Date: 14th January 2009 at 6:14pm
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Blackburn Rovers striker Roque Santa Cruz is reported as saying he feels he’ll be priced out of a move away from Ewood Park.

In what is portrayed as his latest attempt to express his desire to leave Rovers for Manchester City (however, he NEVER actually says that he wants to leave the striker merely said that for the right price Rovers would allow him to go) the Paraguayan is understood to have said that he fears a near £25 million price tag has been put on his head will deter Man City.

Santa Cruz told Futbol a lo Grande: “I thought when they offered £16 million it was going to be accepted.

“It seems the club is worried that they won’t be able to find a replacement if I go – that is what is giving them doubts.

“You hear all the time that the club have asked for £20 million and I don’t know if City are going to offer that or if they are going to increase their bid.

“For $35-37 million (around £25 million) they (Blackburn) said that I will be allowed to leave.

If Man City want Santa Cruz then they will have to stump up the money, but if the 26-year-old does want to leave wouldn’t we be better off allowing him to do so? Bringing in a player as well as money should be something we look at.


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18 Replies to “Rovers Slap £25 Million Tag On Santa?”

  • More media medling, or has Santa actually made these claims, and does he even want to leave?!?! IF he does then lets get £20 million plus and let him go.

  • it would be stunning if man c pay this amount…rsc doesn’t worth that much. this is not the way to run a football club.
    i hope blackburn can really capitalize on this.

  • Well normally I would say that we were pushing it regarding his price tag. Obviously he doesnt want to stay with us. But then you see City offering £ 100 mio for Kaka….lets bleed them dry!!

  • i would like to seem him go in the transfer window sooner rather than later and any thing over £16 million is a great deal

  • We need the money and to avoid relegation we need someone who has nothing but Rovers on their mind. Besides, Santa was bought for nothing, is injury prone and because of this has not scored as many this season. I say take the 20mil and invest in the future!

  • I still think we will sell him in the summer. If Roque stays it is in the best interests of the player to give 100 to the Rovers cause%. If he plays bad then the interest in him will wane.

  • i agree mikey, we only paid just over 3 million for him, so financially what ever we do we are quids in!! id make him stay until at least the summer and if he still wants out, let there be a bidding war for him, dont be suprised if spurs come in with a bid too in this window, redknapp getting very frustrated with his pursuit for a striker and he knows if the money is right cruz would be available

  • he has a clause in his contract and it starts in the summer, minimum release fee of 18m. i read that on the bbc sport page! If we’re going to sell him then let him go now for minimum of 25m and buy huntelaar! or/and kris boyd with right mid and a centre mid also a right back. that would sort our season out

  • Huntelaar has only just been sold to Real Madrid I think. Big Sam says that you can’t buy until you have sold, but City offered a fair price for Roque and Big sam didn’t want to deal. If City don’t come back, how much do you think you will get for him in the summer?and whats the use of a player who says he wants to go, his heart is no longer in the club.

  • Out of curiousity what was the fee offered believed to be Buzz? If the club have an 18 million release clause that can be triggered in the summer then we should expect a fee over and above that because its the middle of the season and therefore harder for a club that doesn’t have endless resources to throw round to replace players.Personally I also believe we should cash in. It’s quite obvious to me that Roque has had his head turned by City. he has been injured again for most of the season and not scored or played particularly well when he has played.

  • £16 million, I think the get out clause in Summer is £17 million, but I dont think any other club other than City would have paid it or offered anywhwere near that amount.

  • Should there be a ceiling on Transfer fee paid? I don’t think the clubs would allow that. Players have a right to move clubs if they want and that was down to Bosman and player can and do move for free. Experts said it would be the end of transfer fees and it would cause havoc as no money would change hands between clubs. Now they say the Kaka deal is going to ruin football. I would love a ceiling so all clubs could compete for the best players, I would love for the wages to have a ceiling, but that is not going to happen.Who is to blame City for paying the fee or Milan asking for a fee that large.

  • The release clause is rumoured to be £18 million. City would have to pay over that otherwise Rovers would be stupid to accept. I still think Spurs might factor into this somehow.

  • But if BR dont sell now and City walk away and then other clubs come looking who also wont pay anywhere near the 16 the City offered in the first place, would you be disappointed for Big same to accept a lower figure from another club. If he is going to sell him, surely that would be to the club that offered the biggest money.

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