Date: 6th August 2007 at 3:02pm
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Having pondered this for a while now I know the board are keen to find someone to help take the club forward with the investment that it needs to step-up a level and also feel its holding the club back but what is actually happening?

While the Walker trustees are obviously keen to sell they are doing the right thing in waiting for the right man, still at the same time the length that this search has taken is rather pro-longed. Daniel Williams came along and offered a lot of enthusiasm for the prospect of buying the club and there have been other names connected such as Johann Rupert. However, we are yet to see concrete bids.

Our club is currently well run secure financially and that`s why we have progressed. The main concern from my point of view is that the amount of cash being made available to Hughes now while the above situation remains. We will not spend, why should we if it all falls apart then all the hard work by the current board disappears and the club is then in trouble financially and success would have to be achieved.

I cannot understand why it has not gone through as the future is bright in our area and I can see gates etc going up quite quickly, Bolton are on there way down, Preston, we used to get a lot of their support back in the golden age, and I can see this changing. The club is holding the money from the new TV deal that a lot of clubs are spending.

We have a strong young squad who are determined and ambitious the fact that they have all stayed means that they can see it too and this is good, very good, and again bodes well. The value of our first team must be at least 40-50million on its own and if the club progress once more over the next campaign then this will only increase. Another sound UEFA run will also help raise the clubs profile.

So come on there must be a stupidly rich committed person out there who wants a nice little tax right off.

But I would love to know what`s going on? Talks seem to be on-going but with little reported in the way of progress. I know they don’t want to raise our hopes but my god I still watched the team back in the old second div when we where always not quite there and its never going change.
So come on, someone must have some idea what`s going on.


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  • I believe some of you have commented on this in the forum but I and HDM thought it made for an interesting article. I think talks are continuing to progress but as some of you have stated progress is slow as the club decide whether this bid is in the club’s best interests long term. I expect something to be finalised soonish, although not in time for the new season.

  • oh dear, not another foreign takeover, that must be bad for the game, please no, ,it would go against all uncle wanted. mind you would it be a takeover or a takeaway given blackburns current situ. !!!

  • i think the difference hear for Rovers is the guy supposedly buying the club seems to have a vested interest in rovers. He doesn’t see them as a resorce to milk.

  • Yeah a take over is going to have to happen sooner or later so sooner the better really, to keep up with the teams that are on the brink of relegation spend loads survive and then challenge for europe straight away like Pompey and West Ham.

  • With respect to the “others are spending, whilst we hold onto the TV money”. I can only see this as a good thing. The trading of football players is as good an example of the dynamics of supply and demand as there is. Where there is money, prices rise, rapidly. The current transfer window has seen a glut of spending on average players. Some of the prices have been ridiculous, and it’s all because clubs have so much money. the TV cash has been spent in a lump sum, and Rovers still have theirs stashed – Once the boom is over, our stash will be worth much more than it is now.

  • As for Takeovers… These things take a long long time… look at the saga at Liverpool… these are a simple matter of 1 for you and 1 for me… the are very complex legal discussion between lawyers. It’s like buying a house only 5,000 times more complicated. There are the palyers contracts, the stadium, the training facilities, the sponsorship, advertising, shares, trust regulations, etc. etc.

  • PLUS don’t expect a lot of money to be released to buy players… we will never compete £ for £ against the likes of United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Newcastle, Chelsea, etc… but we CAN compete at the football level… after all outside of 3 top clubs… we remain the ONLY club ever to have won the Premiership… Can it be done again? the odds are long but you never know!

  • Yeah, when it was spotted in the forum it was agreed that out powers (roversman and mine) would combine with majiballbrfc thoughts and get it added here likewise to give it FULL exposure.
    It’s a very good read, and it makes al ot of sence. However, the takeover was ALWAYS going to take time, and Rovers had said it wouldn’t be completed by the end of August no matter what.
    Personally I don’t think it matters if the investors are British of from overseas, and I don’t think Uncle Jack would mind either, SO LONG as they had Rovers’ best interests in mind, and WHOEVER takes over will, you can rest assured that the trusties WILL NOT let this happen otherwise.

  • I read not that long ago that the USA based Williams group would be back in for Rovers in the near future, something to do with Daniel Williams not being well or something like that. I think our take over is slightly different in the way its being lead by a self-confessed fan, who grew up watching the club and was born down the rd from the ground, fair enough he has Amercian backers, unlike Jack Walker had at his time, but I do believe that Willaims, should he buy the club, will be the best step forward for Rovers as a whole, with a dedicated owner who is interested in seeing Blackburn do well and is not just a money making machine, although these lads are not stupid and the club will have to make a bit of a return for them obviously

  • I agree that the amount of money being thrown about buy, well lets face it not even the Top 4 is maddness! Man City for instance, its was obvious that they needed players but they are paying up near £10 for players no-one has every heard of, maybe this is inspired buying or these clubs who are selling have there hand in cos they have heard about City’s takeover. The same with a number of clubs in the league at the min. Its a bit maddening when u think of wot this money could be used for, outside football but u cant stop it, I just hope these clubs have learnt from Leeds!?!?

  • Good points dude, as always you say things that are spot on! To many clubs believe what happened to Leeds could NEVER happen to them, but Leeds must have been thinking that at one stage!!!

  • I think we are doing the right thing as to let any old guy take over with mounds of cash means he is only in it for the cash… we ask for a lot more than that.

  • Or to let any of the Americans like the ones that bought Utd and borrowed to do it would be bad, The other USA lads like the Gillet, Hicks@ liverpool and that Learner chap @ Villa have been seen to be a bit better but will have to wait and see with them. Its all about wot this man offers to Rovers, again as the team has to make money for him and his backers, as all business’ have to do, he has to produce the rite package to Rovers as well, his vision for the future will have to be a sound one or wheres the incentive to sell, especially as at the min we are not in position where the club is run well and is not in debt etc.

  • I dont think UTD fans are that bothered now that they have bought all those players…. funny how the moaning has stopped?!?!??!

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