Date: 11th April 2009 at 10:59pm
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It was never going to be pretty. Never going to be football, but we really did see two different teams out there. One played clinically, one played horribly. Guess who was who?

With 8 players on the field who at some stage of their Rovers Career played in the defensive back 4, named in the starting line up, memories jaded back to the thumping handed out by Arsenal. THis simply was not going to be football. Samba was deployed up front, in what semmed to be a 4-5-1 formation, or maybe a 8-1-1 formation. Whatever it was, it didnt work.

Liverpool, on the other hand, without Gerrard, were a joy to watch. Clinical, top class free flowing football. One, two touches, knock, move, switch, pass, shoot. It was like a training run for the Reds, with Rafa’s only dilemma probably being how on earth can Kuyt get on the score sheet.

The man they call El Nino showed the world why his 20 million pound transfer was a bargain. A lovely ball over the top found his chest, he turned, volleyed, over Robinson’s outstretched hand, almost tearing the net into pieces. Spectacular goal, 1-0 Liverpool after 15. Liverpool followed up by peppering the Rovers goal from all distances. Robinson was called into action, time after time, save after save, long clearance after long clearance. With the pressure building, a second was bound to come, to the Reds. Awarded a free kick on the left flank, a wicked flat delivery found the surging head of El Nino Torres, bang, 2-0 Liverpool. Rovers could count themseleves lucky to only be down 2-0, with Liverpool being wastefull, Dirk Kuyt missing 2 sitters.

Rovers did create some sort of semi chance, if you call it that. A long clearance from Robbo caused some confusion in the makeshift Liverpool Central Defence. Samba pounced but Reina’s outstretched glove prevented Samba lobbing his header into the Liverpool goal. 2-0 Liverpool at the break.

The second half continued in the same fashion, Liverpool continued to dominate, without their general Gerrard. Rovers introduced Doran onto the field, who was later followed on by Villanueva. Carlos immediately showed glimpses of what he can do, taking on the defence, single handedly dribbling through the field, however, at Anfield, the opposing midfield rarely shines. Grella was also introduced into the midfield, but it simply was not to be.

Rovers did manage to get a few shots on target, but Reina was up to it, saving efforts from Warnock, Villanueva and Samba. Whilst we couldnt get it in the back of the net Agger scored a goal of the season contender. Picking the ball up just inside the half, Agger turned on the accelerators, his driving effort from 30 yards swerving straight into the back of the net, 3-0.

Liverpool werent done their, Ngog wrapped it up, 4-0.
It wasnt pretty, and we were never going to get anything out of this game, but surely, a half-arssed effort would of been appreciated

I dont understand. We can play football. We can knock the ball around. Samba is not a striker, I dont care who is fit, or who is not fit, surely we have 1 or 2 strikers in our Reserves or heck, even our youth squad, who could of been given a shot. Samba was needed in defence, playing a 5-4-1 or 6-3-1 was never going to do anything. Liverpool were always gonna penetrate, and to the ease they did it with, shame Rovers, shame

Not all doom and gloom
I guess this result can be taken and moved on with, teams around us did their job and either lost or drew, with Boro gaining a vital 3 points in their bid to stay up.

Next up, Stoke at the Brittania


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  • Dis-jointed and disappointing, however, as mentionied before Anfield is always a daunting place to go to but if you have doubts as well (as it appears we did) this kind of thing happens. However, we have to put it behind us and move on. Our goal difference took a big knock but we still have the points in the bag and it’s in OUR own hands still.

  • confidence is the key!why u think macheda has banged in 2goals in 2 matches! this is not a setback but a reality chek of what can happens if we let our minds of the task! it was all shambles i dint see us stringin more than 3 passes 2gether the whole game! come on lads 4get this one,cum 2getha beacuse we can only win as a team!

  • Absolutely shocking effort- but definitely NO cause for concern. We will have a striker and a normal back 4 next week. why Sam went the way he did i don’t know. he really should have started Carlos but… i don’t think he ever considered getting anything out of this game. shame really

  • Well it was a lesson and it was done with a bare thin team but we HAVE learnt several things. 1) Carlos Villanueva should be playing a lot than he does. 2) Samba can be used as an impact striker if needed but not for a full 90. 3) Keith Treacy and Aaron Dorran are not ready. 4) Stephen Warnock is great but cant do it all for the midfield. 5) El Hadji Diouf was sorely missed…. I found it difficult to accept but we were always gonna lose on Sat. Lets concentrate on winning the games we can!!!!

  • Your style of football is horrible. Ive always like Rovers, even when Hughes was your manager. You were physical then but you played decent football and had flair in posession. Now its just horrible, Big Sam is a joke. Loans out Derbyshire then plays Samba upfront. I still think you will survive – just but it will be with more luck than merit. I mean even with Santa Cruz upfront your still gonna keep pumping it forward to him up and under style. Any chance of you giving us 15m back for Bentley??? lol

  • We’re not stupid enough to part with that level of money for that!!! lol… and you may not like the style but where in the rules does it say we need to pass on the floor? £30 million is at stake and winning means everything.

  • When I saw what team we were putting out, I thought Ince had come back! Playing players out of position. Centre mid at right back, Defender up front, left back at centre mid. What has Zurab done, or not done!? If you’re going to play Samba up front, play Zurab with Nelson, and Ooijer at right back. Andrews in the middle, and Warnock out left…Not rocket science, is it…!

  • True Decimus… it was obvious in the first 5 mins we were struggling but some of the changes and out of position picks were made out of neccessity. It wasnt great but lets crack on with Stoke now!

  • I know we had injuries but I was also very disappointed with the formation (if there was one!). Should have chucked Carlos on from the start as he was the only positive thing to take out of this game. I can’t begin to comprahend what was going on with Zurab’s absence, Andrew’s was awful at the right-back – he can’t play there again!

  • I think Andrews got in on the back of a good showing v West Ham and a solid one v Spurs. He wont play there again though surely?!

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