 🙂




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