Date: 17th April 2011 at 4:15am
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In what has to be one of the most lopsided games of the season, despite a modest 2-0 scoreline, Blackburn bowed down at the hands of Everton, who were missing the likes of Cahill and Arteta.

Following solid draws in recent weeks, Blackburn were expected to put up a good showing, boy where we wrong.

Santa Cruz

It was a mediocre, half arsed performance, and with teams around us picking up valuable points, many can question the attitudes of the players in the blue and white halves, and their manager.

45 minutes, not one attempt at goal. Personally, I couldnt even remember a phase inside their penalty box, and if it wasn’t for a touch of razzle dazzle from Rochina, I dont think we had the ball in their half at all.

It was atrocious. Everton held onto possession, with Leighton Baines proving a dangerous outlet down the left flank, running circles around Michel Salgado, whilst Beckford was first to every ball up front, to the dismay of Samba and Jones. Everton pressured without creating any significant chances in the first half, possibly the best chance falling in the opening minutes, Beckford spraying high and wide from 12 yards out.

Rovers could not maintain any pressure, could not hold onto the ball, and wasted several counter attacking opportunities by launching the ball 60m into no-mans land…

Half Time

Thinking the second half might be different gave yours truly hope at 2am…it was not the case. It was worse… Everton startened to threaten, and their first came from a set piece.

A short corner found Leon Osman with miles of space, though he didnt need it, blasting into the far corner, the slightest of deflections from Samba. 1-0 Everton

Jason Roberts came on for the ineffectual Roque Santa Cruz, who did not seem happy coming off the pitch and into the stands.

The second came from a sloppy lunge by Phil Jones. Standing in for Ryan Nelsen at centre half, Jones sloppily slid into a challenge, bringing down his man in the box. Baines stepped up and put the game beyond doubt…2-0 Everton

Benjani found his way onto the pitch for Rochina, with Kalinic forced to watch from the bench yet again. The subs made no effect, with Rovers finally getting a shot in the 85th minute, with Gamst Pedersen blasting wide from 6 yards out…It just wasn’t our night, and not been our season

Things arent looking bright, 2-0 loss, and results going against us elsewhere….


10 Replies to “Rovers fail at Goodison…”

  • That Rochina lad looks like a pretty decent player, definetly gave some of our defenders trouble with his fast feet, definetly one for the future, but infortuantely seemed that he was the only one to show up on the day. Kean must be livid with the first goal, we must have had 10 corners and each time we took it short and everytime it caught your payers out. Good luck for the rest of the season.

  • Pretty much sums up Rovers under Kean’s leadership, He will be gone in the summer thankfully, lets just hope and pray that when the new man comes in Rovers are still a prem club

  • Bad times, I normally try to put a positive spin on things but if we play like that in the next five games we’ll be picking up parachute payments next season. At least he can’t pick Santa Cruz in the next one, I think it’s time Kean grew a pair and dropped him and now he’s forced into it at least. Kalinic should have been sent on by Kean as he must be itching to show Kean how wrong he is not to pick him. Without Hoillett’s creativity we had nothing yesterday and very much looked like a Championship side.

  • the worrying thing is this is not a one-time howler, we have looked consistently out of sort for the past few months…how does steve kean have the audacity to say we had an excellent half?!…i am starting to prepare myself for championship football.

  • He’s a useless tool who should go now. He has no experience, no idea, no respect and he treats the fans like we are simple, trotting out the same BS week after week. Unfortunately this poor excuse for a manager will receive a hefty compensation cheque when he takes our club down, he has no morals and his ego will result in tragedy for Rovers.

  • We played Wolves last week and whilst we beat them 3-0 for the first 20 minutes they were battering us and all game they were charging into challenges, closing us down at full pace etc. The difference between them and Blackburn another team fighting relegation was massive, your team basically don’t seem to care they could go down. Watching the game you wouldn’t know Everton were the team with nothing to play for, or missing 5 or 6 key players Saha, Fellaini, Cahill, Arteta etc. I’d be very worried if I was a Blackburn fan, you seem to have lost the spirit that made you a competitive Premier League side under Alladayce. The only real chances you created all game we created for you, although that Rochina does look a player with real potential, the only real reason the score wasn’t a big one was we seemed determined to play long balls at Bilyaletdinov first half for some reason.

  • i personally feel that regardless of who is in charge these players need to step up, whoever the manager picks needs to play better, as evertonmike has said, were not playing as team, which clearly were not, the like of the admiral, samba, dunn, robinson need to take control over the last few games and wind the team up, id rather see players sent off than half hearted tackles, at least there trying. i think we have enough, but the last game at wolves is looking more and more important every game….

  • I have been sitting back and watching all that has been happening at rovers recently and i did think kean would do a good job but it seems he is more a coach than a manager and has no idea what he is doing to the team! We should be playing Rochina and Kalinic up top as they WILL both be eager to prove and bang in some goals and why not give Formica a shout?? I’m getting worried we are going to be relegated this season but maybe it will do us more good than bad in the long run, it will enable the Venkys to get a wage system that works for them, make them realise kean is a Rubbish manager and demote him! And employ someone more suited also when they realise how much money they will be loosing by being relegated i’m pretty sure they’ll spend the cash to get us back to the premier league where all the money is and we can rebiuld from that

  • Played like Newcastle last two seasons ago… just didn’t care. For toon, it was the players that were terrible. for us, i think we can only blame the manager because under Sam these guys were playing well. Flashes of brilliance under Kean but surely side selection and overall effort count against him

  • Where was the fight of Arsenal only two weeks ago? Then we were thundering into challenges and fighting for our lives! Bar Rochina and Olsson we looked out of sorts… not good enough and sadly the clock is ticking.

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