Date: 2nd January 2008 at 10:42am
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Blackburn Rovers have slapped a £4 million price tag on Jason Roberts’ head in order to try and deter possible bids.

Roberts has already stated his desire to move in order to gain regular first team football (which is understandable) but his transfer request was refused and he was told that unless the right offer comes in he will be going nowhere. He has no shortage of clubs looking at him but the amount that we are apparently asking is likely to put off ALL of them!!!

It is right that we are holding out for the best price, but asking £4 million (which is £1 million more than the amount we paid for him!) is just outrageous (some would say bordering on greedy) and WILL NOT be paid.



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  • Come on, he is good (and we know that I rate him) but NOWHERE near £4 million good. There is no way that the board can justify asking even more than the amount we paid for him. He hasn’t become any less of a player than the one he was that we signed, but he has NEVER become a million better!!!

  • £3 million would be more than fair, even £2.5 million wouldn’t be bad, just a £500,000 loss on a player that hasn’t really played much wouldn’t be bad would it?

  • I agree mate. He has struggled with injuries but still managed to make a small impact. With that extra money we could in vest it in a decent right back, maybe Taylor from Wigan, and a midfielder.

  • trade him for ryan taylor, wigan are apparantley interested, comon sparky put it to em and ROVERSMAN STOP STEALING MY IDEAS lol, I BAGGED RYAN TAYLOR!!!!!

  • Come on now sas, I know you have been going through my files again, this behaviour must be stopped. lol. Sorry I will let you have taylor!

  • Now b4 I start I LIKE ROBERTS – lol but £4m is not an awful lot for him, when u consider thats the kind of fee that is being touted for James Beattie from Sheffield Utd. When u think of the games he played for the club and the wages he’s on then the club is only rite to try and claw back some of the money they have invested in him. Roberts if we or indeed any other club gets him fit for a while is as dangerous a stiker as any outside the books of the Top 4 in my books so why not ask a little more for him.

  • Um, well when you see Marlon Harewood going for 5 million in the summer, then maybe we have Roberts undervalued!!!! I think Rovers are saying 4 million but i think itll be used as a bartering tool where they will negotiate the price. I think we would accept what we payed for him IMO

  • Oh i think thats the case too mate but when as u say u see other players going for that kind of money who are basically the same level or below Roberts then it sticks in your throat when they say Rovers are over pricing.

  • if we get four million for roberts it will prove that the prices for players is ridiculous but thats the market which rovers are in and we play the game like every other club. 4mil in this day and age isnt a bad evaluation of roberts only really his age going against him. if we do get the four mil it will leave me with just two theoies on the negotiators in our club 1) they are extremely ood at what they do 2) they go in with guns and threaten the other people there, benni mac for 2.5mil santa cruz for 3.5 mil something tells me its the latter!

  • aye, Hodgson squandered plenty of Uncle Jacks cash on tat so to have some back would pay back some of the Kevin Davies and Nathan Blake transfer fees Merlin LOL

  • English clubs always pay over the odds for English based players its just something that seems to happen! Rio ( donkey ) Ferdinand being the best example, £30m for him while at the same time Nesta went for something like £18m! If Fulham have the money to buy Roberts again Rovers are in a position where they dont have to sell, we set the price and then its up to the buying club to match it, I think £4m is a good price in return for a player who has basically done **** all for the club and I mean i was one that championed him but being out injured for the length of time he was then whinging about not being in the team when the other stikers are playing very well in his absense!! i would like to see him leave now!

  • I think we should let Hughes call this. It may seem high but we havent got loads of money to cut our losses on players. Roberst is a good player. If he stays then we are better off for it but if he goes then we have money and I am sure Hughes knows who he wants to replace him with.

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