Date: 10th June 2010 at 4:30am
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A big thank you to all of you who eventually got your team reports in, there are still a couple missing, but eh, what can you do!

Anyways, the Vital Blackburn World Cup Thread is now running. Some of you might not be familiar with our forums, so please do feel free to pop in and comment away! You might have to use your main page details to log in

World Cup Forum

All your reports are now up in Confederation Zones, whilst there are 8 groups up and running for you to discuss each match and the hopes of your nation.

If all VBERS could use this forum thread for World Cup discussion that would be awesome, just to not flood the other section of our forums!

Best wishes to all your teams!


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  • dam it! Delap none of my inset link, insert bold and so so works on the admin page….have you bugged my account? lol

  • doesnt look like the forum has taken off! lol….we somehow need to direct people to the forums, i see a lot of regular front page contributes, who arent involved on the forums!!

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