Date: 21st December 2009 at 9:43am
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Sam Allardyce has stated that for anybody to come into the Rovers playing staff in January a sale must be made as there is no money left from his summer budget.

Blackburn have been about as lethal as a fluffy cushion in front of goal in the last six games but due to financial constraints Big Sam feels sticking with the current striking four – Franco Di Santo, Benni McCarthy, Jason Roberts and Nikola Kalinic – is the best way forward.

Sam gave a brief statement to saying – ‘I will have to sell to buy, that’s why we might be better off just working with what we’ve got.’

Either that or sell one of them (either Roberts or Benni?) and bring in a new guy to freshen up?

This also shows that the Soldado story in the News of the World was absolute rubbish!


13 Replies to “Rovers must sell before buying”

  • Im sick of it.. we should have loads of money left from the summer.. ****ty trustees.. sick of having no money to spend nd its going to lead to 1 thing…. within 10 years we will be in the championship or lower because everyone will get richer and we wont…

  • We are 2 points off no. 10 in the premier league, so I think we are doing fine……even though I still miss Matt Derby…..cheers

  • mikey.. new owners are needed.. otherwise we will be down within 10 years.. we wont always be able to find bargins to survive off scraps.. Villa, spurs, chelsea, man city, man united, , arsenal, fulham, wigan.. all teams who give backing to the manager.. dont get me wrong, JW and team are doing a great job MANAGING the finances we have.. but we just dont have enough!

  • Perfectly fair. Rovers are small market. As much as I would love for us to go after some big and proven names, we make our bones on the Nzonzis and Derbyshires. Trust in John and Sam

  • if we do get taken over, John williams will probably stay at the club, hes the chairman, not the owner. Robert Coar will also stay + both their sons work at the club. Simon williams is head of marketing…not sure what Greg Coar does though.

  • same old story. untill we get money via new owners, we will always have to sell. we are just fortunate to have Mr Williams to make sure we remain competitive till then

  • I would hope that if new owners did come in then we would be looking to keep JW – he works wonders with the very little we have spare and it is mainly cause of him that we are still a Premier League club.

  • Noone could look at Blackburn as a place for tourism at this moment, and it´s hard for businessmen nowadays to spend money on a club in a small
    village. We can´t just sit here and prey for a rich dude to save us. What if we create a new Jack Walker? We collect money for brain competition, extreme education, 8% of them gets successfull and come back with billions 15 years later 😛
    Jack Walker showed the hole world what passion is. He wanted a Premiership title and bought himself one. Who´s next?

  • This is always going to be the way, and if it has to be the way them so be it. It doesn’t mean we do have to sell though does it and we don’t really need that much adding anyway do we??

  • How many Rovers support exists? I willing to give away 1000 quids if there goes to transfer budget only 🙂

    Probably we are to few and thats also is a reason for why we´re not so attractive.

    Could the new Jack Walker please stand up? 😛

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