Date: 27th October 2008 at 4:43pm
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Well i think it is safe to say that we played well enough and created enough to win comfortably against Boro but if we don’t take the chances you don’t get the results you want.

But eventually we got the point we at least deserved even if it was far too late for comfort.

So, lets crack on. Who can consider themsleves a winner and who gets the unwanted loser tag until next weekend?


Welcome back. He was the man that popped up with the late goal and sent us home with at least something to smile about but that wasn’t even the main reason he is in this section this week.

As soon as he came on he was fiery, did tons of running and had the fire in his belly (which has shed a lot of weight).

It probably isn’t even a joke to say he did more running in half an hour than he did all of last season.

I have said many times that he has the skill but lets see the passion.

If he continues how he did on Saturday evening we all will benefit. Good work Benni and most importantly – keep it up.

RYAN NELSEN –The best defender on show for the 2nd week running. Excellent leadership, numerous crucial feet in and strength that held things to together.

The thing that strikes me as well is that he is the only centre back we have that can play well with all 3 of the other senior centre backs.

The most impressive thing about him though is the fact that when the going gets tough he never hides or shirks his responsibility.

That is what makes the best captains.

VINCE GRELLA –Sasman has been going on all summer and even before that about how good this guy is and Saturday is the first chance I have had to watch him in full.

I sat, I observed and came to the conclusion… that I agree with our resident Aussie.

Thunders into tackles, can pass, has a good touch and can be the long term glue in the midfield in the Rovers midfield. Dunny for one when he comes back from injury will enjoy playing alongside Vinny.

You can be my Vince Grella, ella, ella, ella, hey, hey.


His usual effort was there and his commitment was as usual immense but to put it simply Saturday was not his day.

He scuffed a couple of shots and npthing fell his way. He tried to make up for it but before he could he was subbed. Hence the frustration on his face and anger.

he will play over the next two games and he will play well as he normally does but Saturday was just not for him.

CARLOS VILLANUEVA –Before everyone says ‘hang on a minute’, let me explain. Carlos did not have a bad game at all but he is suffering from not having a regular spot that suits him in the team that will get the BEST out of him.

He has switched wings every game and has had to adjust to this which to be fair he has been giving a real go and he clearly has talent but he needs a settled spot.

I feel he could be brilliant in more of a Bentley-esque free role behind the strikers.

His touches and passes on Saturday were a mixture of the brilliant and the bizzare.

We have a superstar on our hands here if we can get him a settled position.

EVERY FAN THAT LEFT EARLY –Really, how is that going to motivate the players? What message does that send?

Leaving 5 minutes before the 90 is up is not going to inspire the team and rouse them to get back into the game is it?

The people who scurry to get out when the team is losing should be ashamed of themselves.

Yes I am aware we scored late and the fans that stayed till the very end were still in good voice, but for the long term fans should remember that we will suffer with player loyalty and results if we don’t back the team.

Come on guys!!!!


13 Replies to “Rovers’ Weekend Winners And Losers”

  • Bit of a rant towards the end there guys but needed to be said IMO… Interesting week and with two games this week should make for a fun coloumn next week.

  • so rihanna is on your ipod aye mikey geez pink being favourite colour now this. I feel for the missus. On ya grella I new it wouldn’t take long to get him on the winners list. Poor derbs he usually scores the winner against boro

  • Well deserved spot there amog the winners for Benni, Grella and Nelsen…specially Vicenzo, great performance. About CArlitos…IMO, what he showed against Boro earned him a place among the winners, because he participated in every single attack we had (can U notice how he is always asking for the ball?)

  • Re Carlos, he was a little hit and miss. Did he not keep losing possession and falling over? However, some touches were very good. He seemed a little shot shy, also, or trying one too many touches, then getting closed down. I notice Oz has been quiet. Nothing to rant about this week, with no ‘friends’ to talk about!

  • I wud say he needs to work a little on his strength as I think he was pushed over a lot, rather than “fell”. However he did show some very good touches and looks like his is deffo gona be quality for the very near future. Re. Grella, i was soooo impressed by this guy, excellent workrate, showed with some of his passes that he has “got the eye” and provided a good laugh when he upended one of their players in the centre of the park!

  • good to see that its not just me obsessed with grella lol. Decimus, Oz is gone mate, shown the door by the boss, never to return lol

  • He is on the LET site now!!! lol. if you miss him go check him on there… he is just as hated on there!!! lol. Seriously though, dont go on there, we love you lot!!!!

  • Grella was brilliant, finally a CM that can tackle and pass. Derbyshire was poor indeed and Villanueva should be played off the front man. But the only reason I leave when stoppage time is held up is to get away in the car quickly after games.

    Still saw Benni’s goal on the t.v in the concourse though lol.

  • U understand that people like to beat the traffic mate but I leave after full time and get home to Sheffield for 6.45pm if it is a 3pm kick off.

  • I was at home watching the game on TV and stayed sitting the whole 95 minutes! LOL. Here at home, I follow “OLIMPIA” (you can wiki it and see what i am talking about, by the was Roque’s team in Paraguay), and whenever I go to the stadium I remain till the end, because who knows what might happen in the last few minutes!

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