Date: 21st March 2009 at 10:41pm
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After a dissapointing performance against Arsenal, Rovers returned home to Ewood Park to face the Hammers, who themselves have been having their inconsintincies. Jason Roberts and Benni McCarthy were paired up front, with Rovers resorting to an attacking 4-4-2 formation, and boy werent we up for a game.

For once it was Rovers who were applying the early pressure, a blocked shot by McCarthy and wasteful efforts from Roberts and Diouf showed that Rovers were here to play, rather then bash up their opponents. BLackburn continued to dominate in the opening quarter, with Gamst proving a continous threat down the left flank, and his long throws causing havoc in the West Ham penalty area.

Blackburn h0wever were almost hit on the counter, a deep cross from Mark Noble caused some confusion in the box, with Samba and Robinson both going for the same ball, and both missing. The ball popped up in the box, but no Hammer was their to pounce. A long throw from Morten Gamst Pedersen was flicked on by Chrissy Samba, finding the feet of Diouf who buried the ball in the back of the net, however he was correctly ruled offside.

Controversy struck in the 35th minute for Rovers. A through ball was played into the feet of Luis Boa Morte, who was clearly offside, who then carried on to cut the ball across the goals into the feet of Diego Trisitan, who in turn layed it of for Mark Noble, who struck a delightful shot with the outside of his foot into the far bottom corner, 1-0 West Ham.

Rovers continued to threat the West Ham goal, with Gamst peppering a shot over the goal, Chris Samba unable to reach a Diouf free kick, and Roberts and McCarthy unable to get past that final man. Unlucky going into the break, 1-0 West Ham

ROvers were forced into a change at the break, Oijer coming of for Keith ANdrews. The change payed dividens within minutes of the restart. ANother Gamst throw in was not dealt with, with the ball bouncing at an acute angle, Andrews half volleyed through the crowd, almost tearing the back of the net, 1-1. Game on!!!

Diouf netted his second of the game, but was once again correctly judged to be offside, it just wasnt to be!!!! Rovers pushed frantically for a winner, and position was dominated, with Rovers continuossly sending the ball into the box with every opportunity, however, to no avail. The half ticked on, and it looked like we would eventually crack them, but that lucky bounce just didnt happen.

Rovers survived a late scare in the dying minutes, a long cleared ball by West Ham found Samba and DYer chasing the same ball, Samba made a blue of it, and jostled with Dyer in the box who went down, however referee Chris Foy told him to get back up

Player Ratings

Paul Robinson 6
Needs to communicate better with the lads, however not much to do for him tonight

Ryan Nelsen 7.5
The admiral was first to evrey header, every tackle and controlled the back 4, great game from the Admiral

Chris Samba7
Poked his head around all game, just couldnt get that vital touch to give Rovers the 3 points

Gael Givet6.5
Looked like the injury was slightly affecting him, not letting him get into full stride, should of done better with the West Ham goal, even though he was offside

Andre Oijer 5.5
Not one of the best games for the Dutchman, was completely outpaced and out positioned, hopefully his injury is not too bad

Morten Gamst 8.5
Great game from Gamst, thats what we want to see from him, darting runs, whipped in crosses, and staying on your feet!!!

Aaron Mokoena 7
Not a bad game from the Axe to be honest. Got stuck in, made some great tackles and knocked the ball around

El Hadji Diouf 6.5
Lost the ball a few too many times for my liking, twice offside, the second one he really should of stayed on side

Steven Warnock 7
Ran his heart out, just didnt have the same effect that he did have against Fulham

Jason Roberts 7
Held the ball up well, but couldnt make that vital opening to give Rovers the Points

Benni McCarthy 6.5
Got stuck in, actually chased the Hammers all around the ptich, but really didnt do much in an attacking sense, would of liked to see Villanueva come in in the last 10-15

Keith Andrews 7.5
Great half from Keith, looked a threat on the overlap, and what a goal!!!!

Relegation watch
Not the best of weekends for Blackburn, Portsmouth and Stoke leap frog us with their wins, however Newcastle stay below us after their loss


12 Replies to “Rovers Unlucky in a Thriller”

  • Jesus Christ, talk about spelling mistakes lol, no more reports at 5am!!!!!, grrrr guys i cant log into admin, i must of left it logged in at my mates house…..

  • Samba man of the match for me, Gamst gave the ball away far too much and doesn’t get stuck in enough for my liking. Despite that his throws caused a lot of problems and he put in a lot of running as usual. Nice report Sas, and more of the same Keith Andrews!

  • Samba was solid mate, fair point, however the miscommunication with robbo cost him man of the match, sure its more robbos fault, but as a cb, he gotta make a decision also, aye about gamst, but its good to c him actually takin on the man, rather then a sloppy first touch pass….

  • That was easily Keith Andrews best show in a Rovers shirt. Samba was very good but that almost cost us dear at the end. My MOM was Roberts. did everything but score…. and finally – HOW IN THE BLUE HELL DIDNT WE WIN?!

  • andrews was indeed impressive, but not sure if he could be a short-term solution to the right back position since he wasn’t under much pressure.

  • I missed the game as well, was preparing to watch Ireland in the rugby lol but by all accounts Rovers dominated, which is kinda worrying that we could only draw, I do think the team is playing so they dont get beat, which can maybe be a negative way – good for the old draws but not enough expression to kill off teams that have been totally outplayed in a match!!! The strikers really need to up their games for these last 9 games!!! but when ur playing with a left back and sometimes centre-half with the passing ability of a shrew, a off the pace ( last 2 season ) norwegin and Douif ( enough said there i think ) then i can see why the stikers can be excused a bit!!!

  • I think you are being a bit harsh there clint… Givet has a good passing range for my money and Diouf was our main talisman. Collectively everyone was to blame for the lack of winner IMO.

  • Oh i wasnt talking about Givet, I meant playing Warnock in midfield… not that he hasnt done a good wee job in there but i was trying to point out the fact that we have lost a 1st choice midfield through injury this season in Emerton, Reid, Grella and Dunn – all 4 in my reckoning could/would get into most teams in the Premier League… I just think that at the moment we have a workman like midfield that arent creating as many chances as we would have IF we have had these players for the run in. I agree that every player has to take his share of the blame totally as well mate.. The defense is in good shape at last, though at the start of the season it was all over the place

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