Date: 7th December 2010 at 7:00pm
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Spurs want-away striker Robbie Keane is the latest name to be linked with the vacant centre forward role at Ewood Park!

The Lancashire Evening Telegraph reports that Allardyce has become interested in the forward this week after Spurs boss Harry Redknapp announced he will be sold to the highest bidder, with reported interest from both Aston Villa and Sunderland.

A proven Premier League striker for £5-6 million is what is needed and Keane certainly fits the bill as far as Rovers are concerned!

Keane, who has played 236 times for Spurs scoring 91 goals, is after first team football after only appearing sparingly for the London outfit this season.

This could be the ideal move for both parties, as no doubt he would be a great signing for us, and he is pretty much guaranteed games at Ewood Park!

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24 Replies to “Rovers ‘Keane’ on Spurs striker!”

  • As I said last week Keane would be ideal for Rovers, See Sam is reading my mind lol, But seriously just what the doc ordered

  • As I said last week Keane would be ideal for Rovers, See Sam is reading my mind lol, But seriously just what the doc ordered

  • o no dont sign keane hes not that good and im irish but if u want to see blackburn sign some 1 who dive s alot and runs in to the corner alot o and calls for the ref the hole time he s ur man lol can we not go for carlton cole or tuncay ,

  • Come on 23, cheesy headlines are my forte 😉 I say bring him in if the price is right and he takes a hit on his high wages…

  • No, No and, err NO! Past it IMO and not sure he has the heart anymore. Rather someone younger and hungry to prove something.

  • i agree with tubz and bom, hes geng on abit now and although he still scores is it worth paying 6 mil for a striker thats only going to be good enough for 1 – 2 years max?

  • or the chilian mid f/ striker … orealla can play up front and in the wide position but we dont need another midf we need strickers or a right repacemed for roberts is jose altioure for .usa. the under age striker who caused yea harm in the wirld cup …… lol haha
    we do need strickers more than one ………

  • End of the day.. I don’t want some randomer foreigner.. Why do we need another Youngster? Kalinic is young trying to “prove himself” and hes done naff all.. end of the day.. we need an experienced striker and anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.. he is the best we can get.. better than croque (too injury prone) better than Carew (too lazy and has long ball all over it) Keane is exactly what we need.. he is better than anything we have..

  • we dont need an experienced striker we need wat rover alllways produced is a goal scorer and a keeper and we reaaaaaly need a scorer we need a foot ……..end of the day the crowd that took us over is 5 million do we need another 5 million striker wht about a bould opition and adraino [brazil,inter,and now roma} would nt he be a gem under a sam

  • Tubbz.. are you bonkers? Our keeper has been our best performer this season??? why do we need a new one? and yes i assume we need all our players to have feet.. Adriano.. Lazy, Home sick, Party animal, Disruptive.. and not proven prem.. yes exactly what we want.. err? I think not.. + why would he leave Roma.. after just signing a 3 year contract and playing in the Champions league in what is, in my opinion.. the best city I have ever visited.. Blackburn.. biggest attraction = Primark.. Rome = Colosseum… hmm thats a hard choice..

  • I would say that so far, game on game that Robbo has been our player of the season alongside Samba and Jones… wouldn’t Adriano cost a bomb in wages guys?

  • haha good call 23 ..robbo is unreal for us up der wit the best in the last two years .. wat about playing samba back up there lol

  • Adriano would be the most disastrous signing in the history of Blackburn Rovers. He would cause severe problems for the club… and all women in the surrounding area!! I would be well up for Keane, just because he hasn’t played for Spurs (for reasons on which we can only speculate) this season doesn’t make him past it. Roberts is older and people have been signing his praises the past couple of weeks. Kalinic isn’t scoring. Sorry but I don’t see anyone else with as much PREM experience with as good a goalscoring record who we can afford. I know a lot seem to disagree but I would love to see Keano in a Rovers shirt. With Bentley too…

  • Keano all the way for me, We need a striker who can hit the ground running, Adriano would never cut the mustard in England, and is not the answer. We need to buy british, bar Cruz n Benni Rovers have not got a really good record with foreign strikers, more have flopped than been a success. Keane’s situation reminds me of Bellamy’s when he came to Rovers and we all know what a success that was. Whilst Sam is renowned for his ability to get players in their 30’s and re-invent them

  • at the suggested 6m he would be an absolute bargain for someone, dont for one minute believe he is past it, that is total rubbish. he is only 29 and has never really struggled with injuries. I can see him playing back to his best with regular football.

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