Date: 2nd April 2007 at 12:53pm
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Blackburn Rovers slipped to a heavy defeat to Manchester United on Saturday, but who hasn’t in recent times. So Europe may now look a way off (via the League!) but Ryan Nelsen insists we won’t give up.

Rovers made a terrible start to the season (as we usually do!) but we came good and had been on a real charge towards a European finish via to the Premiership for a second successive season. However, back-to-back defeats, including the 4-1 beating at Old Trafford on Saturday sees us languishing in 10th place some eight points adrift of Tottenham Hotspur, although Everton have a game in hand facing Aston Villa tonight, so this could increase to nine!

After the rebuilding that has taken place over the course of the season Rovers Captain Ryan “the Admiral” Nelsen insists we will not give up on the hard work or throw in the towel on a European place until it is mathematically impossible. He said:

There’s a lot of positives we can take from this. (Saturday’s performance)

Obviously, there’s a few negatives as well, but we know we can do better and we’ve got a good couple of weeks to sort that out.

We’ve got a pretty good run-in now, games that we’d like to think we can win, so hopefully we can get back on track and get going.

We’ve got seven games left and I’d like to think we can win all seven of them. We’ll certainly be going out to win all seven of them, so you never know.”

Seven wins could very well be enough but it will still be a mighty tall order for this. Rovers boss Mark Hughes added:

The top six is difficult but we’ll keep going.

There are still a lot of games to play so we’ll do our best.”

Victory over Chelsea in the upcoming FA Cup Semi Final coupled with a Manchester United victory over Watford in the other would guarantee European football next season but this isn’t something that we can bank on, far, far from it.

Even if this is achieved you would still like to hope that the lads will give it their all for the remainder of the season as people will still be paying to watch them perform, European qualification assured or not. Besides the higher we finish in the Premiership the better it is for the club.

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20 Replies to “Rovers Won’t Give Up On Europe”

  • The League was looking a tall order a while back but a charge got us back into contention. Seven wins would almost certainly be enough, lets go and do this!!! Our season DOESN’T end after Chelsea win or lose. We have Villa on Saturday let’s start with three points here.

  • IF this happens, which chances are it could (although for obvious reasons I’ll be hoping not!) then it is a massive gap, ineffect 10 points as you have a far superior goal difference. 4 Everton defeats in 7 games, not likely is it?!?! Assuming you win tonight of course 🙂

  • i think from 5th to 8th it will be: 5. Bolton 6. Everton 7. Spurs 8. coule be either yourselves or reading IMO. But if us or spurs or even bolton go on a bad run you never know

  • UEFA via the league is looking difficult – and not because of the United result – the West Ham debacle cost us that! however, victory against Chelsea at our next trip to OT guarantees us UEFA if United can beat Watford.

  • Matches with Chelsea, United and Bolton are VERY tough, so if you do lose tonight you never know. I don’t think Portsmouth can be written off in this battle just yet though EvertonMike.

  • You can almost see it can’t you, United slipping up to Watford, we face then in the Final and… well you get the picture! IF we attack Chelsea, and don’t try to sit back on a potential lead we certainly could do it EvertonMike you are right.

  • In my opinion they don’t have the strike power and will peter out, unless we lose today then they may catch us i supose, but if we get 6 ahead of them they won’t catch us.

  • Everton better than Spurs?LMAO Despite their horror start to the season where they picked up just 4 points from 6 games,Spurs have comfortably cruised once again to the top 6,despite playing nearly 20 cup ties that is.Tottenham”s juicy run in will once again attain 5th position,leaving 4 teams battling for 6th.

  • a draw leaves you with a chance of capturing us, but even if you win all your seven you still need us to lose 3. in the likely event say you lose 2 games, that would mean everton only winning 2 for the rest of the season.

  • The cocky approach of the Spurs fans is what makes me want them to miss out on Europe!!! I’d be LMAO BIG time if Spurs’ “juicy” run in sees them miss out chalky76. It’ll still be some battle with Spurs, Everton, Reading, Rovers and Portsmouth for these places, shoulsd be interesting.

  • Tottenham Tottenham Nobody Can Stop Them..There Gonna Do It Like They Did Last Year (Good old Chas n Dave)…Jol is developing an awsome side that will be a genuine title challenging team within 18 months.We also unlike Blackburn Rovers have money,lots of it..!

  • There is that good old fashioned Spurs arrogance that makes me like the club so much!!! Granted Spurs are building a team but haven’t they been supposidly doing this for the past 10-15 years?!?! Where has it got them!!! You don’t have to splash the cash to do well chalky, Sparky has spent little and that is doing us well, it’s who you buy not how much you spend on someone that counts. Genuine title contenders in 18-months LMAO (BIG TIME!!!) you’re having a laugh aren’t you.

  • LOL! Chelsea fans are nowhere near as bad as them in my opinion anyway. Chelsea fans aren’t too bad on the whole for me.

  • A Title is a Title, paid for or not. So it’s OK for Spurs to buy players with the “lots of money” (your words chalky) they have but it wasn’t for Rovers when we paid our way to ours?!?! We spent NOWHERE near as much as Chelsea and spent very wisely. Spent NOWHERE near as much as Spurs have in their building of a side to apparently challenge for the Title (which has been being built since long before we won the Premiership if what has been coming out of White Hart Lane over this decade or more is true!)

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