Date: 2nd February 2010 at 9:03am
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Aruna Dindane missed out on a move to Blackburn Rovers yesterday because talks broke down at Ewood Park and Rovers ran out of time to conclude a deal with his parent club Lens.

Dindane was keen on the move to Ewood Park but as with when Brimingham made an enquiry for him, Lens were playing hardball and Rovers missed out due to time contraints.

A collapse in the Dindane move has meant that Maceo Rigters, who was due to go on loan to Kilmarnock, has been made to stay at Blackburn as cover in case an injury crisis amonst the forwards kicks in.

As strikers Rovers have left after Benni McDonalds departed – Nikola Kalinic, Junior Hoilett, Franco Di Santo, Jason Roberts, El Hadji Diouf and Maceo Rigters.


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  • Why do clubs always wait until the final day to try to actually do anything productive, waste of time, theyve had a month to sort it and as usual rovers couldnt organize a p1ss up in a thwaites brewery!!

  • Rovers could not move until the Benni deal went through and that was delayed because of work permit problems. We would also need to move out some of the fringe players to be able to afford the wages Dindane would want. The whole transfer window thing is a farce and certainly does not help those smaller clubs who cannot afford to get transfers wrong.

  • I heard it fell through because Lens wanted to repeat the clause Dindane had with Portsmouth. If he played 22 games we had to sign him permanently. I assume the amount of appearances would change for the second half of the season but I guess we cant afford to just say ok to that because we need a player we can play as much as we require without having to commit ourselves to a permanent signing. Makes sense to me and I’m not that bothered we didn’t get him anyway.

  • I know we were being vigilant but surely with only half a season left we could have taken that gamble, if we didnt fancy keeping him then we could have not played him, if he was good we would have kept him anyway!!! SIMPLES.

  • We both know it’s not that easy. We might not have wanted to pay the fee demanded by Lens for him should he complete his quota of apperances in the contract. Imagine if by injury we had to play him and then they ask for 5 million even if he’s only bagged 3 goals. That would be worse than signing Robbie Fowler again. There is a positivie side too which I am aware of, imagine if he bagged 10+ goals in half a season….but we also both know that is a risk Blackburn Rovers can’t afford to take.

  • Seeing some of his misses for Portsmouth we might have done well missing out on him?? We needed another striker though didn’t we!!

  • Not a signing that would of lut the palce up, so lucky escape i think, but the fact we bought no-one and it appears we never made big efforts to buy anyone perhaps shows the boards little faith in Sam

  • Glen, I would say the opposite. The fact that the club have not rushed out to panic buy (or loan) for the sake of it suggests that they are reasonably comfortable with Big Sam and the team’s prospects for the rest of this season. We still have three ‘target man’ strikers plus various support cast. Do we really need 4 strikers for the last 14 games??

    I think the club have banked the money and saved a fortune in wages. We only have one realistic aim left – to achieve mid – table respectability and the squad should be able to do that. Hopefully with the savings, things might be a little easier (or at least less worse) in the summer transfer window. Next season will build on this, young players will be more experienced and I suspect that more young players (as opposed to big name players) will be coming in to revitalise the team.

  • York Rover – No we do not need 4 strikers, I agree – what we need is one striker that can hit the target!! We have 2 that can’t and one that is still learning the Prem. The thing is that the “spare” 2.25m we have now, will be gone by July!!

  • I have to concede that was a fair point – at least the rest of the team is helping out – MGP is almost prolific! As for the money side of things, any deficit at the end of the season would either mean selling players or not buying. In the meantime we save £30 – £40,000 a week in wages – not to be sniffed at.

  • I am sure this £2.25 million will go on club debt now and I am cool with that. It wont line the pockets of the owners but it will help the club out in the long run and safeguard our future. And to be fair as fans we cant moan we didnt sign anyone when no-one tha fans would have wanted was available at the right price…. I think the lack of a signing actually shows that Big Sam has the boards backing to produce without any extra outlay!

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