Date: 1st April 2009 at 8:27am
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His versatility has been amazing for Rovers this season but the Rovers boss still sees left back as Stephen Warnock’s main position for the long term future – maybe even an England future.

Sam, speaking to the Lancashire Evening Telegraph said – ‘He has a lot of competition in midfield for the England squad hasn`t he?

But everyone knows his main position is left back and if ever they have a problem with Ashley Cole maybe they see the form Steven is in and knowing he is a left back, they might give him an opportunity to step back in there.

“From our point of view just keep playing the way you are playing for Blackburn Rovers and things will look after themselves.

In the long term I do see him as a left back.”

Hopefully that clears that up for people asking questions…


6 Replies to “Sam Sees Future At Left Back For Warnock”

  • I do think that Warny’s best spot is at left back as he has kept the best of right wingers quiet out there but his work in central midfield has been invaluable – anyone got any preference?

  • hes full of running and can get past players with ease! given abit of shooting practise at the training ground and he could replace roberts! seriously i believe centre mid should be given more priority i mean luk at barry started as left back and ended up in midfield .with tugay on the point of retirement,mokoena leaving and reidy not in shape as usual why not!

  • I agree with that Rikin, Barry was a top class left-back but he now does the central role (and for England to) so why couldn’t Stevie W do that for us. Personally SO LONG as he is in a Rovers shirt next season I don’t care where he plays!!!

  • I agree Walker, as long as he plays for Rovers, then left back – midfield – how cares!!! I would see him as our left back long term, BUT Givet has done well there and there’s not that much, if any , difference in the ages…. Midfield is an area where Rovers MUST improve, we have hard working players there but no real creativity – Dunn cant stay fit, Emerton plays at rite back mostly, Pederson has been half a player for the last 2 odd seasons, Grella will be good but defensive, The Axe ( see Grella ) is moving on, Reid ( again see Grella & Dunn )and Andrews will be a decent signing but not one to push us on..Tugay is too old, but still class lol We need to provide the strikers, to start scoring more goals, to beat the teams that we simply outplay and end up drawing with!!

  • Midfield does need looking at. Dunn (if he can stay fit) is the creative force we need but the amount of games he has started this season has been below what is needed!

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