Date: 12th June 2007 at 7:57pm
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With YOUR help Vital Blackburn has been trying to determine what have been the best and worst of the Blackburn Rovers 2006-2007 season.

The nominations are still be taken for other Awards, but the Vital Blackburn Awards for 2006-2007 continue to be dished out with the

Best Rovers Performance of the Season

When asked to simply leave the name of the opponent against whom you feel saw Rovers give their Best Performance of the Season most felt?

vs. Liverpool (Premiership 1-0 win) & vs. Chelsea (FA Cup 2-1 defeat) should be the joint Award Winners!

The Boxing Day win over Liverpool saw Rovers put in a fine display (especially in the second half) with Rovers stringing together some fine moves with the winning goal being one of the best worked goals Rovers (arguable any side?!?!) scored during the 2006-2007 season.

Brad Friedel also had a fine game, making some breathtaking saves, one in particular from Xabi Alonso late on. What made the win all the more impressive was the fact it came off the back of the 6-2 defeat at Arsenal (not that the score was a true reflection of that game!)

The FA Cup Semi Final defeat to Chelsea saw Rovers put Chelsea under the kind of pressure in the second 45 minutes that I have not seen ANY side put Chelsea under for a number of years, and was probably the best 45 minutes of football that I have witnessed by Rovers (quite possibly any team?!?!) in a long, long time.

It still hurts to think that we lost that game but we certainly gained a lot more respect as a result.

The 4-1 FA Cup Third Round victory over Everton also featured quite prominently in this category, and technically shared the vote but most mentions were for one of the other two first “or Everton” so I counted the first mention first really.

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25 Replies to “Rovers Performance of the Season”

  • Liverpool were used as the image to try and get some of them over to have a chat as we’ve not heard much from the bin dippers (lol!) this season. Chelsea WILL know that we gave them a game so if they want to find their way over THEY WILL!

  • They couldn’t be separated, and I didn’t feel it right to separate them either both saw Rovers play some great football even if the results were different. If only we could have changed the scorelines in each games eh?!?! But then again we may well have lost that world-class Rovers move that got us the winner against Liverpool and that was something else, WHAT a move that Tugay was instrumental in, he made Stevie G look like a mug.

  • We gained a lot of respect for our performance against Chelsea and rightly so, we put to bed the ghost of the previous Semi.

  • You left yourself open to it didn’t you 🙂 What made that 4-1 win over Everton all the better Phartman (if you didn’t know?!?!) we played what was concidered a “weakened” team that many viewed as a team disrespecting the FA Cup, we showed them!

  • Yeah, t’was quite a performance. Alas, not unlike ourselves, fixture congestion effected consistency and there wasn’t enough of this week in week out. Sort that out and we could have a VERY unfamiliar top 4 next season or is that just the lilly white tinted spectacles talking again…

  • it is the spectacles mate… I think the top 4 will be of a similar make up but that doesnt mean we cant give em a run for their money….

  • Yeah we almost ALWAYS seem to give the “big boys” a game, but all to often fail to turn up against the teams we “should beat” That’s what makes football the beautiful game it is.

  • Phartman87 – With the backing Rovers are going to get from the takeover the top four will have a different look to it……with Rovers in it! LOL (I’m joking……or am I lol?!?!)

  • I think it is one of those things that will take a while, handling large sums of money is a skill that people find hard to master.

  • It’s easy to do what the Hammered are doing (acting like a pervert in a sex shop!) being unable to control themselves in other words lol! But look at Chelsea, for all their faults (in people’s opinions) they have spent large amounts of money but they have generally spent it well and the long term investiment will bare fruits as has the short term. Sparky will keep his values even if he has MILLIONS to spend. As I have said before we have a squad as good as anyone (outside of the top four!) and capable of competing with the top four teams on our day, so extra funds would enable us to secure undoubted improved talent to help us push on for this top four place, which I genuinely thought this current squad (given time) could do anyway!

  • I agree with you Hughes Da Man a couple of new signings and you will have a very strong team. I think if your club wants to be one of the top clubs than you have got to do somthing about your ground coz it’s not really anywhere near being on a par with the top sides!!!!!!!!!

  • Do you mean in terms of the crowd in the ground Dicksy, or the ground itself?!?! Either way not much can be done on both counts. Getting more in is a problems for starters (as we all know from seeing half the ground, empty most weeks) as for improving it, spending too much to do more is kind of pointless if half the seats are going to be empty anyway.

  • Can see your point there, it’s a shame that people seem to have stopped going to watch you it’s not like you play crap footie they need to take off there Man USA and Cesspool shirts and put the blue and White back on and show some pride for where they come from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When all is said and done Blackburn is only a SMALL town isn’t it. As much as I would like to see full houses every week it is better to have genuine fans than plastic ones isn’t it (not that I am saying Liverfool and Manure do of course!)

  • Amen to you there bruva I can’t stand all the club hoppers either and I don’t tolerate them around me either. You are right I wouldn’t swoop 1000 ***** fans for 1 real one.
    Good luck to you in the upcomming season I’m sure it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride!!!!!!

  • The Championship battle could well involve three or four teams this season? The battle for a UEFA Cup place though will be AMAZING I think as at least six, maybe for will feel they could be in the running!

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