Date: 31st October 2011 at 9:54am
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Vital Blackburn can now bring you the latest details with regards to the protest organised for the upcoming home game against Chelsea.

Organisers Glen Mullan and Simon Littler have released the following press release to clarify matters for supporters –

The supporters of Blackburn Rovers Football Club will hold a 45 minute pre match sit-in protest on Saturday 5th November at Ewood Park prior to the Premiership fixture against Chelsea. This protest will be solely aimed at the owners of the club Venkys. The supporters are deeply concerned over the mis-management of the club over the last 12 months which includes:

* The removal of an experienced Board of directors and replacing them with individuals who have no track record in the positions they have been given.

* The removal of the clubs communication infrastructure.

* The sacking of a Sam Allardyce

* The clubs day to day running being relocated in India including accounts and decisions.

* No Chairperson

* No Chief Executive

* No clarification on new board members roles including Deputy Chief Executive Paul Hunt

* No-one at the club is answering fans emails or letters or engaging in communication with concerned supporters.

* No evidence of the financial pledge the new owners made upon purchase of the club.

* The owners continual backing of Steve Kean who has one of the worst Managerial records in the history of the club

* Blackburn Rovers involvement with Kentaro and Jerome Anderson with inflated agent fee`s

* The clubs disciplinary procedures

* The owner`s non-attendance at games especially chief decision maker Mrs A Desai who has attended just one game in 12 months.

* Season ticket sales down 15% whilst crowds down by 20%

* The owners are not communicating with supporters and have not put in place a chain of communication to ensure supporters can have concerns addressed

* No daily presence at the club from the Owners or a representative of the owners.

* The Manager not reporting to the board but directly speaking with the owners and not feeding information to the people in place at the club who have been appointed by the owners.

* The Club also deliberately played Music through the PA System at the last protest to try and drown out the chants despite being asked not to

* A member of Staff also threatened supporters during the league cup Victory over Newcastle United and had to be restrained by stewards.

The on-going protests have attracted international media coverage and garnered significant support from UK based and worldwide fan groups as a whole. The mailboxes of the protest organisers have been inundated with emails from far-reaching continents across the globe, highlighting the universal concerns of the vast majority of Blackburn Rovers supporters.

In addition we have also been in dialogue with the Towns councillors and the clubs Principle sponsors. Whilst box holders at Ewood attended the supporters recent open meeting including one of the clubs main sponsors. The aim of the protest is to seek the removal of Steve Kean as manager , whilst letting the Venkys know that we are concerned about their mis-management of the club and seek and audience with them here in Blackburn under the umbrella of Blackburn Rovers supporters as a whole.

Our very own Glen Mullan also commented – “Supporters frustrations are turning to anger as for the fourth successive Premiership home game supporters have to take part in an organised protest, as the current Owners, Board of Directors and Club Management refuse to communicate with supporters despite our best efforts to open dialogue.

The only contact we have had from the club is from the Stadiums Health & Safety Manager who has been very courteous and shown an attention to detail to ensure supporters safety during the protest.

We have organised all protest to the letter of the law and to date all have been carried out peacefully with no incident, arrest or warnings. We have co-operated at all times with the rules the club has put in place and seek an audience with the owners. The group is growing on a Daily basis and we vow that these protests will not end even if Steve Kean is removed.

These protests will continue until Mrs Desai, B Rao or V Rao agrees to an audience with supporters so our concerns can be addressed democratically and without prejudice. We fear that the Legacy which the late Jack Walker left for us supporters to enjoy is being destroyed, whilst relegation would have a detrimental effect on the Towns Economy.

The club has a duty of care to all stakeholders and the biggest stakeholder must always remain the supporters of the club, the owners are seriously failing the supporters and town of Blackburn and as proud supporters we will not sit back and allow this mis-management to continue without contesting it. We have received the backing of thousands of Blackburn Rovers supporters worldwide and we will see this through until the end on their behalf as we have made a commitment to them to do so.”

To drum up support the following video has been released to chart a year of Venky’s so far –

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