Date: 14th December 2008 at 12:45pm
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To be brutally honest, just what can we say about this performance……..

I dont even have a full match report, and you shall see why. Blackburn returned to a more traditional 4-4-2 formation, with Warnock restored to Left Back, Tugay holding his place in the middle, and Derbyshire pairing up with Roque Santa Cruz up front.

Rovers got of to a bright start, with repetitive Gamst corners cleared by the Wigan defence. However, the bright start did not last. A delightful swerve by Wigan right midfielder Valencia left Warnock chasing his tail. Valencia darted into the box, cutting the ball across to Heskey, who cheekily back heeled the ball into the Rovers net. 11th minute, Wigan 1- Blackburn 0.

Not the start Paul Ince, Mr Williams and the Rovers fans had hoped for. However, things got much worse for Blackburn immediately. Valencia picked up the ball in the middle of the park, dribbling straight at the goals. Warnock thought it might be best to drift out and chase the wide man, leaving Valencia with a free path at goal. Bang. 2-0 Wigan, 12th minute.

David Dunn started to warm up on the sidelines, Rovers fans were shocked, Paul Ince was shocked, and Chris Samba was hurling abuse at Warnock….Could things get any worse….

Rovers actually started to play some good football, Emerton chased down everything, Gamst placed every second or third cross into a dangerous position, Derbyshire went up for every ball, but thats were it ended. Roque could of taken on the final man several times, but oftend ended up drifting out wide.

And that was it for the Sas to be honest. Last thing i remember was a Gamst corner, next thing i saw was Tottenham v Man U…. For the first time in my Rovers life, i actually fell asleep whilst watching the boys play. It was disgusting, disgraceful, and honestly, im glad i fell asleep, because apparently, from what Adrian and Bombom have said to me over MSN, i didnt miss out on much.

Apparently Jason Roberts came on in the second half and played as a right winger. Dunn came on for Gamst. Cattermole scored a third. Rovers fans booed of Ince and the players.

Firstly, sorry I crashed. Secondly, im not sorry I crashed. We were rubbish. We were poor. We lacked direction. Enough is enough. As Bombom said, Ince out…

Bring in Curbishley
Bring in Allardyce
Bring in Souness
Bring in Blind Freddy
Ince, time to go mate, you did your best, but sometimes, thats not enough


3 Replies to “Rovers send the Sas to Bed”

  • Couldve put it this way….. Rovers Turned Up, Rovers Turned Over, Fans Booed, Rovers went home, or in this case, to the airport, departing for Ireland and their Xmas party!

  • I think the tell tale sign was that the players were not booed it was Ince. rovers fans even clapped the layers off at the end. I can be as positive as I can be but that was simply not good enough at all.

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