Date: 4th June 2009 at 8:31am
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Now none of these things I am expecting but all of them I hope for as we head towards a new season. It’s all tongue in cheek so don’t just assume I am crazy – well no more thn usual before anyone nips in with the inevitable comment. (Sasman/Mani/Money I am looking at you).

– For starters, I would like the atmosphere that was so evident and rarely seen during the last campaign to be evident again. If we can keep the level of noise up – the boys have more chance of moving up the table. It may sound funny but it’s true.

– For everyone that plays in the Rovers shirt to actually want to play for Rovers. That means goodbye to players like Roque Santa Cruz who think they are too good for us. You’re not mate but whatever you want. More comitment means more points.

– For David Dunn and Steven Reid to re-establish themselves in the team. They are two extremely talented players that we were robbed of last season and we can only improve with them back.

– For all this nonsense talk of needing a new right back really badly to stop. We need a back up one but we have Brett Emerton who is a storming right back on his day. He will be first choice in that position.

– For Rovers to trouble the big boys again. Some may not have noticed but we had a record of played 8 lost 8 against the ‘Big 4’ last season. This really needs to improve as in the past both Rovers and Sam Allardyce had a reputation to upset the bigger teams and a return to thi sort of form would be nice.

– People to get off John Williams’ back. This year the Rovers boss has come in for some flak for his managerial appointments and the way he runs the club. All of which were wildly exaggerrated. In truth, Williams is an excellent chairman, he runs the club with a tight budget for sure but he has always done it this way. It is a draining tactic using Rovers’ finances the way he does but it is NOT a dangerous tactic. He is a sensible man and knows how to run a football club.

– For people to stop expecting Rovers to shell out money we don’t have for transfers. Yes we don’t have the greatest amount of money in the world and it would be nice to have more but we have our lot and we need to make the most of it.

– For Vital Blackburn to continue its excellent growth, this site has come a long way in the 4/5 years or so it has been up and running and to say that Vital Blackburn started with Walker (formerly HDM), Clint and a few members we have come along way since then. The site has attracted some stellar members and the site really doe cover its own niche so we will try to spread the word even more. Sneakily placed adverts will be the norm and I have already been contacted to do some more work for the Observer on Sunday as well. However, without YOU we are nothing.

– And finally, for a season of stability at the club. One manager, a steady team and good atmosphere and good feeling at the club. It’s a shame last year happened but success can be achieved through stability so lets concentrate on making this club great again.


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  • Just a few bits and bobs of what I believe are to be aimed for this season, maybe I am being a bit optimistic?!?!

  • Very realistic I think, what number in the league are you hoping us to reach? I’m happy if we stay off relegation all reason, so we can “concentrate on making this club great again” as you say.

  • touche my friend, touche… more thing, Grella to stay fit all season, and show the premier league what he is made of, oh yea one more, Sam allardyce to sign another aussie player, fair enough?

  • I am not suprised by those two requests from you at all Sas!!! lol… and riisenholt – I would say maybe between 8-11 is achievable. what you reckon?

  • I agree with everything you’ve said their Mikey – I’d also like to see more goals from other players especially in the midfield (Peds!!)

  • i think if are defence play well and we get a bit of flair up front and in midfield ANYTHING is capable accept top 4 obv 😛

  • A lovely piece with some excellent points, all of which I would agree with. Good piece Mikey. What is it you write in the Observer? I also believe reaching 8th is possible is we make some good signings and players stay fit all season.

  • Mikey D – this year it was pretty close from 7th to the bottum, so I think if we avoid getting into troubles (avoid the bottum 5 places) until christmas, then top 10 should be no problem. Our players can then focus on possitive thinking instead of reading “relegation headlines” all the time.
    Any news on Derbs? Really like him to stay – like guys which have been with the club almost all time. Cheers

  • roversman – I do the fans summary for them (it goes in the paper) and on the web whcih is good for Vital as it allows us to advertise the site as well which is the main reason why I do it believe it or not!

  • Yeah I got a mention!!!! WHOOOO!! I got to say this was a good read, agree that Williams should get more praise – if other chairmen ran their clubs, albiet with no money, but with very little debt!! All in all the Rovers site is very good thoughout the season, with talented people adding articles ( Mikey D, Walker, Sasman ) and the comments left by everyone else – usually very unbiased, though very biased when the need arises lol Here’s to next season lads – onwards and upwards on the pitch and on Vital Rovers……

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