Date: 27th September 2008 at 5:21pm
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After the mid week cup success against Everton, an away fixture against the trouble Newcastle outfit was on the cards. Paul Ince decided to reintroduce the experience of Samba and Nelsen, with Roque Santa Cruz starting ahead of Robbie Fowler. Paul Robinson must of been fit enough to play, with his name down on the bench, with Jason Brown deputising in goals. Rovers favourite, Carlos Villanueva was given his starting Debut ahead of Jason Roberts.

After a niggly opening few minutes, Rovers could have started with a bang. Sloppy defending put Roque Santa Cruz through on goals, however his effort was parried by former Rover, Shay Given. His save fell to Matty Derbyshire, his header being cleared of the line through some scrambling defence.

Moments later, Derbyshire almost got himself onto the scoresheet, with only millimeters and Givens boots preventing him opening the account. Carlos Villanueva whipped in a corner, which appears to deflect of Derbyshire, only to see Given’s boot stop it from trickling over the white line.

Moments later, Blackburn were awarded a free kick, 40 yards from goals. Villanueva stepped up, placing a delightful centering delivery, with Chris Samba outmuscling his defender, then leaping for a header, leaving Shay Given stranded. 1-0 Rovers. There was a hint of offside, but hey, the Newcastle defenders didnt complain, why should I!!!

Rovers kept up the pressure, with Villanueva dazzling in the middle of the park, taking on defenders and splitting them with delightful passes. It took Rovers 10 minutes to double their lead, with a quickly taken free kick by Tugay finding Brett Emerton on the flank. Emo whipped in a delightful cross, finding the head of Roque Santa Cruz, who easily outmanouvered his marker, slotting it into the back of the net. 2-0 Rovers. Half Time

Whatever was said at the interval in the Newcastle sheds must of been motivational, as a different Toon outfit turned up to play in the second half. Damien Duff started to bombard the left flank, whipping a cross in which Martin Olsson blatanlty handled in the box. However, it was missed by the referre. Justice was to be served moments later though, as Ryan Nelsen was adjudged to have brought down a striker on the edge of the box. The decision was rough on Nelsen, however, these decisions even out. Michael Owen stepped up, blasted it into the centre of the net, 2-1 Rovers.

Newcastle started to take control of the game, spreading the ball out wide and dominating possesion. However they failed to capatilse on the mounting possesion. Blackburn decided to make a change, with Villanueva making way for Robbie Fowlers first premiership appearance. With Newcastle edging towards an equaliser, Ince made a few more changes, with Roque Santa Cruz being replaced by Jason Roberts and Matt Derbyshire replaced by Andre Oijer.

Blackburn took a more defensive mindset, however with a touch of luck could of extended their lead. A long ball was placed to Jason Roberts who out muscled his marker. However the bounce was a fraction to far as Shay Given ran out of his box to clear.

Newcastle started to mount pressure, however they could not create a clear opportunity for their strikers. Ryan Nelsen was lucky to stay on the paddock after a mistimed challenge was missed by the referee.

The game fizzed out, with Rovers picking up 3 vital away points.

Player Ratings

Jason Brown 7
Did nothing wrong, collected a few dangerous high balls, couldnt do anything about the penalty

Danny Simpson 7
Continues to impress at right back, extremely solid first half, however he appears lost once he gets the ball in an attacking position

Chris Samba 8
Will feel great that he has got of the mark for the season. SHould be looking to score 5 goals a year with his size and ability. Solid defensive performance, shut down Owen well

Ryan Nelsen 7.5
Really unlucky to concede the penalty. Made some timely interventions, hopefully the CB pairing is back in action

Martin Olsson 7
Solid effort from the lad, bit of a brain snap with the hand ball

Tugay 7.5
Linchpin in the middle of the park. Battled away, however i feel he should of been substitute in the second half for some fresh legs

Steven Warnock 6.5
Much more suited to the left back role, or even a wingers role, tried his best in the middle, but couldnt repeat his carling cup performance

Matt Derbyshire 7
Chased everything down, tackled hard and created opportunities. SHould of scored at least 1 goal though, needs to make that step up to consolidate his first team position

Brett Emerton 7.5
Fantastic cross to set up Santa Cruz’s goal, chased hard, however picked up a silly yellow card for a clumsy tackle

Carlos Villanueva 8
Does anyone else get excited when he gets on the ball. SUperb talent, just needs to improve his fitness

Roque Santa Cruz 7.5
Looks more at home being the target man. Great finish, should of taken his first chance. Did you see him celebrate his goal, looked really relieved, lets hope he gets onto a streak of goals

Robbie Fowler, Jason Roberts, Andre Oijer
No real impression on the game

Left midfield….
Derbyshire is doing his absolute best out there, but it just isnt his position, we really need Gamst out there, whipping the ball in, and darting past his marker

Next Up
Easy task of playing the other United team,

Blackburn V Man United

Ewood Park

October 4th


17 Replies to “Rovers striking form”

  • Good game and just the result that was needed. Blackburn of 2 years ago would of lost that game!!!! Carlos was indeed immense,,, Ince has shown us today he aint scared of making tough decisions – that will stand him in good stead.

  • Wow, Sas, that was quick…nice article…again! Liked the look of Villaneuva from the dead ball. Every time he took a corner, free kick, etc, looked dangerous. With Olsson and the hand ball – I’ve only seen it once – but thought he was pushed, and instinctively put up his hands to stop play. either that or was laying a claim for 3rd choice ‘keeper. Simpson was given a really hard time by Duff, but it was good to see Emo helping him out. I think Emo is very underrated for his work ethic – never lets us down, and again played a top class game.

  • BTW, why do we get booked for every challenge? I thought football was a contact sport, a game of tackles? Yeah sure, sometimes you mistime, and it’s a free kick…doesn’t always have to be a card, does it? Nelsen’s yellow was because he bumped into Owen. Anyone else and it would have been just a free kick. I support Rovers because I like the way we play the game, we’re tough in the tackle, we don’t allow other teams space, and we put 100% effort into everything we do. For me that epitomises English footy. But the refs are now booking that approach out of the game…Am frustrated. rant over.

  • Nice article sas. We really need to get Carlos V more games he just sounds and looks better as the games go by, great win lads. PAUL INCES BLUE AND WHITE ARMY!!

  • kiwi ive had to lift my game since adrian is knocking on the door lol. Nah when we win, its much easier to sit doen for 5 minutes and right an article up lol

  • A great result, we cant get too carried away because Newcastle in their current predicament are probably the team everyone would like to play…..however, you still gotta beat them and we played some great football throughout the game. Villeneuva has bags of ability and delivers some awesome through balls. I agree with the summing up of Ince who appears to be growing in to his role…..he isn’t afraid to make big decisions and so far they have come off for him. OZ might have to eat his words at some point this year because things are developing nicely on the park, we’re playing better football than we ever did under Hughes and Fowler has shown that class never leaves you, even if your pace does!!!

  • THANKS BUT NO THANKS..I was biting my nails when Ince put FRIEND Fowler on ..the ball was going to the wings he takes off a forward with minutes to go and being ahead puts his sad friend on..I to watched the entire game..Villenueva’s dead ball has been good but passing when in difficult sittuations has NOT been that clever the formation is helping with Derbs willing like Warnock and Emerton doing a lot of the DONKEY work..we looked amazing in the first half and laugh but my 3 subs would hav been different..Oijer ANDREWS and Pederson for C.V ..K.T. AND M.D..even though Tugs did hold the ball well and try to calm things down the closing down of the first half was not there when Newcastle were lost and the only thing that warmed Browns hands were his gloves

  • Desert Kiwi – We don’t get booked for every challange. Nelson was a very lucky boy to stay on the field after his lunge on N’Zobia. Was very lucky not to get a freekick against us in a dangerous position. Listened to the game on the radio (a less than perfect 855 MW Radio Lancs, as Dingles v Preston was on the clearer FM frequency…). Sounded like we were in charge in the first half, could have been 4-0 by half time, but thanks to Given and Boomsong (?) the score was only 2-0. Thankfully, the second half, despite Newcastle’s ‘domination’ there lack of creative spark meant that we came away with the win. However, it would be nice to see two halves of domination from the Blues…

  • I agree that Nelson was riding his luck and with a more fussy ref he would have been off. Also, Newcastle should have had a penalty for Olssons handball. But the Owen pen was ridiculous! I suppose it evens itself out! Next week we’ll get a dodgy penalty against Man U (like they did against Bolton) and win the game 1-0!

  • that pen reminded me of the Berg sending off when he tackled the class of utd of the time cantona..poor is just a word..I know how we felt..

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