Date: 31st March 2010 at 11:13am
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Details so far are sketchy, but this is much as we know….

Blackburn Rovers have signed Portsmouth forward Aruna Dindane for 2 million pounds. Dindane will be allowed to stay at Portsmouth ‘on loan’ for the remainder of the season, as he would be inelegible to play for Blackburn.

Blackburn will also recieve compensation if Dindane is injured. He is also inelegible to play agaisnt Blackburn this weekend, being against his parent club….

Portsmouth are attempting to rush this deal through, so are current parent club Lens, as if he does play one more club before the Rovers deal is done, Pompey will need to pay Lens 4 million pounds, something they really cant afford…

Im sure there is more to come, but it looks like Dindane is now a Rover, on loan to Pompey!

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23 Replies to “Rovers Sign Dindane?”

  • 2 mill for dindane…..i guess thats the benni money gone, with 1.5 in the kitty for allardyce’s chewing gum expenses? lol….i dont mind dindane, so no complaints here!

  • I see potential in him after an understandably hard season and at least he has some prem experience but he has some work to do to convince me this is good business.

  • If you look at him as a straight swap for Benni it is great business. I expect Sam to get the best out of him. If the story is true of course!

  • Looking at it the way you describe does make it look like great business I have to admit Kevin. Dont get me wrong I want every Rovers signing to succeed I just wonder if he will put away enough goals. However with Kalinic’s superb ability to hold up the ball and lure defenders it could work.

  • But how can we sign him now? Is it a contract to Lens to say that we will buy him when the transfer window opens again or? Hope it does well if he end at us……cheers

  • Pompey are now allowed to sell players but from a formal point of view this doesn’t concern them as the contract would be between lens and rovers – for £2 million this is a steal to me and an improvement on Benni…

  • doesnt mean that hes a rovers player yet though… so i dont think he can play for pompy again… just seems like rovers and lens have agreed a 2 million fee for the summer for Dindane.. thats all..

  • ahahaha well in stubbs!…..lads, if this goes through, that means we sign him from Lens, however, Rovers will allow him to play on loan at Portsmouth.

    Either way, he cant play for Pompey this weekend as he will either be a Rovers play on loan, or it will trigger a purchase clause

  • its all true lads!! and even if it was an april fool joke, its too late, already past midday here in australia 😀

  • if it helps us 2 an easier 3 points this weekend, then why not… a little confused about how it all works and how BSA plans to use him, but time will tell

  • If it is past midday and you have made this up then the joke is on you… Grella will pull up with a fresh injury just to spite you!!! mmmwwwahhhhaaaa

  • So we’re meant to have signed (or agreed to sign) Dindane from Lens, however, he’ll carry on his loan with Portsmouth until the end of the season?? However he’ll not play in the match on Saturday??

  • either way he wont be playing on sunday boss. pompey cant fork out the 4 mill if we havent signed him, and if we have, well he is on loan from us…

  • What I don’t understand is, that if Pompey have been given permission to sell their assets (players!) how can we make terms with Lens?

  • we cant have signed him… coz hes a lens player… only think that could have happend, is we have agreed to sign him.. and therefore pompy cant buy him for the 4m they have to pay.. and therefore can play him..

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