Date: 4th August 2009 at 12:04am
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Today’s reports have finally confirmed the news we have all been waiting for. Croatian International, Nikola Kalinic, has inked pen to paper, signing a 4 year deal with Blackburn Rovers, pending a work permit.

The 21 year old, who has 2 international caps under his belt, scored 32 goals from 59 appearances for Hadjuk Split. The initial transfer fee is reported to be 6 million pounds, but this could increase to 12 million pounds.

Lets hope the permit goes through, leaving us with a good range of strikers to get the season under way!!!


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  • I hope this added clause of the fee rising to £12m is not true. I would be very upset if we have signed a player that could cost us £12m, a player who hasn’t kicked a ball in anger in one of Europe’s top four leagues! £6m seems like good business but these add-ons are very worrying.

  • look on the bright side though….these clauses are most likely performance based…..20 goals costs another 2 mill, 25 caps another mill and so on……if we end up paying 12 mill, then that means he has done some brilliant things at Rovers…..I do understand what your saying though….lets home their is enough in the kitty for a cheap Sam Allardyce special signing….

  • well if he costs 12 it will be worth it. Due to it being appearances and goals most probably. Can’t wait hopefully will be in time for pre season against hibs.

  • I’m very pleased we’ve landed Kalinic.. but I have to agree with Roversman. If true.. these add-ons are ridiculous.

  • wouldn’t be worried about the add ons boys. If he does enough to activate them, we have one of the worlds best strikers in our team- and he has four years with us!

  • If we sell him in a year for 25-30 mill what is the problem? Strikers at us seems to be great one year and then they fall out. Let see how Kalinic does it……cheers

  • No they’ve translated it wrong from Hajduk website, the whole deal including the players salary’s for the 4 year contract he signed is about 12 M pounds or to be exact 14 M euros plus 0.5 M ? when he scores 15 goals and 15 % of the next transfer if the transfer is bigger than this one.

  • Thanks for that Antenov! Good for the clarification! That is a good deal for us! I am quite happy with the 15% add on the next sale – its to be expected for someone who is good at a young age – well done Sam again!

  • A good bit of business….was gonna reiterate Antenov’s words because i’d read an article on the Croatian Times yesterday morning that reported the same thing…Loving the transfers this summer….we asked for youth and quality and we got Nzonzi, Di Santo, Kalinic, Givet, Van Heerden and Jacobsen!!!!! Ticks ALL of the boxes and i am DYIN to slap those dillusional dingles!!! ha ha Seriously, for the first time in ages we have serious competition in our squad…..Givet, Warnock, Nelsen, Samba, Khizanishvili, Jacobsen, Emerton all vying for defensive spots…..Pederson, Van Heerden, Reid, Grella, Dunn, Nzonzi, Andrews, Emerton and Diouf for Midfield and Di Santo, Kalinic, Mcarthey and Roberts up front!!!…Awesome squad considering our current financial plight….

  • i agree with everything mani said…. we have great competition at the moment, everyone there has a fair shout of getting into a first team side! lets hope we can stuff schity on the opening day so we can laugh in the face of roque!!! 11 days and counting boys!!! BIG SAMS BARMY ARMY!!!

  • Nikola Kalinic signed for Blackburn! Former Hajdukov attacker Kalinic put its signature on a four-year contract, which is a club with Poljud secured a record transfer of 98 years long history.

    Even 14 million is the total height of transfers, which is a wonderful job klupskom current čelni?tva.

    In the course of obtaining the work permit for a new attacker Blackburn and when to ensure Hajdukov account the same day will reach 3.5 million. Yet 3.5 million will pay Blackburn 16th August 2010. year and an additional 500,000 euros when Nikola reach 15th prize (regardless of time period).

    When Kalinic be sold in the third club, Hajduk will refer another 15 percent of the difference over the next transfer of 7.5 million! The remaining amount to 14 million Nikola will lapse in the next four seasons.
    this is roughly the translation. hope this helps!!

  • For what its worth, Work Permit hearing is set for Thursday, apparently with an appeals process now built into the same day should it be rejected (quite likely) at first application. Hopefully itll all be sorted by the weekend

  • @mikey D
    oi mate, i know its a bit rough , copy pasted the translation from the official hadjuk site( using Google of course)
    what I can make out is..
    the fee is 7m euros (3.5 upfront, on getting the work permit & 3.5 close season 2010)
    its a club record fee for Hadjuk( since its 98 years of existence)
    an addition 500,000 euros to be paid once Nikola scores 15 goals for us irrespective of any time frame.
    and finally a 15% sell on clause is inserted in the contract enabling hadjuk to make further profit if Nikola moves within the 4 years time frame.
    he is expected to get 30,000 a week in wages.
    thus, the deal is effectively worth 7.5 m euros + 15% from his sale , if any within the 4 years.
    hope this helps !!

  • I spoke to a very close source tonight at a game n he said that the fee is nothin like its been reported….more like 2.5m up front n in his words “a bit on appearances but most of the rest only payable if Rovers win the Champions league n he scores 50 goals in two seasons on the trott….with at least 5 overhead kicks from the halfway line!!!” ha ha i think the point is nothin like 7m!!!!

  • Looking forward to watching this lad play and i really hope he does the business for us this season, anyone else watched the youtube videos of him, looks a skillfull and intelligent striker. As for the work permit we could always ask Mr Straw to use his power to rush this through but hey Politicians dont abuse their status lmao.

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