Date: 3rd September 2007 at 11:44am
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Blackburn Rovers are quietly going about their business, moving forward (at times almost unnoticed.) However, it seems that the media are starting to take notice, and are giving credit where due.

For so very long the dirty, ugly, violent tag (which was once VERY much true, not that many will deny it, as they couldn’t!) that is all too often branded to Rovers is the only tag that people hear, and believe. Although this has angered ALL Rovers fans, players and Mark Hughes in particular, who has been VERY vocal on this it does seem that opinions are starting to chance, and more in the surprising area of the media as opposed to fans.

Many fans of other clubs do know what Rovers are all about, but with so many happy to simply take what they are told by the so called expert pundits as the gospel truth, when Rovers are only given bad publicity, right or wrong people believe this but I have been HUGLY encouraged by what has been coming out of the media in recent weeks, none more so than over the weekend.

It has been a long time since Rovers were so highly praised in most, if not all aspects of the media, but they have been gaining praise upon praise recently and watching the pundits talks on television, listening to the football phone-ins on the radio and reading reports online they are all sharing a common theme, Rovers ARE going places, with some many of them now believing that Rovers are not the team they are portrayed as being, and if they DON’T finish in the top six they will be surprised.

Rovers can have a physical approach to the game, but this is mirrored, and far outweighed with a highly skilful passing and movement game with some truly gifted footballers that gives Rovers a fine balance of strength and skill, more often than not with this strength kept within the boundaries of the game (even if others can’t, or chose not to see this?) It has been a long time coming but I have been increasingly impressed with the credit that Rovers have gained recently, even if they are STILL not featured in the opening credits of Match of the Day (something that roversman has correctly pointed out, which is TRUE!!!) which is beyond belief, showing a complete lack of respect, but this lack of respect and credit where due approach is all changing, by the looks of it and long may it continue!



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  • I do not really have much more to add, it is ALL said above!!! It’s been a long time coming, but credit is being given where it is SOOO rightly deserved!!!

  • I’m an Arsenal fan but I have 3 very good mates who are Rovers fans so I always keep tabs on Rovers games, the first thing I look for is the time the first Rovers foul went in. 2:42 Bret Emerton against City, total fouls 24 as opposed to 3 from City (using Picking up 5 yellows and a red. I believe Rovers do play same very good football, getting together great passing moves. But you’ll continue picking up yellows because of the high number of fouls whilst breaking up play. Sometimes you might say that some tackles get booked which weren’t yellows but you’ve got to remember there’s also a thing called persistent fouling and therefore referees have to show the yellow cards. I do believe that Rovers can be overly physical at times and I have my reasons for believing that but sometimes the criticism is unfair. Think of it this way, everytime Peders or Benters got on the ball an opposition came over and just had a little kick at them, nothing malicious, just breaking up play, you’d feel aggrieved too? Hopefully for you guys more people will start noticing you have a talented bunch of players who play some good football, and most importantly a very good manager in Mark Hughes who deserves a lot of credit for making you a stable mid table side. Good luck for the Wafer Cup against Clarissa 😛

  • Fair enough dude, you make good points and I liked reading what you said. However, one thing to add my man roversman found out an interesting stat from last season (which was I think something like this?!?!) that the ratio of fouls to cards issued for Rovers was much higher than anyone else, so it was taking less fouls for a card to be issued, whereas other teams were picking up cards much latter than it took Rovers, so previous counted against them
    You say you know three Rovers supporitng mates saisho? I HOPE that you have told them about Vital Blackburn (if they are not already members?!?!)

  • saisho.. must say chief dnt agre an awful lot with what you are saying… sounds like you are a little aggrieved about Arsenal not being allowed to play their usual stuff the other week. If you think that fine but you are slowly becoming in the minority…. Peders and Bentley are always getting little fouls done to them by the opposition, they are talented players!!!!! If 6th is stable mid table I will take “mid table” every year…. Rovers are going places… and doing it with a game of pace, power and COMPETITVENESS… not “violence”, the game should be played with spirit and hard tackles, not by moronic fairies who fall to the floor under imaginary contacT!!

  • I’m an Arsenal fan too, and I did think that Blackburn were trying to move away from the bully boy tag. If you look at the 4 occassions you played Arsenal last season, I wouldnt really say that there was anything overly physical in the play. Defensive perhaps, in the FA Cup at the Grove, but understandable given the 6-2 scoreline in the League. That changed in the game this season, surprisingly (ok, lets not go into that debate again), coz I think the Blackburn team has some good players, with good ability (Savage is an obvious exception :).

  • You are playing some great football at the minute as you mentioned most fans could see you did not deserve the heavy handed tag. Best of luck for the season just take it easy on us next as the media will kill if we lose two in a row.

  • Nice piece mate and it is true what you are saying. I have read some very encouraging essays online about the current Rovers set up and what the future has in store. As for the BBC thing, I’m trying to get a quote before I finish my article about that!

  • I have said it once before, and will continue to say it. Rovers have been tagged with a dirty reputation (unfounded). Referee’s know of this, and even though I am sure they try their best not to let it influence them, it clearly does. Of the 6 yellow cards that were dished out yesterday, I think one deserved it (Samba). However, I prefered it when we do go unnoticed. It’ll bring attention to how good our manager is, and the quality underrated players (within the division, not at Ewood. We all know how good they are!) we have (Warnock, Samba, Nelson, Emerton, Dunn, Tugay, etc…), and other ‘bigger’ clubs will be knocking more often. It will be harder to maintain the squad Hughes has built. stay unnoticed I say!

  • I say win some trophies this season and then the players will be loathe to go. Make Rovers an attractive proposition again.

  • But won’t we still be seen by others, and the media, as just a small club, somewhere near Manchester…? The percieved bigger clubs will always have that attraction as being percieved as a bigger club. Sam Allardice went to Newcastle cos he wanted to win trophies. Obviously, the only trophies he could have won are the same trophies as he could have won at Bolton, less the UEFA cup. But as Newcastle are a bigger club, he thought he could win more there. This is obviosuly only a comparsion to players. If they THINK they could win more at BIGGER club, even though the club is no more bigger than the current club, they will go there…

  • I think Hughes pulled another masterstroke by getting Santa Cruz and Dunn is looking good again,also I think Samba is an excellent defender.

  • Dunn does look the business… he is a lot stronger now and we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for a injury free season… touch wood.

  • We will always get the tags that all other clubs get Decimus Poole. Spurs = delusional, West Ham = overspenders, Bolton = Long ball. etc etc, we will always have the small town tag and have more illustrious neighbours,

  • MikeyGamst I don’t think you’re a dirty team by any means, infact since last season I’ve been impressed with the way you play, a long time before any of the pundits or fans of other clubs started taking notice. I wouldn’t say you played dirty against and I think Arsene’s comment about you being violent was way off the mark. But I stand by my view that you do disrupt the flow of the game at times but I don’t think there’s a need to, you have enough quality (except Lily Savage of course lol) Obviously I don’t watch Rovers’ full games as often as you guys so you might feel differently, motd’s editied highlights don’t always tell the whole story! Put it this way, if a Rovers match was on live, I’d watch it. (excluding intertoto and mypa lol) Re midtable, I knew at the time of writing it wasn’t the correct term to choose, I think I chose it mid table because it rhymed with stable. Stable in the sense that you know what Rovers can achieve and would not suffer a similar to fate to Wet Sham last season. I’d expect Rovers to finish top 7 with an injury free season with relative season. Tempted to say top 6 but I think Spuddies have more depth to last the season and I think Newcastle will do well this season. I’m sure Man City, Newcastle, Villa and Man Utd (hehe) willl push you for it.

  • This seems to have gone well, I am VERY pleased with myself 🙂 lol!
    I’ve still not seen it, I will have to look out for it even closer from now on.

  • Rovers, take it from this Gooner that your playing remarkably well and should really be getting more credit from the media and the press in general. Your weakest link is Savage (enough said about him) Surely you could do better then that dude? Flog him to outer mongolia then watch him clutch his face and roll on the floor as an elderly Yak taps him on the ankles!.

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