Date: 23rd April 2007 at 3:48pm
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The 2006-2007 season is drawing to a close, with it will come the end of season Vital Blackburn Rovers Awards.

With YOUR help, through your continued comments and votes in polls (if necessary) we are going to be looking for the best and worst form the 2006-2007 season.

Up for grabs will be such gongs as:
Player of the Season
Young Player of the Season
Most Improved Player of the Season
Goal of the Season
Friedel’s Save of the Season

We will also be looking for those accolades players will not want, including:
Worst Goal Conceded of the Season
Worst Rovers Performance of the Season
Player least missed this Season (injured or sold)

As well as sparing a thought for those other than Rovers, including:
Best Team faced by Rovers this Season
Worst Team faced by Rovers this Season
Best Goal scored against Rovers this season

More information on the 2006-2007 Vital Blackburn Awards will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

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25 Replies to “Rovers End of Season Awards!”

  • As I say I’ll be looking for your help soon as we hand out the gongs people want, and others people don’t! STAY TUNED for more details soon.

  • I like the catergories HDM but its gonna be hard to think of all the great goals scored against us this season lol, i try to forget them!!! lol

    When you thinking of starting it m8?

  • Cheers BomBom, these are but a few of the categories my friend, PLENTY more where that came from. Off the top of my head I honestly can’t remember any good or bad (well the Hammered goal that never was was bad!) against us, there was the Thierry Henry at Ewood Park, was a belter wasn’t it. I’m just going to get EVERYTHING sorted then it will be up and running, but not until after the final game of the season I wouldn’t have thought?!?!

  • Sounds good to me mate, although i would have slept since then an i tend to have a goldfish memory at times hehe, couldn’t resist my own set up lol sorry!

  • LOL 🙂 that’s comedy genius at it’s best! It really is difficult to look back at moments isn’t it. I have so many in my head but when I try to single individual moments out sometimes my mind goes blank. This idea has a lot of potential as with many others we’ve had, I just HOPE we all play our part as this IS something that ALL members should be looking to play a part in really isn’t it?!?!

  • Worst goal scored against us, definitly ballack in the semi final, absolutely devestated us. Best goal, prob a tugay screamer, least missed prob matteo, young player of the season, cant go past derbyshire but then again samba has been awesome, most improved definitly has been brett emerton, player of the year is toughy, im sure savage would of been in contention but for me its between McCarthy, Bentley, Friedel and Emerton

  • Friedel’s save of the season has got to be that wonder double save against Arsenal in the FA Cup at the emirates. How harsh can you get though HDM?!?!?! The category could have about 200 of Friedel’s great saves to choose from?!?!?

  • Decent calls sasman, you’ll have a WHOLE load more to ocmment on soon 🙂 Maybe we can have a spin-off surrounding Bradders’ saves alone Mikey!

  • How about best left and right handed save?? best catch? best one on one save…. I could go on.

    I’ve given some of the categories some thought and this is what I’m thinking so far… 1. Tugay v Spurs is best goal of the season. 2. Young player of the season is Derbyshire (A HDM favourite). 3. Most improved player of the year is Brett Emerton (never though I’d say that) 4. Player of the season is Benni McCarthy. 5. Worst goal of the season conceded is THAT West Ham goal… t0sseRs. 6. Worst Rovers performance of the season was against Charlton away.. we were appauling. 7. Player least missed this season has been Dominic Matteo. 8. The MikeyGamst award for most missed player this season is Steven Reid…. the award has a cool name HDM (make it happen!!!!) 9. Best goal scored against Rovers this season is Paul Scholes at Old Trafford. 10. The best team faced by Rovers this season is Man United from the same game. 11. The worst team faced by Rovers this season was Luton Town.

    What you reckon lads???

  • Good calls Mikey, these were just a small selection (The MikeyGamst award) for most missed player this season is another that will be up for grabs, Reidy’s name is written ALL over it! The OFFICIAL voting will commence soon!

  • OK Mikey you’ve earned this the Player most missed this Season will now be renamed “The MikeyGamst Award for the Player most missed this Season.”

  • What about the “BomBom Gong for Rovers Howler of the season” or summat. If Mikey is gettin summat, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna! LOL

  • Worst hair do wasn’t an Award I planned handing out but that’s a good one, so I’ll add it to the list, you’ll not be left out “the sasman Award for the Worst do”

  • That will do fine sasman, gives us another topic. Just working on this project now, will have it up and running as soon as the season ends. Nothing wrong with Sav’s do. MGP has had some shall I say questionably ones!

  • Baldy, Baldy bouncer! (a little Peter Kay Phoenix Nights reference there!) The poor guy can’t help going bald 🙂 I tell you though Noel Brotherston’s do will take some beating EVER won’t it!

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