Date: 19th June 2007 at 9:48pm
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We had our highs and we had our lows during the 2006-2007 season, and now ALL the Vital Blackburn Rovers Awards for 2006-2007 have been dished out.

With YOUR help through your comments we have determined what had been best and worst in various areas during the 2006-2007 campaign.

The Awards up for grabs that people would WANT were, and were won by:

Player of the Season – David Bentley
Young Player of the Season – Matt Derbyshire
Most Improved Player of the Season – Aaron Mokoena
Goalkeeper/Defender of the Season – Ryan Nelsen & Christopher Samba
Midfielder of the Season – David Bentley
Forward of the Season – Benny McCarthy
Goal of the Season – Tugay vs. Tottenham Hotspur
Friedel’s Save of the Season – The double saves vs. Arsenal in the 0-0 FA Cup tie
Best Rovers Performance of the Season – vs. Liverpool (Premiership 1-0 win) & vs. Chelsea (FA Cup 2-1 defeat)
Individual Performance of the Season – Brad Friedel vs. Sheffield United
Month of the Season – February 2007
Player most missed this Season – Steven Reid
Moment of the Season – Matt Derbyshire’s first Ewood Park goal (vs. Manchester City)

It was not all sweetness and roses though as we also had to look at the bad sides to the season that people WOULDN`T have wanted. They were, and were won by:

Worst Goal Conceded of the Season – Darren Bent (Charlton Athletic)
Worst Rovers Performance of the Season – Points dropped against bottom of the table sides! (This became PERFORMANCES not performance!)
Worst Individual Performance of the Season – Andre Ooijer vs. Chelsea
Rovers Howler of the Season – Shabani Nonda’s miss vs. Bayer Leverkusen
Worst Month of the Season – September 2006
Player least missed this Season – Dominic Matteo
Worst Moment of the Season – Full time in the 0-0 UEFA Cup draw with Bayer Leverkusen
Worst Hairdo of the Season – Morten Gamst Pedersen

We also had to give a thought and praise (if needed) to our opponents, domestic or European. So Awards that WOULD and WOULDN’T be WANTED were, and were won by:

Team of the Season – Reading
Best Team faced by Rovers this Season – Manchester United
Worst Team faced by Rovers this Season – Luton Town
Best Player to face Rovers this Season – Petr Cech
Worst Player to face Rovers this Season – Ousmane Dabo (Manchester City)
Best Goal scored against Rovers this season – Paul Scholes (Manchester United)

Finally were a few SPECIAL Awards. They were, and were won by:

Vital Blackburn Moment of the Season – The whole Vital Blackburn experience
Vital Blackburn Member of the Season – sasman & Hughes Da Man
Vital Blackburn Newcomer of the Season – BomBom & MikeyGamst

THANK YOU to everyone that took part in the inaugural Vital Blackburn Awards, it will return at the end of the 2007-2008 Season (which will hopefully see Vital Blackburn TWICE as big with hundreds of votes on each category?!?!)

If you missed the votes this season why not take a look at what people had to say. To do so visit the End of Season Awards Forum by clicking here then look at your category of interest.



12 Replies to “Rovers End of Season Awards”

  • The End of Season Awards has been a MASSIVE success, thanks to everyone that voted. As I say this time next year I HOPE that this site will be AT LEAST twice as big, with AT LEAST 50% of ALL members having their say when we run the 2007-2008 End of Season Awards.
    There are some fine winners of Awards here (and some damp squibs won by others that WOULDN?T have wanted them!) agree or disagree discuss away!
    As for the image, I’d not used it yet so I thought why not give it a Premiere here.

  • HDM, great stuff, next season though, i think we should name all the awards, like the Colin Hendry Award for Defender of the season, the VBers “moment” of the season, etc etc but for EVERY AWARD. What do you lot think?????

  • Would be a good idea bombom, certainly makes it that little bit more interesting and personal to the network.

  • BomBom – Yeah certainly is a good idea dude and it will happen (although in fairness many Awards were given this kind of touch when they were a handed out weren’t they.) But without doubt on this particular article this time next year they will read Vbers Moment of the Season etc.
    pandapops – Agreed with what you said (see above also though for a more indepth response) but thanks for what you said. I produced this but it was the VBers that made it happen so they deserve credit probably more than me!

  • Just like to say well done guys. I had a great year. It might seem different to what u guys experience, but down here in sydney, im the only guy i no that goes for blackburn. i go to soccer training and i talk up tugays screamer, bentleys crosses or bradders saves and every1 is like yea watever lol. Its been good to speak with individiuals who share the same love for the club. It has also been interesting to see the development of the site with all these new members regularlu contributing.

    Congratulations to all and to HDM

  • Great idea HDM and it went down very well…. I believe that by this time next year will be even better and we’re on our way up…

  • Thanks for the plaudits guys I will happily accept them all LOL! Seriously it has been a great year, this site has come on amazingly well, so this time next year when we look back at the Award winners we’ll be doing so looking at them with votes in the FAR higher numbers all being well.
    I enjoyed my break but its good to be back!!!

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