Date: 12th August 2009 at 9:09am
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Aston Villa have had a bid of about £4 million turned down by Blackburn for left back/midfielder Stephen Warnock.

Martin O`Neill wants to bring in a left sided defender but has more chance of platting urine than getting Stephen for that paltry bid.

Rovers are expecting a lot more than that and even then they would not been keen sellers due to the versatility and consistency of Rovers player of the season.

There are even some reports nipping around that Rovers would want maybe treble that before even considering selling.

To be fair you can’t blame Villa for trying but in what crazy world is Glen Johnson worth £17 million and Stephen Warnock worth £4 million?!


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  • i think martin o’neill needs a slap across the back of the head for bein so damn cheeky! that bid is an insult to every rover around the world! warnock is a world class left back who can also excel in the centre of the park! if he thinks he can replace barry that easily and that cheapily, he can F*ck right off!

  • Haven’t heard anything about a bid from the villa side… Seems strange that we would bid for him though, cause we have shorey and soon wilfred bouma back for the left back role not to mention young who often played left back for us. What we seriously need is a CB and Warnock seems to be more of a good left back than a commanding centre half… Might be completely wrong 😀 and I wouldn’t mind us getting him. But your right I don’t seem him going for anything less than 8 million.

  • Glen johnson is ten times better than warnock so don`t kid yourself,I like warnock and he would be a good addition.We will get him, blackburn are a small club and they will sell.

  • Not convinced by this report (in the press, not your’s MikeyD) a press man I spoke with close to Villa says they were steered away from this link a few weeks ago. Not saying that things haven’t changed etc but not convinced.

  • Glen johnson is not ten times better than Warnock lol… what an ignorant thing to say lerner! lol. Blackburn a small club? we are in the same league as you buddy….

  • Technically it’s true what godzvilla is saying Mikey D, their team begins with an A and ours with a B, were currently 4th and their 2nd.

    Joking aside there is no way Rovers will sell Warnock this close to the opening game for less than 10 million or 8 with a player deal, as i said earlier Ashley Young would be a good place to start.

  • Got to admire the cheek of Martin O’Neill, he whined and moaned all last summer over the paltry offers for Gareth Barry, then pulls that one outta the air for Stevie W.

    He’s a chancer who can do one. As for Johnson being ten times better than Stevie Warnock…the drugs don’t work.

  • They obviously work just fine for lerner! And I love how they start a big club/little club debate off – I thought these lot were better than the Spurs fans?

  • Thats why warnock can`t get near international football and got dropped by liverpool, whereas johnson is a full time interntional class right back and liverpool just paid a fortune for him,how ignorant of me to use facts to form my opinion.never the less i think warnock is a good player,blackburn are in the habit of selling their best players if the money is right,that makes you a small club,sorry but you don`t see west ham and fulham doing it which is why they have overtaken you.

  • yes we are a small club with a town population of 100000 and we will be playing in front of sell out crowds all season, and yes we just happen to be premiership winners too, so much for you so called big clubs lol who aint goit nothing, Now let see what villa have won in last 25 years??? eeerrrrrmmm 2 mickey mouse cups, Villa aint A big club they are a small mided club living on past glories, i guess teams like blackpool and preston can do that too if they go back far enough, £4 mill for warnock ur having a giraffe, especially when you have spent plenty on junk like carew, heskey lma shorey, downing, the list is never ending, so if iwas villa id be worried about fulham west ham cos we are from the land of the all the best teams, that land is north west, but i suppose you have ur derbies against birmingham and wolves to look forward too

  • In all fairness, lerner has probably been reading too many red tops! despite villa’s good form of late, you we’re yo-yo’ing up and down the table, and could have easily been relegated. Blackburn having a small acachement area, have done pretty much the same as you. apart from last year when we got ballsed over by ince, we have had some good finishes in the premier league!

    Also, when you talk about us selling our best players…. what about garath barry?! he wasn’t even injured either!!! we had roque, prone to injury and had 1 good season, and someone was offering £17/18 mil! everyone would take that money!

    anyway, back to the warnock scenario, he’s developed alot since liverpool sent him 2 us, like alot of players who come to us, they have potential they havn’t reached yet, and we bring the best out of them! and for the prices we bring them in for, its worth the business! glen johnson may be better than stevie W but not by much! Stevie offers versatility, rather than just being very good in one position!

    anyway, take your uninformed self back to the villa site, you clearly don’t know about us ‘smaller clubs’ and havn’t taken a full rounded approach in your opinion!! now tail between legs and shooo!

  • So….if Villa values Warnock for 4 million pound. Then we should move in for Ashley Young and John Carew. With mathematics fro, Birmingham, they wouldnt cost more 1 million pound, each 😛

    My God what´s wrong with people?!?!?! Glen Johnsen 18 million, ashely cole probably cost even more, but Warnock who´s at the same level…4 million. Go and suck a duck Martin O´ “I´m -stupid” Neill

  • Lerner – again oh dear, your not even using facts. Warnock has an international cap and more or less all Liverpool fans you speak to cant understand why he was sold. Johnson was dropped by Chelsea so what is your point? And you have just sold Barry for the right money does that make you small? West Ham sold Bellamy about 6 months ago did you not notice that? I am using “facts” to argue back.

  • I still can’t believe anyone would insult us with a 4million offer… and small club? mate, forget the crap we dealt with under Ince, on Big Sam form we would have finished 7th with 54 points, the year before we did finish 7th, and the two years before that we finished above Villa… in fact in ’06 you were 16th and we were 6th. Does that mean your a small club? No… but apparantly it does the other way around… hmm prehaps your time would be better spent simply enjoying our beloved sport, as opposed to rubbishing a club with 3 league titles, 134 years of history and one thing you don’t have a- PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP

  • Thing is though Rovers fans, just because the papers say we’ve bid £4m doesn’t actually mean we HAVE bid £4m. I agree it is way too low and far from convinced Villa would have made such a bid.

  • lol cheers… and YEEEWW that was another fantastic effort. Did you see some of those strikes? I didn’t know Carney had that in him. And in good news for us, Andrews was the only Irish player who came close. Good times

  • I doubt after lasts nights woeful performance Glen Johnson is still worth 17million, nice to see Gamst playing well for a change.

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