Date: 3rd January 2007 at 10:07pm
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With Blackburn Rovers set to change both the home and away kits for the second season running at the end of the current campaign not all fans approve.

The new home kit design isn’t much different from the current seasons shirt, the away shirt however has reverted back to the Championship winning design of Red and Black halves.

Unbelievably the home shirt will change for the fourth season running! But the club insist the yearly alterations are being made in full consultation with the fans. Rovers managing director Tom Finn said:

The club, like most others, changes its shirt every year as it states in our customer charter and we are open about it.

It is changed for a combination of reasons, it’s what the fans want, and merchandise income is very important.

We consult the fans and they helped choose the design. It’s a personal choice, some fans want a new shirt each year, but we get many more supporters on the terraces wearing shirts from previous years.”

Many fans view the change yet again as a bit much, and I have to say I agree.

My wife and I only got one last year and have spent £426 on a season ticket as it is, that’s cost enough and you’ve got to budget,” said Jim Catlow, chairman of the North Lancashire branch of the Blackburn Rovers Supporters` Association.

I think it is a bit cheeky. It’s a lot of money, but I’ll probably end up getting one,” said fan Tim Raynor.

I never buy a shirt as I am not prepared to pay £40 for one. Bringing a shirt out every year is asking too much,” said fan Paul Briggs.

One fan who didn’t share the opinion was 16-year-old Chris Hughes (I only point out his age as it does bare relevance to a point I’ll make next, although this applies to younger Children really.) He said:

I think it is fair enough. If supporters don’t want to change their shirt, then they don’t have to.

It is a lot of money, but I will probably buy it.”

Obviously the home shirt will change little, if at all at any time merely the kit manufacturer and sponsors will alter dramatically over the years so updating isn’t necessary but some (especially children!) feel this is essential and a families with two or three kids will spend a small fortune updating year after year.

I think the traditional changing every other year is more than acceptable and should be made a requirement and not just an “optional” thing?

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11 Replies to “Rovers Kit Change Angers Some Fans”

  • Would I buy the new HOME kit? I’m going to say NO! The design has barely changed and as I say it won’t with Rovers, we are traditionally blue and white halves so should this change it would cause uproar, an older shirt still shows who you are. If shirts were CHEAPER (as lets face it they don’t cost much to make!) maybe my views would differ and a change every year wouldn’t be so bad!

  • In my “grumpy old man” view the older season shirt the better. I think its great to see supporters in the stands with shirts from the past.
    Some newer fans should be jealous of those showing they have supported rovers for many years. New season shirts should be a reasonable price, with previous seasons having a ‘collectors item’ style premium, the older they are the more expensive.

  • It doesn’t bother me the constant kit changing. I always buy the previous seasons kit in the end of season sales. They are fairly current and cheap. My casual shirts/T-shirts I buy are around about £30 a piece anyway, so why shouldn’t I pay £40 a year for the good of my club. I just choose not to. £15 for a season old football shirt is great value for a shirt that is hard wearing – I still have kits from 6-7 years ago. BTW how many of you have pulled off the Bet 24 logos?? My red away shirt looks and feels better without it.

  • Defacing a Rovers product that’s blasphemous!!! 🙂 lol. I guess when you look at it from the stance you take it doesn’t make it look so bad.

  • I buy the home shirt every year and have done since about 88-89.

    I like collecting them and to wear the new one is no disgrace. I dont pump enough money into my club through buying tickets as it is difficult with a job that works mostly on Saturdays!!!!

    So I buy the shirt and wear it at work… just to annoy all the Sheff U supporters.

  • Another VERY good point again when you think of it that way. I’m starting to feel foulish posting such an aricle now with my inital views although I guess subconciously I must have already weighed up the pros and cons?

  • You have mate yes but on this subject there are always several points of view. I for one welcome the kit change but I thought last years Lonsdale one (home shirt) was outstanding and this years away is good as it shows the Welsh connection at the club as well.

  • hey guys, im just wondering how i can get an authentic jersey imported to Australia. Here it is extremely difficult to find an authentic Blackburn jersey with most stores storing the so called bigger club jerseys only

  • You can order from the official website going into the club shop, totally authentic and no risk (you could try and buy on eBay but you get some DODGY kits there!) If you are happy with maybe not having the current kit if you wait a few months they’ll reduce the current shirt when, or just before they launch next seasons.

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