Date: 12th March 2008 at 10:36am
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Blackburn Rovers has been stung by a misconduct charge from the Football Association.

A touchline fracas broke out between Morten Gamst Pedersen and Newcastle United defender Habib Beye during Rovers’ 1-0 win over Newcastle at St James’ Park earlier in the month, and after referee Rob Styles included this incident in his match report the FA have charged us with misconduct.

The Football Association said: “Blackburn Rovers have been charged with misconduct for the actions of their players and officials in a match against Newcastle United.”

Rovers have until the 25th of March to respond.



15 Replies to “Rovers Hit With Misconduct Charge”

  • We may as well just accept the charge from the FA, if we don’t they will probably make an example of us as they did Middlesbrough with Jeremie Aliadiere recently.

  • Right, not being biased for a moment, but wasn’t Beye in the wrong here??? Holding the ball back from MGP and then nigh on punching him in the face? And Newcastle escape with nothing? Am I missing something here????

  • This is an outrageous decision. Can they not see that Beye started it all, even the pictures used by the BBC and Sky when breaking this story painted a very different picture! Unbelievable!!!!!!! MAKES ME SICK!

  • Martinr you are spot on – MGP was trying to get the ball to continue playing – Beye had his arm up at his throat. Ho wcan that be our fault? Beggars belief

  • I can’t believe that the FA are that stupid! What a joke. I watched that and although Pederson wasn’t exactly faultless – he certainly wasn’t the worst of the two…

  • This is beyond a joke. What exactly did we do wrong? back our player who was in the right and being assaulted. PATHETIC. makes me sick.

  • You’d think that they’d look at the replay and see what was really going on. They have like 4 cameras on every piece of action, they could see it from every angle – how could they still get it so spectacularly wrong?

  • I have to agree with everyone on this one, Beye started it and was the most antagonistic, yet Newcastle arent even mentioned!! This is the unbelieveable bit of the whole thing. I have no idea wot planet the FA are on at times, cetainly isnt this one, maybe dementia is setting in on the most important folk in charge of the nations football

  • Maybe they think, quite rightly, that newcastle have too many problems to deal with at the moment and are letting them off – whereas they always pick on us for discipline so why change now!

  • We alwasy bear the brunt… as usual our reputation has got us in trouble. If the FA took the time to watch the incident in full and take it for what it was then there are to outcomes…. 1. No charge. 2. Both teams charged.

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