Date: 17th June 2007 at 1:04pm
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News appearing in today`s The People newspaper has pointed us in the direction of Rovers mysterious buyer?none other than a Rovers fan!!!

American-based entrepreneur Daniel Williams is reportedly the man behind a bid, believed to be in the region of £67million. He has already been dubbed the ‘new Jack Walker` because of his passion for the club.

If reports are true, he is selling all of his assets at the moment to raise the capital required to buy the club he supports. This will undoubtedly be music to the ears of Rovers fans who have met the news of a takeover with hesitant mild approval.

For Williams, this will be the fulfillment of a life`s dream and will be bringing back former director Walter Hubert, whom Jack Walker bought Rovers from two decades ago.

Williams is the brains behind American-based Nuttall Investments. He set up the company, with American backers, and showed his allegiance to Rovers by naming it Nuttall after the street where one of the Blackburn stands is built – a touch that will go down well with fans.

Williams is a UK citizen who wants to protect the heritage of the club and pump in cash to give Mark Hughes money for new players, while improving marketing.

Originally it is thought he bid £43million, based on a similar price paid by Randy Lerner for Aston Villa.

In the past three months Rovers have talked the price up to a staggering £67million, which will go to Walker’s family via his Jersey-based trust. So Blackburn’s board and the trustees owe a huge debt to Hughes and his players, who made the club more attractive by finishing strongly and making Europe. This would also suggest that Rovers are indeed ‘bigger’ than some of these other so called ‘big’ clubs, when it is compared to money.

It is a huge relief that the two men heading the consortium are Rovers fans and have past links to the club. This will encourage many as it will hopefully maintain the clubs image and integrity.

The only slight worry and disappointment arising from this news is that John Williams could indeed lose his job. This would be a shame considering what he has done for the club.

It would appear that a take-over has been on the cards for the past two years after the Walker trustees set about finding a suitable buyer. There has been interest from an Eastern European bidder and a Malaysian group but it would appear as though Williams`s consortium has been met with approval.

Despite Williams heading the consortium and he himself divulging the majority of the cash it would appear as though American backers are helping with the bid.

This projected take-over could be great news for Rovers as not only will they have the financial clout to compete but also have fans at the helm to take the club to the next stage, thus maintaining the clubs heritage and identity. The likelihood is the take-over could be finalised within a month`s time.


24 Replies to “Rovers Mystery Bidder Revealed!”

  • Could it be that I called it in the previous article!!!!!

    Aside from that, this is great news, should it indeed be true and go-ahead. A rovers fan in charge again, this is somthing we have all been wanting!

  • Superb article roversman, and certianlt is GREAT news. A genuine fan taking over the club SHOULD leave them in very safe hands. It must be the best thing for the club or it would not happen NO QUESTION!
    It would be a massive, massive shame to see John Williams lose his position at the club, so hopefully something can be sorted here, but if he does go he will take HUGE thanks for millions of people.

  • Too ture HDM he deserves all the praise and credit he will duly receive. I hope though that he stays on. But it is exciting news.

  • My last comment should have ended “HUGE thanks from (not for) millionns of people)
    Yeah dude, all will be revealed as regards to John Williams won’t it, but again whatever happens there will happen in the nest interests of all concerned won’t it?
    Exciting news for sure, if Spurs thought they would have it there own way (not that they were going to anyway LOL!) in pushing on before this news, after it they will have even more of a fight from us (although I am not expecting, nor do I WANT us to be spending stupid amounts of cash.)

  • Sounds like great news, just wonderng though how much this man can support the club. He has sold his assests as u say, how financially strong is his comapny.

  • Indeed merlin, let’s hope we can give those arrogant boys from under the shadow of the Emirates a run for their moiney as a top five club! But all said and done, it sounds like there is still some way to go but I can’t help but feel encouraged.

  • Darn tooting, I forgot to mention in the actual article and earlier…it was actually BomBom who first stumbled across the news and forwarded it to me. Apologies dude! He is the one who deserves the credit for breaking this story.

  • I can testify to BomBom being the man (not the man behind the takeover, or is he?!?! LOL!) to break the news to roversman and myself as I was speaking to the pair at the time.

  • sasman – He will be MORE than financially sound dude, or a deal would not happen. We’ll be in safe hands here I am sure.

  • merlin – It certainly is great news dude, you must be a little worried now as we’ll be back up with Chelsea in no time 🙂 LOL!

  • ts very good news that an old boy is coming home, I was reading that it was his dream to buy Rovers so it makes for exciting times at the club, I think that he’s a marketing expert as well, not only will his money help the playing staff but this will benefit the club as a whole as he will spread the name of Rovers better, especially u would think in the US

  • Yeah guys, it will ONLY benefit Rovers. Potentially VERY exciting days a head of us. In the style of one legend (Homer Simpson aka my Dad LOL!) woo hoo!!!

  • Fingers crossed that this is THE man we have been hoping for, especially with Sparky in charge, means he wont do a Curbishley and run out and buy EVERYONE that is available, but will handpick players, just players that, until now, were not really in our bracket.

  • thats very true BomBom unfortunatley money talks dosn’t it and players who normally wouldnt have come to Rovers would now listen, but heh who cares if the rite player out now wants to play for us then lets get him! I agree that I think that Hughes will not ruin wot he has at the min but will be a couple who will only improve the team as a whole. Lets sit back and wait to see who we get, should be interesting

  • Sparky is a wise man, so he will not get carried away with having cash, he will still have the same principles as before. Usually that extra quality costs a pretty penny, but Sparky has shown before that he can get the best (at a decent amount) and some that WILL be the best for nothing, or next to nothing.

  • Was reading an interview on Newsnow that a paper did with the potential new owner, didnt know the lad was only 30, U’s should def read it, he makes very vaild points about the long term future and transfer targets etc

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