Date: 9th June 2010 at 1:55am
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It is reported in the local Australian press that Brett Emerton has been offered to Galatasary, currently featuring fellow Aussies Harry Kewell, Judas Neill and possibly, Vince Grella.

In what may come as a shock to many, Sam Allardyce has made it clear that Brett Emerton may no longer have a future at the club. The loyal clubman, is now putting himself in the shop window at the World Cup for Australia…

Kinda awful timing in my opinion, whats the point of coming to Australia, when your selling your two Australians!!!!

Not Happy!!!!

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17 Replies to “Rovers to sell Emo????”

  • The way i see it. There are three possibilities:

    1- After last season’s apparently good workout in Austria. Somebody at the travel office has lost a couple of letters in the booking form and the club have thought. To hell with it and are going to Aus anyway.
    2- Vince and Brett are well past there best and have been prone to injury for a year or two now. Sam has smartly rulled that it be best to move them on in the hopes of bringing in some more reliable faces. Australia has been rumoured to be a good training camp and we could come up against some decent opposition over there in the tourne we been invited too.
    3- Somebody has noted Vince going to Gala and have tried to create a non-story about Brett.

    My guess is 2 btw!

    This is awfull news!
    Having Australians in the team for the tour here would of been a great opportunity to gain some more Aussie fans!!
    Not to mention he is a great all round player!!

  • I hope this is rubbish as I still think Emo has what it takes to cut it at Rovers. Always hard working has a great cross on him and can play in a bunch of positions. Ok he’s had a couple of injuries but I think we would be better off keeping him.

  • I wouldn’t want to see Brett go, I think he’s been a very good player for us, he’s played out of position without moaning, and he’s a hard worker. He may have had injuries but I think we should def keep him for another season. Anyway, I thought Sas said he’d be retiring back to the Australian league when he leaves Rovers?

  • his form has been very disappointing since he returned in the second of the season, but i would not let him go if we don’t have a replacement since i don’t think diouf and hoillet are enough to cover the right.

  • Mate thats exactly what we all thought, see out his contract at Blackburn, or even relesed a season early, but sounds like Sam has other plans…..shame if he leaves!

  • Shame really he’s been a very good and versatile player for Rovers but he has been a little bit injury prone and if i’m honest I think he’s played his best football at Rightback and we’ve got Salgado, Chimbonda and Jacobsen in that position.

  • Brett has been a good player but is past it IMO, Fingers crossed he does leave and we can get some more cash in for the warchest

    I wish him all the best if this does materialise

  • I really don’t want him to go…. versatility is key in the Premier League and Brett can play most positions!!!

  • Emo played his best football for us as a right back under Mark Hughes. And i firmly believe he’s still a vaulable player for us. No disrespect to Salgado, he’s an ageing warhorse, how much longer can he go?? Jacobsen haven’t prove he’s capable of holding on to that right back slot. And Pascal, we know he’s good going forward, but scary when defending. Keep Emerton, we can’t afford to lose a solid worker like him without a real good replacement.

  • Not only is Emo a solid worker–both versatile and high energy–but he’s a bad ass. We need an enforcer on the pitch: someone who will make a hard tackle to send a message and will get in the face of the whining ninny who is rolling on the ground clutching the barely grazed body party. When Savage left, it was left in Emo’s hands. I don’t think MGP has the stones to carry that torch.

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