Date: 13th June 2011 at 8:43am
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I know what you’re thinking, hasn’t this been going on for a fair while?

Back and forth, rumour after rumour, claim after counter claim.

But today should see the end of the Phil Jones transfer stand off after the clubs agreed a compromise package for the England Under 21 star.

Rovers and Venky’s were trying to get a figure close to £25 million for the future England captain but Man United were digging in and pointing to a £16 million release clause in Phil’s contract as proof they didn’t have to stretch over that figure by more than a hair’s width.

But a late bid of £22 million from the crafty Scousers has forced United’s hand and with claims that they tapped up Jones due to the speed of knowledge of Jones’ contract not going away it left United with little choice but to increase their bid.

The figure may still be reported as £16.5 million and/or undisclosed but that is merely a cover up… don’t let the Manchester United loving press fool you.

Venky’s have not been bullied and Rovers are about to receive their record transfer fee for a departing player.

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12 Replies to “Rovers get Man United to cough up for Jones”

  • Well the main thing is despite what the press and the mancs will say we know the bank balance is going up by a fair chunk more than £16.5m :)! If people want more economical clarity in football then scrapping this undisclosed fee crap is the first place to start.

  • Just a little more debt for Utd to declare it won’t bankrupt em. I personally don’t think PJ or Henderson are worth £20m just yet but that’s football. Let’s just hope Kean knows how to spend the money.

  • I am pleased about this personally. The press still seem delighted to report about a triumph for Man United but what a load of ball that is!

  • Just wish this would be over and done with so we can draw a line under it and concentrate more on who we are going to bring in.

  • if u guys wanna c pro manutd reports check out tribal football i was appalled at what i was seeing……….and well done to venkys for standing their ground…..Shows we wont accept anything less than we deserve and wont make any stupid big money buys either

  • it’s really ashamed that we still can’t hold onto our prized assets with the new owner, especially when it’s our academy player….

  • comon dommy lets be realistic………….we cant compare ourselves with the big teams…………and any player who wants to leave the club should be allowed to do so………..look at benn and santa the seasons after they wanted to leave they played sh!*e

  • Now it’s all about spending the money properly. Last time we were in this position we spent it on Robbo (great) Andrews (seriously not) and Grella (?!). Got to do better this time round.

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