Date: 13th June 2007 at 11:25am
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It has been quiet for some weeks on such talk, but all the news today is of a possible takeover of Blackburn Rovers Football Club!

Although the club have confirmed (and on the official Blackburn Rovers website to boot!) that talks are underway and progressing on a possible Rovers takeover, Rovers Chairman John Williams insists a takeover is not imminent:

We’re willing sellers in discussions with third parties and those discussions have naturally progressed over a period of time.

“We’ve made some progress with a third party but it is very difficult because of all of the formalities involved.

“At present there is nothing else of particular significance to report

No actual sources of these potential investors are being revealed but there have been reports of some serious interests in the club both home and abroad, with American investors coming into the English game more and more.

As the summarised any potential deal at Ewood Park hinges on whether the trustees of the late Uncle Jack Walker, the former owner and chairman, approve the sale.

No doubt there will be A LOT more to come on this issue! But how do you feel about it? As always discuss below?



15 Replies to “Rovers Takeover Talks Underway?!?!”

  • There was talk of this back along wasn’t there but this seems to have come out of NO WHERE hasn’t it!!! But if the official site is confirming such things (as they are!) you know something is seriously going on and dare I say it VERY likely to happen?!?!

  • As we all know we need investment to keep up with others, but how will this effect the way the club is run and the GREAT deals the fans get?!?! Just imagine IF something came off and we had MAJOR investment, how would we feel if Ewood Park suddenly became full week in week out? Obviously we would like that but WHERE would all these “supporters” suddently have come from? Will we even still get the great deals we do?!?!

  • I think the bargain deals are an important part of who we are but the extra money would allow us to compete with the Villas and West Ham’s of this world who can offer the extra cash… I am in full favour of this. But as I said in the forum I would like John Williams to stay on.. he has been nothing short of superb so far…

  • Without doubt dude, totally agree. If he stays on you would expect these things to stay as they are, as much as they can (I will get into the forum shortly, haven’t had a chance yet.)

  • of course im in favour of the extra cash but i wonder will the new investors conitinue runnin the club in the same manner as the current set-up ie fan friendly?!

  • I am divided on this. On the one hand I love the fact that Rovers are a ‘modest’ family club with honorable intentions. However, investment is required if we are to not only advance but compete at the very least. I wouldn’t want us to lose our image and integrity though.

  • Well if rumours are true and purported reports are accurate then Blackburn Rovers were one of the most financially sound clubs in England. This was something I learned of about four years ago. I would think this position would have altered little since. So I reckon we would be worth a fairly decent price.

  • It is going to be a split thing isn’t it guys, for the sake of contiuning to progress and “not being left behind” we have to go down this road, but the worry of losing our identity makes you think no. However, we can rest safe in the knowledge that a takeoever will ONLY take place if it is in the clubs best interest, John Williams and co will see to this.

  • If the reports are rite the talks have been going on for 3-4mths so I think that the board are putting over the the clubs history and how exactly its been run over the last number of yrs. I dont think this is a knee jerk reaction to other clubs being bought over just cos its in fashion, hopefully its a rich billionare who is passionate about putting money into the club in order to get the rite results on the pitch and off it as well. Rovers will not cost as much as the likes of Utd ( massive debt ) Liverpool and even City u would think, it seems to suggest that whoever comes in would be able to put more money into players. Hughes is not stupid though and i would think that should a bargain come along he will still take it, although with his future not exactly set in stone, should we not take advantage of possibly setting the club up for the long-haul and giving any future managers the means to continue the work going on at the club.This is all hear-say though and it would all depend on who the mystery buyer is and is plans, but i think the board have their heads screwed on and have th best interests of the club at heart

  • Very true Clint. They know what they are doing and won’t be rash about this. I believe anyione who wants to invest in Rovers must have an idea of who and what we are about and would hopefully, therefore maintina this. The extra money that this could generate may well be fantastic for the club, ie much extra funding in the transfer market.

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