Date: 7th May 2007 at 2:41pm
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The Blackburn Rovers strike partnership of Benni McCarthy and Jason Roberts is REALLY starting to click, and both are enjoying it BIG time!

After a goal apiece in the weekend victory over Newcastle United (a victory that ultimately costs Glenn Roeder his job, well it didn’t, but proved the last straw) they took the partnerships tally to eight goals in five matches between then.

McCarthy notched his 22nd goal of the season in the first half, Roberts’ second half effort was his 5th (in as many games to boot) in what has been an injury-ravaged season of frustration. Roberts has admitted to this frustration but is VERY much enjoying the partnership with McCarthy, even admitting they should have scored more goals!

Speaking on the official Blackburn website, Roberts said:

I think we should have scored more goals, we really didn’t take enough of our chances.

“But I can’t complain, it would be greedy but we should have scored more goals really.

“The positive is that we keep creating chances and we are confident that we’ll put them away. We’ll miss some but you can’t be concerned with that, we are creating a hatful of chances each game now and that is the hallmark of a good side.”

“We enjoyed playing alongside each other in the summer during the pre-season time and I think now we are starting to replicate that form.

“There isn’t much you can do with injuries but I’m just glad to be back playing and I’m really enjoying playing with Benni

Meanwhile Benni McCarthy added:

I’m ecstatic, if there is anybody that is happy then it should be me because I’ve always said that I think we’ve got a Yorke and Cole thing going.

“They are completely different from us but we are good friends on and off the pitch, we get along so well and we’ve both got completely different qualities that we can put into a game, we can help each other, and just our understanding and our friendship is fantastic.

“Jason has shown a lot of determination and sheer strength, and he’s done fantastic, worked hard and has scored goals.

“He’s good for me, very very good

Doesn’t sound much like the words of a man planning on going anywhere this summer does it?


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16 Replies to “Rovers Strikers LOVING It!”

  • The partnership looked the dogs in pre-season, and even though JR didn’t score goals earlier in the season before injury the partnership was looking good. Even after the injuries as JR was recovering I still feel that the partnership was better than some were giving it credit. Now that they are banging in the goals they look as good as, if not better than ANY other pairing in this League!

  • Also, Benni has said he isn’t looking to go anywhere, his comments within this piece also seem to suggest he has no intention of moving on, and why would he?!?!

  • As much as I’m loving the JR, benni combo, I can’t help but feel sorry for derbyshire.. he’s been absolutely top-notch this season and his finishing is sublime compared to roberts. I don’t think Benni’ll leave.. surely he sees that next season’s looking up hopefully with the defensive problems now solved

  • Welcome to Vital Blackburn Bents4eng (GREAT username!) totally agree with your username! Ask ANYONE who has been on this site for a while and they’ll tell you I pretty much worship Derbs, so although I see what you are saying at this point of the season JR & Benni HAVE to be the starting pairing. Next season will be awesome, the three will ALL get into double figures I feel and will all have MAJOR roles to play.

  • Nice to be here, I’ve been reading it for a couple of weeks or so and finally decided to jump in! I’m quite excited about next season.. this one was ruined a bit by injuries and a shakey defence before the admiral returned and samba arrived (what an utter bargain!), and Warnock has really added something on the left too. Def think your right that all 3 will hit double figures next season. We could still make europe this season but it’s all looking exceptionally tight.. we need to win our last 2 games (both tough games) and have bolton and pompey lose or draw. Still even if we don’t get in I think Hughes has showed his class in turning around an injury crisis.

  • Well I’m glad that you did. I just wish others would do likewise, what do you hve to lose?!?! I hope we hear PLNETY more from you Bents4eng.

  • Totally agree with what you have said Bents4eng, with a small squad injuries haven’t helped but Sparky and the lads have done a GREAT job, with his managerial stock rising ever more. Next season will be great, even without European football (which I still feel we can get) but we’ll have a little more insight after Spurs’ game with Charlton tonight!

  • Why wouldn’t we merlin? We have no need to sell players so unless they want to leave (which to be honest why would they want to just yet?!?!) they won’t. Benni isn’t giving the impression that he wants to despite some recent fears I had.

  • there was another story about another Blackburn player with a a release caluse this time its Benni for £5.5m i think this would be a bit of a cheeky price for the player, who i cant imgine would have asked for a clause as he was just delighted to come to England, then again if he does its not as if he has to leave Rovers it just means the club has to let him talk to the other team. Oh and another is Roberts and £3m deal to Celtic, now come on, hes still playing good football and is under 30, why would u move to Scotland??

  • Even IF the release clause is true it doesn’t mean HE has to take up the option does it?!?! If he loves it here as much as he claims he would turn down such a move to become a bit part player elsewhere and stay here to finish the jon he’s started. Let’s see the loyalty from Benni that I feel we deserve after giving him the chance to fulfil his dream of playing in the country!

  • That is quite laughable isn’t it Clint, WHY the hell would he want to go to Celtic (other than to win a hat full of trophies without having to do much) when he is on to a good thing here, challenging himself against MANY of the worlds best. You’ve gotta laugh don’t you 🙂

  • The thing with the Scottish football as I have said b4 its good to start ur career playing with Rangers and the other team ( bit of Gers fan here ) and to end ur career as u are playing in front of massive crowds and winning things but for a player at the peak of their playing its not a good move, well players with ambition there as well. Yeah in fan base Rovers cant compete with Rangers its simple but we play in the Premier League. So until Rnagers and Celtic play in the top league in Europe then thats the wasy it’ll be

  • As for Benni, according to Sky Sports he will leave it up to Rovers, which suggests that there is no release clause add this to the fact that he has been quoted in saying that he owes Rovers for giving him his chance, then I cant see him moving to Stamford Bridge to sit on the bench

  • Players with real ambition (with respect to the Scottish game of course!) will not often move to the Scottish Premier League will they when they are (as you say Clint) in their prime. It’s the easy route to boost your trophy cabinet. I was worried Benni and others might go a few weeks back but am getting more and more confident he, and others will stay.

  • the only players i can see leaving next year are the ones who sparky wants rid of and hopefully a few youngsters to get first team football!

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