Date: 10th June 2009 at 8:44am
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Blackburn have decided to sort the future of ‘underhanded’ striker Roque Santa Cruz by the end of this month – to enable Rovers to start the bulk of their summer transfer business.

Manchester ‘We can buy anyone’ City, Aston Villa, Tottenham ‘We are linked with everyone’ Hotspur and Real Madrid have all been linked with Le Sulk 2009 and Rovers want him either sold or content to stay by the end of June.

Chairman John Williams, speaking to BBC Radio Lancashire said – ‘Sam understands the financial position and a lot depends on whether Roque goes.

‘It’s not just in terms of the cash it will generate but also in finding a replacement for him.

‘We’ve not got a bottomless pot of money and I think numbers will have to be reduced.’

I believe the best for everyone is if Roque slings his hook and we get a big wad of cash from him as that will help the financial side of things at the club and allow Sam to bring in more fresh blood.

If we can get £15 million or (even better) start a bidding war involving Man City off for him then I say sell and get in Mark Janko from Salzburg for £7 million, a central midfielder and a right winger (more than likely form abroad). We may even have some money left over from this as well.

That will help the wages problem.


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  • i could think of better players for 7million.. janko is good but will he be the same in the prem? 7million is a big gamble for a club like us and i wouldnt be willing to take. get a more proven goalscorer that we know can score in the premieship. darren bent is a must in my eyes if santa goes.

  • Bent certianly has a bad rep in England and im not sure why, i would be happy with him but i think that Sam likes a target man and Janko is 6’5″, players like Derbs and Benni cann play off someone like that and Roberts and Bent are to similar in my view, though Roberts is a little more aggressive in his play… I do believe that City should put there considerable wallet where there equally as loud mouth is…. Spurs cant afford him although money and the Russian may work in Rovers favour, Villa – PLEASE….. But if we could hock him to some Euro club that would be better, wont come back to haunt us…….Crouch is another who would fit the bill but being english will be too dear…

  • All good points there clint and scott… I like the idea of someone like AC or Real coming in for him as we would avoid the Kevin Davies factor!

  • i think if he is sold sam will prob get 10 million of it to spend, but that will be our total budget, as in previous seasons, money from sales has not been added to any transfer budget we may have set, with givet signing for 3.5, that imo leaves 6.5 to relace roque, get a right back and a central midfielder, i rovers are the wrong side of the table come xmas then sam will then get maybe another 3 or 4 mill to ad to the squad, but i really think 7 million plus players will not be coming to rovers, history says that

  • Heard on the Daily Mirror site (however far you wish to read into it), that Santa Cruz to Man City is as good as a done deal….we shall see…

  • I watched a vid on janko, he relies heavily on the players around him to get goals, if we signed him we would need new wingers and a new creative midfield… all to build around an unproven prem player… would be worth it if we knew he could repeat his current form.. and no disrespect to the Austrian league.. but its a lot worse than the prem..

  • I would like Roque to stay – he is a proven goalscorer, he has great ability and he would be hard to replace on the cheap. However, I understand that people want to get rid of him due to his disrespect to our club, and again I couldn’t agree more – but I think if he is to be sold then we should sell him under our terms, and when it’s right for us to do so.

  • Is Roque fit after his injury? Hard to sell a injuried player, I would think.
    Can see we want Nolan, wouldn’t be bad in my eyes 🙂

  • I think he is fit now, but we do need to get rid of him if he isnt going to be true to the cause. And where did you see that video on Janko 23? I thought he was banging in the goals for fun!!!

  • Sell RSC and let’s move on, however, if we’ve set this deadline let’s stick to it. If clubs don’t meet our valuation let’s make it perfectly clear to RSC that he’s got to give everything to us as he claims he will if he stays as he still loves the club apparently.

  • u can tell that Rovers are just waiting for someone to stump up the money for Roque, He wants to leave, we want/need him to leave, so City lets be having you!!! as soon as he goes it will kick start are buying and the patching up of our squad – obv in an ideal world it would be nice to keep Santa but if him leaving improves Rovers squad, then bye bye!!!

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