Date: 26th July 2007 at 9:38am
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Whilst many of us have expressed confusion over Mark Hughes` desire to add ANOTHER striker to the arsenal of talent already available at Ewood, we now find ourselves in an exciting position with names being thrown around looser than The Hammered`s defence.

This week has seen the link with Roque Santa Cruz realised with reports emanating from Ewood that a firm bid has been lodged for the Paraguayan international striker. Rovers are now eagerly awaiting a response from the Bayern forward.

Other clubs have been linked to Santa Cruz such as Porto and Real Zaragoza; even Manchester City have been credited with an interest but, as they continue to act like a child in a sweet shop, their interest in anyone cannot be taken seriously.

It is thought Rovers have left the ball very much in the player`s court but won`t be messed around in a transfer debacle that would induce memories of last summers wrangling with a certain fallen star from Tottenham; Mido.

Many think that if this deal collapses then Hughes will turn to former Rover James Beattie. This would perhaps provide more confusion as he wouldn`t be improving the striking options, merely another name.

Alas, today have seen two reports of additional names being linked. The first is FC Nantes and Belgium international striker Luigi Pieroni. The 27-year-old is thought to be on Hughes` wishlist and is flying to England for talks with Rovers and another Premiership side.

Adding to this speculation is news that Mark Hughes would be willing to match Manchester United`s £6million valuation of England striker Alan Smith.

It had been widely expected he would sign for Middlesbrough, who have been chasing him for some time, despite his desire to remain at Old Tarfford. Smith is keen to stay and fight at Old Trafford but with Carlos Tevez expected to join the wealth of attacking options at Man Utd his chances of playing look limited. This would not do his international ambitions any good.

News yesterday appeared to paint the picture that Middlesbrough were the only serious contenders for his signature but Hughes appears to have thrown his hat in the ring.

This will make for an exciting few days preceding the weekend for Rovers fans who can now fervently debate who will be the latest name to arrive at Ewood over a bevy or two.

Despite a desire for Hughes to look at other areas of the squad we have to trust his judgement and names like Santa Cruz and Smith will certainly improve the team. And it is here that I stipulate my choice. I`m sure many of you will disagree but my vote will be marginally for Santa Cruz.

I know in the past I have disagreed with the idea of him but he slightly edges it over Smith. Either would be a GOOD addition to the squad and I would welcome them. Smith would be good because he knows the league, is English and has proved in the past he has an eye for goal. Alas, questions arise over a number of elements. Has he recovered properly from injury? Does he still have an eye for goal? Will a Yorkshire man be made to feel at home in Lancashire?

Santa Cruz certainly dodges that last question but debate arises around his injury proneness and ability to adapt to the English game.

Nevertheless it will make for an exciting few days for Rovers fans; well as long as we don`t sign Beattie!


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  • I’m gonne throw my hat in the ring and say Smith but wouldn’t complain about Santa but I would about Beattie!!!

  • Yeah definitely Santa over Smith, i mentioned a few more names we have been linked with in the forum so go have a look and help me. But yeah with Santa i think he could be very good, i hope we sign him really now, especially if we don’t it means we get Beattie.

  • Defo Mikey, Beats has to be a no, a pointles signing in my opinion. I know I have plumped with Santa but it could be either.

  • I’d honestly prefer it if they left the money in the kitty. It doesn’t look like we need another striker and, unless there’s something we don’t know, we can afford to wait until January at least. Personally I don’t think Smith can hit a cow’s arse with a banjo on the best of days, Santa Cruz would be a significant risk for a club of our size and the less said about Beattie the better.

  • You do make some very valid points theirish, some which do concern me also. However, I feel getting someone in now and embedding them in our set-up would be beneficial if injuries hit and knowing our blooming luck they will. At least this way the squad will get to know and understand the way the new guy works.

  • have to say the Beattie rumour is not a good one, Santa Cruz would be a good buy but on reptutation alone, he would have to prove himself, Alan Smith has done it all b4 and if given the chance up front, well we all seen wot he could for Leeds, plus he could act for cover for the midfield if needed, Dunno much about Peroni, well in fact nothing so cant pass judgement on him at all. So Santa or Smith?? its nice to have good options anyway

  • If Sparky insists on getting a new striker I would still think Santa Cruz is the way to go.
    Would be pretty *****ed if we signed Beattie 9but would get behind him obviously if we did!!!), don’t really know that much about the Belgian guy (but he seems to have a good stock?) and although Smith is OK, I’m still not that keen on him to be honest.

  • Derbyshire4England – Dude I like the fact that you are looking towards someone like Defoe but we REALLY have NO chance of seeing him sign for Rovers!!! I’d like it, but it just won’t hapen will it.
    Moore started last season on fire didn’t he, the injury really held him back and Aston Villa got some new strikers didn’t they, so he is down the pecking order but wouldn’t do it for me really.

  • I think Defoe would come to Rovers if of course his price was rite, why not, we are in Europe and play good football plus he be guarenteed 1st team football with another very good striker in Benni. But realistically I think its between Smith and Santa Cruz, Smith as I said offers versitllity and is a proven premiership player which we all know Hughes loves in players but I do think that Santa Cruz would be the better striker but who would work best with Benni, I think Smith but I dont know exactly why, just a gut feeling

  • I think we need a bit of south american spark to our game. Santa is sheer quality. With the goal scoring prowess of Mr I want to play champions league McCarthy, the brute force of Mr Please deflect my shot into the net Roberts, the Promise of i cant think of a nickname yet Righters and the passion of Mr Il teach Roberts how to finish Derbyshire, santa will add the extra flair and variety

  • Luke Moore is certainly no better than Derbyshire so we wouldnt want to sign him when we have a better player already at the club, I know he’s just scord a hat-trick recently but so will Matty given the chance

  • Really great article man, I enjoyed reading it!

    I’m for Santa Cruz. Also, there is absolutely no chance we can afford Defoe – chat over!

  • Thanks martinr, always nice to hear someone appreciating ones work. Im in agreement too on both of your points; Defoe is unfortunately far too ambitious for us.

  • Clint – Dude I HONESLTY can’t see Defoe coming to Rovers, the London nightlife suits him plus he is WAY too lazy for Sparky’s liking. He’s a publicity junky, with image everything to him, Rovers would not be the image he would want. Completely agree on the Moore issue though 100%!!!
    martinr – Yeah, it was a QUALITY article, I honeslty meant to write this earilier but forgot (call me goldfish boy from now on LOL!!!)
    roversman – Yeah, as I have just said in agreeing with martinr TOP CLASS dude, nice one
    Derbyshire4England – Wages won’t be be too high I am certain of that. He is a class act but won’t ask the world, not will he get it (unless it is coming from the Hammered or Sven at Manchester City!!!)

  • Oh I dont see him coming but all I was saying is that as a club we could attract him! I agree that he is lazy but can score goals as well.

  • I didn’t think you thought he would come here, but I’m still not sure Rovers would be enough of a draw to him?!?!

  • Why?? he went to Spurs who, as we have said throughout the season on here, are not that far in front of Rovers! ( watch for the Spurs comments to flow here now, but im not being derogatory about Spurs one bit, I mean we are to closest to them as they are to the Top 4 ) They have the edge in the money they can spend and are the closest club in the running to break the Top 4 but as we have seen we have been a match for them on the pitch and granted the Top4 as well, we play good football, should be in Europe every season, albiet not the Champs league ( for the time being lol ) So tell me why we couldnt attract players like Defoe, who after all is happy to sit on the bench at Spurs! Spurs def have the edge on Rovers in the history stakes, as do other clubs, but thats just just it, Thats history. We play damn fine football NOW and with investment should be looking to players like Defoe and the likes. Im not saying that we should pick up players just cos we have some money, should this takeover take place as they would just be golddiggers, but as a team who should consider themselves Top 6 in wot is supposed to be the top leage in Europe then I cant see why we cant and shouldnt be linked with this kind of player, I know i hvae ranted there and kinda gone off the subject but i wanted to get that out there, for me lol

  • Clint – as much as I want to agree i’ll side with HDM… apart from anything i’d have Chico (see my post on the forum) or Smoth over Defoe. I don’t think that Jol wants rid of Defoe anyway and him being in the England set up, he might not want to come to our beautiful, championship winning “small town club”. We know that we could offer any player something but often that is not the things that player wants… as for Beattie I have said it before… NO NO NO NO! 🙂

  • Well it looks like it’s gonna be Santa Cruz whether we like it or not if Sparky’s comments today are anything to go by. I’ve mixed feelings really, firstly because it must realistically signal the departure of a fairly senior striker (i.e. Benny or JR) and secondly because Santa Cruz, although lauded by all and sundry as a great talent, has a pretty poor scoring record. On the other hand, if anyone’s going to get the best out of him, it’s our gaffer and if he starts banging them in he’ll be a £10m asset of nothing else.

  • Clint – I don’t think he’d come here for reasons already mentioned, and baiscally what Ex Ewood Resident says to. We CAN attract players, but I just don’t think we would be a big enough draw for him.

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