Date: 27th February 2010 at 9:29am
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Clearly there is no love lost between Sam Allardyce and Rafa Benitez – both are stubborn men and love to gloat but Sam may have taken this to a new level with this little beauty of a rant.

It will certainly light the flames ahead of tomorrow.

Big Sam, speaking to Sky Sports said – ‘I’ve no worries about what he thinks about me or my team, my side can beat them on any given date – that is the most important thing to me.

‘We know we can beat them because I did it at the Reebok. Because he didn’t like it, he found some excuse about how we played. Arsene Wenger did it, Jose Mourinho did it – they all do it when they get their backsides smacked about.

‘He has had a bee in his bonnet for a while. He is entitled to have his opinion as everyone and it’s nice to have someone complaining about you when you are beating them. What’s the point of having a drink after the game and the other manager saying ‘don’t my team play good football’ when we’ve been beaten 2-1 or 3-1.

‘I know how good a boss I am and how good a job I can do. I wouldn’t have been in the Premier League for 19 years if I couldn’t do it.

‘So it’s not of any importance to me what Rafa Benitez thinks about what I do and don’t do.’

Jesus Christ, that will wind up the Spanish waiter up no end!!!


19 Replies to “Sam rant at Rafa part 134”

  • really hope you guys beat them. i totally agree with big sam, rafa will find any excuse he can when he has been beaten. even if his team is comprehensively beaten and are totally outplayed he will still find some b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t excuse like global warming or his keeper getting distracted by planes flying over the stadium. total w.a.n.k.e.r in my opinion.

  • This does mean nothing unless we actually back it up on the pitch!!! if we lose 4-0 like last year then this looks fairly silly!!!!

  • I’d pay to see sam chin rafa after gerrard falls over like a girl AGAIN and rafa moans when they dont get a pen. On a side note i’d definately take a point, although we are due a “big” team upset in the league soon surely!

  • if we get a result then good stuff, but will look very stupid if we get battered. if we dont get a result now it will look like the waiter has served us.

  • Allardyce is the giant of anti-football – does whatever it takes to survive in the PL. Diouf spits at crowds – it’s proven. Twice. They deserve each other. Utter scum. 2-1 Ha.

  • It’s ok Mikey he’s only just learnt to type and even then it’s not his own opinion. He’s only regurgitating what people have told him. Clever monkey. I’d love to see what excuses Rafa gives when they don’t finish in the top four. Also it will be interesting to see how far the yanks can put them in debt before they bail.

  • I haven’t seen this much bitterness since i read BlueKipper!! Allardyce has a huge problem with Benitez, and has done ever since Benitez actually had the bottle to question Fat Sam’s Grand Slam. There’s only one man with as many excuses after a loss than Allardyce and that’s Arsene Wenger, i’ve never heard either of them admit they were beaten by the better team without making up excuses for it. It’s ridiculous. Blackburn were clearly intent on injuring the Liverpool players and bullying them, look at N’Zonzi on Lucas ffs, look at Torres getting kicked all game, look at Diouf all game. Yet Allardyce completely ignores all that and makes up some nonsense that if he had a goalscorer they’d have won, which is an utterly ridiculous argument to make. I don’t mean to be a WUM, i’m simply stating facts and defending my team, but nobody can tell me that Allardyce isn’t a negative manager.

  • Lets be honest, under Souness we were called a dirty team, Under Hughes we were called a dirty team, and now under Sam we are again labelled a dirty team, Its a tag which has stuck with rovers for a long time, however I don’t buy into it, committed team yes, but not dirty,
    Rafa has to try and deflect the flack somewhere cos his heavily assembled squad just got played off the pitch by a Rovers team that struggles away, and is not filled with multi million pound superstars, Its a mans game, Get over it Rafa

  • I thought we were unlucky not 2 get a point – I didn’t think either incidents deserved a sending off – Chimbonda was fouled and had his legs up, and Lucas led with his elbow into N’zonzi and was all over him, leading to N’zonzi shoving him off. We had more shots on target and more corners than pool at anfield – a good sign that we’re geeting better.

  • Let’s get it right, Chimbonda studded Maxi in the chest and Nzonzi shoved Lucas in the face and to the ground. Why? Probably because his team was losing. I liked Blackburn under Hughes and I still have something of a soft spot for them but Allardyce is utterly embarrassing.

  • Having said that, Blackburn (when they remembered they were playing proper football and not American football) managed to string together some good football at times. You’ve got some good players, it’s just shame you’ve got Diouf and Fat Sam.

  • Come on, Benitez. We gave them a hard time at their own den. This is one Rovers performance that i ‘m happy with. But not happy with the result. I agree with Sam , we could had won it, and should had at least gone home with a point. A draw would be a much fairer result. Had the late Samba header gone in, it would had been 2-2. Football is meant to be physical. Even with Mark Hughes, i believe we would had been even more physical than this.

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