Date: 17th April 2007 at 10:37pm
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Vital Blackburn’s most recent poll asked, “Rovers Man of the Month verses Chelsea?” Most voted in favour of David Bentley.

Most, if not all of the players on display for Rovers during a showing of the highest order, rocking a Chelsea team like I’ve not seen in recent years could have been voted as Man of the Match, but David Bentley, with 25% has been voted just that.

Bentley put in a fine performance, causing Chelsea constant problems with his runs down the right and his usual expert delivery so just shaded it ahead of Ryan Nelsen who gained 22%.

So in summary
B Friedel – 11%
C Samba – 4%
R Nelsen – 22%
S Warnock – 2%
A Mokoena – 2%
B Emerton – 2%
D Bentley – 25%
D Dunn – 20%
M G Pedersen – 6%
J Roberts – 5%
B McCarthy – 1%

I called for people to help me out with poll suggestions and MikeyGamst answered my call! So the current poll, suggested by him is asking, “What will happen to Francis Jeffers next season???

As for what you think, cast your vote and why not have your say on the latest polls findings?

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17 Replies to “Rovers Man of the Match vs. Chelsea”

  • It was a tough call but Bents just got the accolade, personally I think the Admiral should have got it but I’m a defender so I’m probably biased! Although I know that Clint thinks Bents should have got it so he’ll be pleased, but he’s also a defender!!!

  • I was happy enough, Nelsen had a great game but Bentley was more productive throughout is all. Have to say that I think Roberts had a very good game as well. When he’s fit he’s def going to make a few folk sit up and take notice.

  • JR was VERY good, when he’s fully fit he’ll be superb like I knew he would be, 2007-2008 is going to be a GREAT season! MikeyGamst has spelt it out for you Stevie Mac, LISTEN to the football world, we can’t ALL be wrong!

  • I went for Roberts myself – He terrorised the Chelsea defence and made the perfect foil for McCarthy (and will for Derbs too). For all the stick he has been getting from some quarters, undeserved if you ask me, he really needed a good showing once back to fitness, and he certainly did that. Exciting times to come next year methinks. Not taking anything away from the others – Nelsen was superb, Bentley was extremely creative, i thought the only one off par was McCarthy, but that’s his style of game – do not much until a moment of genius comes along.

  • Looking forward for next year. We will have to make a few changes though:* Add a scorer to our strikers in our squad, since it seems Gallager can’t offer us any goals (yet?). Maybe even 2 if Nonda leaves.
    * Add a quality right back. Emerton is a player I love. He adds another dimension in attack, but looks rather nervous when it comes to defending…. {Baird or Bardsley look good}
    * Suppose Tugay will leave, and Mokoena does’nt turn into a playmaker, I think we need another creative MC. Dunn+Reid+Savage look good, but 3 is’nt enough in the PL.

  • TOTALLY agree that JR is the perfect foil for Benni or Derbs, have said this all along and we all know it is true. A fully fit JR is as good as ANY player of his ilk. Got a feeling we’ll see another goal from him tonight!

  • what about Ooijer at right back??? was doing a great job there before he was accidently injured???? Gotta be first choice…

  • Ooijer is too slow for rite back but i agree that we need a reconised one, Emerton is good there and I would keep him in that position but to add competion for the places is wot Rovers need, too push the players into giving the best games every game. At the min we have players to fill in a every position with Emerton able to push Bentley, although we dont really have the same up front, where Benni is nearly assured a place and the same with Pederson. I know these are two of the better players at the club but Id just like to see them pushed a bit more from within, nothing against them at all

  • I have to agree with Mikey I think Ooijer will be the right-back next season. Ooijer and Nelsen I feel were nailed on to be his central defencive partnership, injury allowed the Wall to come in. I can’t see Sparky leaving any of the three out so Ooijer will comfortably slip in at right-back. As good a job as Brett has done, easily his best season with Rovers (so arguably our Most improved Player of the Season?) he doesn’t defend well, Ooijer won’t get forward as well as Brett but will defend an sight better.

  • I think it gives us extra options – Brett is far and away our most improved player this year since moving to right back, and has performed admirably. Having the pair of them available will allow us to tailor ourselves for the opposition – Where we need to be more defensive, Ooijer gets the nod, if we want to take the game to them, then Brett gets a run out. Maybe a home/away type decision?

  • That is the first time that I have heard the man-mountain termed the wall HDM, but I like it. Love Samba, he’s a class act. Im disappointed though guys as there is little mention of Dunny here. I know Bents was ace in the second period as was God but Dunny was the one guy who stood out in the first half and performed just as well in the second!!! It was pleasing to watch him ghost by Eng regulars like Lamps. Bring on Dunny when he is fully fit. A real driving force.

  • Another thing I noticed about Dunny was his leadership. He was lifting the players vociferously and with the ball at his feet. He looks like a better player imo

  • It’s something that maybe MikeyGamst came up with? It’s either the Wall or the Beast! Samba has been awesome hasn’t he. He can also play, against Watford tonight he was bringing the ball out of defence like the Kaiser Franz Beckenbauer used to for Germany!!! One cross field ball to Gally was out of this world, of Tugay proportions. Good call on Dunny roversman he was brilliant also, sparky got a message to the players just before half time didn’t he and Dunny really pumped the players up, as he had all half. I think he’s doing really well, next season will be the clincher as to how well.

  • He is now called the Wall and Nelsen is God. Together they are the twin towers…. just like in comics…

    Does anyone else agree I have too much time on my hands at work?!?!?!

  • Not at all Mikey, we’ve got to do something to occupy our minds at work, what better way than thinking up names for our heroes along the lines of these comic book ones 🙂

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